TF2 Advice: How To Tell If You’re A Good Medic – Part 1

Short and sweet guys.

Here’s the best way to tell if you’re a good Medic.

Yes, RLY an MVP. (Click for big)

You’re the only medic who appears in the MVP list regularly.

Yeah, you knowz it. I'm there. (Click for big).

Sometimes I even make the top of the scoreboard.

TF2 Advice – How to piss off your Medic – Part 3

Today we could be on any map in the TF2 universe.  It doesn’t really matter.

It’s a hard game.  Both sides are fighting to the end.  If it’s CTF then the fight will be concentrated near to the intel room or in the neutral middle of the map.  If it’s CP, then my experience tells me that the middle point is often where the hardest battle takes place.  If it’s not the middle, then it’s normally one of the last ones because some teams fight darn hard for their first point.  People are getting wounded left, right and centre.  You’re part of an elite team: The Medics.  People need you, people love you, without you your team is screwed.

But, there are always a few who ruin your Übermensch mood.  Those people are the ones who never show the Medics any gratitude.

Now, you may wonder why it matters so much.  Well, morale is a big factor.  Yes, I know it’s a game, but Ragequitting is common among Medics who are undervalued.  All it takes is a player or two deliberately going against the usual common sense when towing a Medic, or who refuse to protect their Medic to make the career Medics quit.  Career Medics provide a service to the Team, and normally we’re a small bunch as not many people like playing the Medic anymore.  It’s frustrating when a couple of people on a team force a Medic to quit or switch class.  We’ve then lost a good Medic and that makes us weaker as a Team.

I have quite a high tolerance for other players in this game, and rarely ragequit.  However, the best way to piss off this Medic is to not thank me.  Oh, call me petty if you will.  I follow people around in this game, and I forever hear the different classes calling “MEDIC!” from all over the place and I respond.  You get some players who run around for entire map cycles constantly shouting “MEDIC!” when they don’t need any healing at all.  You heal them, as is your duty and you move on to someone else.  No thanks.  You might have to give in and Uber the person who constantly screeches for your assistance.  You Uber them, together you manage to take out a couple of Engineer nests allowing your team to move forward and capture the point or grab the intel.  Not a single word of thanks.

Nobody loves me, it's true. (Click for bigger)

I don’t mean that you have to come over the mic to me, or type into the team chat.  I mean you can just use the built in voice command which says “Thanks!”.  That’s fine.  It gives us Medics a nice warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside and keeps us going.

Guys of the TF2 world: Thank your Medics.  We become better Medics for it.

(Image made by me in Garry’s Mod.)

Team Fortress 2 – Meet your newest career Medic

Are you a TF2 player?  Are you sad that no-one comes to your rescue when you’re bleeding and calling out for help?  Is it a disappointment when you’re playing a hard game and there aren’t any Medics?  Is it a regular occurance that you do not have any Medics on your team?

Well, let me introduce myself.  I am your newest career Medic.  I have managed to amass over 100 hours as a Medic, since I got this game in February 2009.  That’s almost a third of my total play time.  It’s almost double the hours of my next class down: The Engineer.

I love being the Medic to a strong team who protect and respect their Medic.  It’s rewarding.

You know that you’re playing on a good team when your Medics are up in the top 5 players on the scoreboard, and even better when they’re one of the three MVPs.

Respect and care for your Medic.  If you fancy a game, or need a Medic drop me a line.

Ooops! Zat was not medicine! (Click for bigger)

(Image made by me in Garry’s Mod.)

After all, ze healing leaves little time for ze hurting.