The Funke Family: Part Four

Soo…where wuz we at last time?  Ah yes, Spencer was a bit simple and Chance became a teenager.  Good show.

Simple Spencer strikes again

Spencer, your sister is in labour, what are your options?  Help out, or unblock the toilet?  So you unblock the toilet.  Sure, why not?

A boy, especially for you

Irene had a boy.  Can I remember his name right now?  Of course not.

Good day at work?

Sabrina was still going to work in the desperate hope that she might reach level nine of the science career before popping her clogs.  Today was not such a good day.

Rhett comes home

Rhett pays a little visit to the family so that no-one will see him.

Some kid grows up...

Oh right, this must be Blake becoming a child.  Again, no-one seems to be terribly interested.

Must be Irene's kid

Jumping ahead a bit, this must be Irene’s son becoming a toddler.  I still can’t remember his name, but I can remember what he does in the future.

Oh Carol, you've grown up so fast

Rhett and Sabrina’s last kid together finally became a young adult and joined the music career.  Being the last product of one parent who is dead meant that she received little attention once her Mother moved on to another man.

Oh Irene, what have you been up to?

Irene’s quite the handy sim, and she gets many opportunities to fix things for other people.  One day, while fixing some shit for someone else in the neighbourhood she was electrocuted. he reconsidering?

I thought that this would be the end for Irene, snuffed out while still a young adult, leaving her son without a Mother.  Instead, the Grim Reaper said something along the lines of how everyone else around her found her misfortune entertaining so he would leave her on earth to suffer some more.

For old time's sake...

How about just one last time, huh?

The Funke Family: Part Three

The last time we were with the Funke family they lost the mainbread winner, Rhett.  As is usually the way with my Sims the surviving spouse must go out and find another relationship lay immediately.  And because of Sabrina’s little bit of fun with Dustin she was up the duff again.

Spencer's a bit...simple

I think this picture explains it all.  Spencer’s a bit simple, and that’s proved by the fact that he would go into the kiddie’s playground after school and just sit there looking around scratching his head.

The time has come...

The time came for Sabrina to give birth.  Dustin declined to attend the hospital with her, so Simple Spencer took his mother to the hospital.  She had a girl, and I believe she was called Blake.

Older mothers FTW?

A day or two after Sabrina had Blake, she became an elder.  We can see little Chance looking on, and Irene joining in the PARTAY!!!! with her still questionable fashion sense.

That blouse and sweatpants are banging

So Simple Spencer and Irene became young adults.  Spencer’s outfit isn’t so bad, but Irene’s?  Seriously woman, WTF?  Did you fall into a closet and get thrown out again?

2 Girls, 1...kiss

It would appear that Irene has a secret that she’s keeping from her family.  Or maybe not keeping.  I suppose that depends on how much Sabrina can see through her elderly eyes.  Oh yeah, Irene just picked this woman up on the street too.  Must run in the family.

Growing up...alone

Blake grew into a toddler with no-one around to celebrate it.  Her mother was old and probably still at work.  In all likelihood she aged up when there was just one teenager at home who didn’t really care.

Another day, another secret

Irene was still enjoying her open secret with the random woman she met on the street.  I wish someone would tell that woman to do something with her hair.

Oh Irene, you're so classy!

With one of the patches it would appear they added the functionality to get Tattoos done at the Spa.  So I sent Irene for one.  In fact, she got about 2 or 3 in total, but the others are covered up.  So good old classy Irene here has a butterfly on her arm.

Good timing, Irene. I'm glad you got that tattoo.

Later in the day that she got the tattoo, she discovered she was pregnant.  Damn Irene, classy and putting your kid at risk already.  You can probably tell I’ve installed a Mod for same sex pregnancy, as I haven’t provided evidence that Irene’s been banging a dude.  She hasn’t.  The “Father” other Mother is the random woman she met on the street.

Maybe he's a fighting Chance?

Chance became a teenager, maybe he’s got a fighting Chance now?

The Funke Family: Part Two

The last time we visited the Funke family we were left hanging as to the fate of the man of the house, Rhett.

Death becomes him

Oh dear, oh dear.  So death did catch up with Rhett, and all for the sake of saving §50.

Goodnight Irene!

With Rhett gone, the next most important thing after burying him was to get the TV fixed, so they got the repairman round.  Quite how they managed to pluck that §50 out of nowhere, I do not know.  It would be nice if Sims could sign up for some kind of life insurance and pay for it as part of their bills and then get a payout if they die young.

Chance is given a chance as a toddler

Chance becomes a toddler.  He eventually went on to develop the Loner and Grumpy traits.  Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest being brought up in a house like this.

So soon?

Sabrina wasn’t coping with Rhett’s death so well.  That meant that she had to seek out men for sex.  This one’s called Dustin I believe.

Carol is a young laydee

Finally it’s time for Carol to grow up and get some responsibility.  They needed all the money they could get now that Rhett was dead.

Dinner and a shag

Sabrina didn’t just screw these guys.  Naw, she took them for dinner at the Bistro first.

She said she was on birth control...?

Being a flaky parent hadn’t stopped just because she was alone.  Her tryst with Dustin led to something a little bigger…

And bigger still

More maternity leave for Sabrina.  She was a pretty aged mother too, in the last few days of being an adult.

Chance would be a fine thing

He looks like his Father, don’t you think?

I wasn't only Sabrina who was into guys

Carol, her youngest daughter, was experimenting with men too, obviously looking for a father figure.  That kind of idea would only work if the guy she was banging was older than her, but he wasn’t.  I think she was looking for someone less weird than her older brother.

Goodbye Tempers, hello…Funke?

For a good old while now, I’ve been writing about The Sims 3.  In fact, it’s been not far short of a year since I got the game and decided to write about it.  Over the past year, I’ve followed a family called the Tempers.  What you will probably have noticed is that my posts about the Tempers stalled back in March.  That was simply because my playing dried up a bit, largely when I began to look for jobs and had some assignments to do without a massive gap in between.  I was also honing my skills on TF2.  However, the biggest hurdle to producing anymore installments about the Tempers is that a little while back I got a new computer.   Now that I have a C: drive (which my Husband forced to happen especially for The Sims 3) I can install the patches and actually have a functioning game.  While I have copied off all of my Sims 3 data files from my old PC I decided not to install them.  I figured I’d have a go with another family.  This time, it was a prefabricated family that came with the game.  They had quite a high difficulty rating, so I thought I’d give it a go.  So, here’s the first instalment of their life story.  (Yes, I realise the pictures are quite small.  Their original size is 1920×1080…ever so slightly too big to put online, dontchathink?)

The Funke Family were in the Sim Bin, with the following description, which is what enticed me to play them:

Some might say that Sabrina and Rhett Funke are too flaky to be successful at raising kids. Will their three talented tots turn out ok in the end, or will they let the pressure get to them?

Well, hellooooo...

No, not even Leslie Philips could say “Ding Dong” to her.  She looks like she hit every branch on the way down as she fell out of the Ugly Tree.  This is Sabrina, with her youngest kid, Carol.  Outside is Rhett, Irene and Spencer.  Irene and Spencer are twins.  These guys really don’t have much money, and I’ve kept them like that.  I bought the biggest house they could afford, which wasn’t big enough for all of them, but you know how it is.

You were just "testing" the bed, huh?

What’s the first thing you do when you move into a new place?  “Test” the bed, apparently.  Because of their lack of money, I had to get them jobs.  Sabrina worked in the science career, and Rhett in culinary, but he was only a dishwasher.  At the end of her first day at work Sabrina came out, stood in front of the building and got all mumsy.  *Gags*.  Nothing like getting paid for sitting on your arse, huh?

Oh, so that's why they're flaky parents!

Rhett went out one night, already fed up of his pregnant wife with the three other kids he never really wanted at home all of the time.  He was cruising for tha’ laydeez.  I wonder if Sabrina knows?

Can't sit on your arse all day.

She’s getting paid to sit on her arse all day, so I suppose she should look like she’s done something.  Teaching the current youngest to walk is probably good enough for this year.

Didn't quite finish teaching her, huh?

Unfortunately, Sabrina didn’t quite finish teaching Carol to walk before her other kid decided to make an appearance.


It would appear that she attended the hospital alone (read as: I can’t remember if Rhett went with her.) and had a boy.  I named it Chance.  Deliberately because I figured this kid doesn’t have a chance in hell with these guys for parents.

Plotting twins

Irene and Spencer became teenagers.  They were thick as thieves.  Rarely apart, sleeping in the same room and both with dubious fashion sense.  Especially Irene’s hair.

At least she can stand.

Carol becomes a child.  It’s amazing she can even stand considering her mother failed to teach her to walk due to the latest plaything addition in the family.

Look at that ass

Spencer was beginning to understand girls more, now that he was a teenager.  He tried to chat them up every so often.  I think they were scared off by his face.  He didn’t just hit all the branches on the way out of the tree, someone hunted him down and beat him liberally with the ugly stick.  This girl, some Bunch girl is hailing a cab here.  Spencer doesn’t look impressed.

This is what not having any money does to you

Most people (or Sims at least) would call a repairman when their TV failed.  That’s sims with money.  These guys were in such a dire financial situation that they couldn’t afford a repairman again.  Not only that, but they’d had one round a few days before, and Sabrina and Irene were flirting with him, leading Rhett to decide to fix the TV himself.

Now, this is the last picture in this post.  You’ll have to wait until next time to see if Rhett is a little singed, or if the consequences are more serious…