About this, that and the other

Who are you?
I am the Honourless Weasel.

Recently I caused a bit of a stir after a post about suicide on the railways.  Some of the unpublished comments doubted who I was and my right to speak on anything.  At that point, I thought it was time to put a little bit of an explanation out.

What is this place?
This place is part of Steaming Manholes.  I’ve owned a couple of domain names for almost a decade and never made as much use of them as I should.  This blog is actually on a different domain, but it’s been on that domain for so long now, I don’t want to move it.  Now that I have the desire and the ability to do the artistic work, I’m putting my comics online (depending how soon after this post is published you’re reading, there might be none, a few or many online).  In fact, not just storyboard comics, but anything else I draw, which can be comedic, or based on what’s going on in life.

How did you get here?
That’s a particularly long story, but largely by train as I’m sure you’ll realise when you see the amount of posting I do about train travel.

Where do you come from?
There are two ways in which I can answer this question, so I will address both.

1) Funnily enough, I originally come from my parents.  I was born in Kent.  I spent the first 18 years of my life in Kent before moving to Essex.  I’ve also lived in Hertfordshire and now live in London.  That’s the sensible geographic answer.

2) Now for how I have become the person you see here.  I’m in my 20s.  Late 20s at that.  The ever impending 30 makes me shudder.  I spent six years of my life rather severely ill and spending a lot of time at Great Ormond Street.  I had M.E., also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, proper full on, so bad M.E. that I couldn’t do anything for myself and sometimes sitting up in bed was a novelty.  Shortly before my 20th Birthday I was discharged from Great Ormond Street as they believed I was on the road to recovery.  They were correct, for by that point I had a part-time job.  Being that ill meant I had given up everything, somethings were very close to me, like the competition skiing I used to do.  Other things were taken away from me, such as my school’s decision that it couldn’t be arsed to educate me because I was too ill to attend, and eventually they threw me off the roll.  If only they could see me now.

Do you illustrate and/or write for a living?
I wish I could do something so sedate for a living.  The nice thing about all of the work I do on this place is that it’s on my own terms and at my own pace.  I do this because I want to.  No offence meant to people who do this kind of thing as a living and will utterly deny it is ‘sedate’.  Perhaps I should say that working at home would be preferable for many people.  I also wouldn’t have to spend over £2k per year on travel to and from work on trains with a bunch of bastards.

So, what do you do for a living?
I work in the print industry.  Yes, it’s as exciting as it sounds.  Let me tell you, the paperless office is a myth.  We will always need printing services.  You might think not, but all of those signs, all of the advertising on the streets, the billboards, the posters, the warnings on your public transport, the letter from your council or your doctor…they’re all printed.  Have you ever wondered how they are printed?  The books you buy are all production print from machines that do 300-400 pages per minute, they then bind them, put a cover on and away we go.  The adverts you look at are all wide-format printed on single rolls on printers the size of your kitchen.  And the letters from your council or doctor?  Are all managed print services.  Most people don’t realise the sheer amount of  technology or depth of the industry.  To someone interested in it, it’s amazing.  The things I have seen would make the eyes of the uninitiated pop out of their head.

What interests do you have?
I like photography as many people will say online.  I’m not going to lie and say it is a hobby as I don’t do it enough for that.  I’ve previously worked as a wedding/portrait photographer but now just don’t have time to constantly hang a camera off my hip.

I’m also an advocate for railway safety – something else you will see on this blog.  I use the trains a lot, so I believe they should be as safe as possible.  Every day in person and on Twitter I see such vile things being sent to the TOCs by commuters who simply don’t understand how the railways work and what has happened in the past to get them as safe as they currently are.  I feel a very deep seated need to explain all of this to people, though I know most commuters don’t give a damn.

I talk about London a lot.  I love this city and wanted to live and work here for 20 years.  I hate the extortionate cost of living here.  That said, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Where do you live?
London.  I’ve wanted to live and work in London for pretty much my entire life and now I do.  If you’re tired of London, then you’re tired of life.  And I’m not tired of London, just some of the people in it.

One more thing…?
I’m a woman.

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