The Tempers become Criminals!

Again, not all of them become criminals, but probably the most unlikely one.  Previously, age caught up with Marlon and he had to catch up with the rest of the world.  He started this by meetin’ sum laydeez.

Dinner, mah laydee?

Within hours of meeting his mark target laydee-friend, he was taking her out to dinner to cement the relationship.

For and old guy, he sure moves fast

And after dinner he was proposing to her.  Geez, young at heart I suppose.


The first thing which the agéd Marlon did was rush home and tell his Mother that he’s getting married.

Oooh yeah. Oldie WooHoo!

Don’t forget to take your teeth out.

Damn, that's a turn up for the books

The next time that Marlon saw his Fiancée he was a little surprised.  Errr…hadn’t she told him she was using birth control?  Hadn’t he told her that he was too old to sire children?

Yeah, whatever

Alex was still raking in the cash during her Fundraising gigs, she had an eclectic mix of people that she invited to them.  If I remember correctly she was trying to screw this guy, and the old woman died the following day.  They were dancing like teenagers, and it disturbed me.

Oh dear Marlon, what have you got yourself into?

The end is nigh!  Run Marlon, run!

Doting daddy?

The kid was born, and Marlon helped get his Fiancée and new son back to their home.  Not his home mind, but her home.  Wanna know what this kid was called?  It seriously made me grimmace.  The game chose the name “Dequan”.  Oh.  My.  God.

Alex has a confession

Remember all that money which I said Alex was making from the campaign fundraisers?  Well, in the past she’d had the opportunity to take money from it in the hope that she wouldn’t be caught.  I decided that she shouldn’t.  Then one day I figured that as she was almost at the top of her career there was less chance of it being noticed.  Oh hell no!  She took some money out of the fund and the next thing I know she’s fired.  She returned home and confided in her youngest brother, Fin.

Alex cannot live with herself any longer.

Unable to reconcile with herself, Alex decides suicide is the best option and promptly returns herself to the netherworld, never to be seen again.

Age catches up with the Tempers

Well, not all of them, of course.  Previously we had one of the Tempers doing the right thing by his girl.  Now it’s all just getting a little messy.

For the love of money...

Alex, the ghostly one in politics was doing well in her career, and had become accustomed to asking for donations or throwing fundraisers.  While this sim willingly gave a donation, he then started to cry about it.

Age catches up with Marlon

After a distinguished career in the military Marlon decided to retire upon old age.  Now he had some catching up to do with the rest of the world.

The holy grail of repair jobs

Elaine finally asked Marlon who was maxed out in the handiness skill to have a go at repairing the stereo which caused her Mother’s death.


So, I sent Elaine down to the graveyard.  I wanted her to find some life fruit seeds.  While there, I noticed that you could interact with the mausoleum.  Yeah, she had a great time exploring those catacombs.  What did she get for her troubles?  A book.  A freaking book.  This was a moodlet that I hadn’t seen before.  Now, it’s a long while since I first got The Sims 3, but I’m still seeing new things.

Bobby's a hit

Bobby’s a hit now that he’s a movie composer.  He holds autograph signing events where people are so enamoured to see him that they don’t mind becoming a hood ornament.

Offending the guests?

Someone’s been offending the guests.

Dear ol' Livi tries one last time

Livi gives it one last go at getting her insane girlfriend to marry her.  You can guess on the outcome.  It wasn’t a good one.


I can’t remember what happened here, but Elaine’s not looking too hot.

Livi's got a guuurrrrlfriend!

Livi has decided to move on with her life and get a new girlfriend.  I can’t remember this one’s name, but I don’t think that she’s as much of an insane bitch as her last one.

Marlon puts on the movez

While two people who obviously hate one another battle it out in Central Park, Marlon meets a woman he likes the look of and starts chatting her up.  Will it end happily for him, we have to wonder?

Nobody loves me it’s true – Not like the Tempers do

SHOCK NEWS!  Casual relationship leads to babiez!

Second Baybee for casual relationship

I do have to say that I prefer casual relationships leading to baybeez in The Sims than the weird way it keeps the neighbourhood populated by just spawning kids to random people of both genders whether they are in a relationship or not.  Anyway, because they didn’t live in the Temper household, the kid was automatically called Seneca.  I didn’t realise that The Sims was quite as enlightened to name kids randomly after Roman Stoic Philosophers.

So this is military R&R

I’m assuming this is how he copes with his work, by impregnanting his gurlfriend every few days.


This was the first time I’d ever seen this happening.  Right across the road from Central Park outside City Hall there was a group of protesters.  They seem a bit pissed at the existance of horses, or is it cows?

Jeremy's let himself go

Jeremy wanted to be a reclusive author and make §4,000 per week in royalties.  I had to make him look as though he didn’t wash or have a mirror.  He looks more like a Colombian drug lord.  He looks like he’s high on Colombia’s finest too.

That's not a book he's writing.

Nah, it’s his latest import of the white-stuff™.  Oh sorry, we should be looking at the marriage proposal taking place here, and not Jeremy.

Better luck next time

At this exact moment, Livi found out that her girlfriend had the “Insane” trait.  Too fucking right, bitch.  She had turned down the marriage proposal and had the gall to comfort Livi.  She looks freaking insane too.

Rinse and repeat

Livi gave it another go a few days later, hoping that her woman couldn’t resist someone in uniform.

Same deal, same deal

Unfortunately Livi was completely wrong and she was rejected yet again.  This woman still had the cheek to comfort her.

Fin's an adult

Well, a young adult.  And he wants to be a rockstars.  I called him Fin when he was adopted because the character of Fin Tutuola in SVU tickles me.  Looks nothing like him though.

Fatty gets a girlfriend, or does he?

Bobbie here managed to get to the top of the Symphonic Branch of the music career.  However, he was not really a…er…people person.  The lowest ebb was normally his relationship with other orchestra members.  He decided to actively work on that by having an affair with a colleague who was married to someone else.  Bobbie’s a bastard.

If you’re fond of Tempers and salty air

Having previously reduced the size of the gene pool in the town, the Temper family carry on.

Livi meets a laydee

I’ve been trying out the same-sex pregnancy hack which I link to from my FAQs, and thought that it would be a good move to try it with two laydeez.  Unfortunately I can’t make enough space in the household but here Livi meets a laydee and asks if she’s attached to anyone.  Fast mover is Livi.

So that's "Formal Attire"?

Livi took this woman out for dinner at the town bistro which goes with formal attire when you are about to enter.  This is Livi’s girlfriend’s idea of formal attire.  If you’ve got it, flaunt it I suppose.

A Clockwork orange

Just a random picture taken in Central Park.  This place is turning into A Clockwork Orange.

Laydeez get it onz

After a hard day at work (in the Police) Livi brings her girlfriend home for some R&R.

Mercury visits his baby

Mercury is not the absent Father.  Every opportunity he has he visits his woman and baby Deena.

Hmm, kids will be kids

One of the reasons that I am Childfree is because I can’t deal with shit like this.  It might look cute to some people, but to me a kid hiding in a toybox is nothing more than an opportunity for a telling off.

Next baby purlease?

They’re not even officially dating.  I suppose they’re friends with benefits.

Mercury's kid becomes a kid!

Mercury’s oldest kid becomes a child.  I only just noticed, the reflection in the mirror fits very well with the person standing outside.

Will you be mah gurlfriend?

With Tessa pregnant for the second time Mercury decides it’s the perfect time to aks his woman to be his gurlfriend fo’ realz.

Jeremy becomes a Young Adult

Yeah, this is Jeremy.  He’s even less appealing to look at than his namesake – many people would say that’s impossible.  And on that bombshell…!

Want to achieve? Become a Temper!

Previously, various members of the Temper clan have been physically abusing people in public places and attemping to start divorce proceedings.

Everything in life, achieved so early

Back here I mentioned that Marlon had the lifetime wish to have 13 different species of perfect fish in an aquarium.  While he was still a young adult he achieved this.  It helped that he didn’t have a job.  After achieving this, and you can see he is in his aquarium here, he joined the Military.

This is just...sickening

Say hello to Bobbie.  Isn’t that a nasty sight?  Hot pants do not suit him.

Mercury met a girl

Too damn right.  After finding his chin, which was nestled among some dirty laundry in his room, he met a girl.  She was also called Temper.  That’s when I remembered, she will be related to someone very early in the Temper dynasty: Methusela.

Marlon catches the holy grail of fish

Despite having a job in the Miliary, Marlon still keeps up his fishing.  He finally caught a perfect specimen of the holy grail of fish: the deathfish.

Alex becomes older, fatter

I think Alex is going to have to go on a diet guys, she looks a lot bigger than she needs to be.  I chose her lifetime wish to become a big politician.  She’s now in the political career.

Last moment of innocence

This was taken seconds before Jeremy entered the hedonistic world of teenagehood.

Mercury's gonna get the girl?

At Jeremy’s party Mercury is still putting the moves on this girl/relative.

Finally! I like the death part!

Finally.  TFFT.  I am so glad this prick has died.  He was beginning to piss me off, and he’d been hanging around for so long that I thought he’d never die.  He couldn’t even get home to die, instead he just died outside the door to his work place.  Epic WIN!

With Taurus gone, Elaine moves in a younger man.

After Elaine become an elder she rolled the want to have another baby.  With a space that’s just opened up in the family due to the death of Taurus, she could adopt a kid.  She adopted a boy child, who I called Fin.


Just as I was about to get Mercury to impregnate that Temper girl from the other side of the neighbourhood, he ages into a young adult.  Boo hiss!  The mod which enables relationships across age groups conflicted in my install so I can’t use it.  Balls.  Better luck next time.  Anyway, he joined his brother Marlon in the Military, after I’d given him some more hair.

Take a walk on the Temper side

Elaine had surprise baby number six last time we were with them.  Now she just has to bring them up.

Elaine shows her age

Pretty much the following day after giving birth to Jeremy (baby number six) Elaine became an elder.  In fact, you can see Jeremy in the crib at the back.

Alex follows suit

The ghostly child Alex became a teenager.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I knew she wasn’t, she looks very clothesless here.

Livi Livi, let's get busy?

I remember this kid’s name now, she’s called Livi and she’s just become a child.  Dear Evil ol’ Bobbie back there looks a bit pissed at that.

Some random stranger helps out Jeremy

One evening, some random stranger comes into the house, puts baby Jeremy on the floor and watches him age up.  It wasn’t a random stranger, no it was Sue.  You know from a while back, the boy named Sue?  Well he helped out Jeremy, but that still doesn’t explain why Jeremy looks very much like a girl here.  I think he’ll have some identity issues later in life.

This kid is called Mercury, yeah Mercury poisioning maybe.

In truth, he seems to be quite a good kid and was named after the Longview album, Mercury.  Here he becomes a teenager, but seems to have left something behind?  I hope he can take bullying on the chin.  Ooops!

Bobbie, put him down, you don't know where he's been!

I deliberately missed out the picture of Evil Bobbie becoming a young adult because he looked like a fatter version of Marlon.  Here he is physically assaulting Sue Temper.  I don’t know what’s up with some of the men in the Temper family but they are so abusive!  I sent Bobbie to the park because he wanted to go.  Next time I pitch up to check on him he is beating the shit out of his uncle…WTF?

Things looks bad in paradise

I always thought that Elaine and Taurus had things going on pretty good.  They seemed stable and Taurus only seemed to get angry with random strangers (so that’s where Bobbie gets it from!), but one day he came home from work and just laid (verbally) into Elaine.  Their row was so bad that their relationship dropped below the 50% mark.  He’s such a bastard.  All those years where she selflessly (*cough, splutter*) brought up his children, and how does he repay her?!

Solving the mystery of Taurus' anger?

Could this be why Taurus is such a hot-headed bastard at the moment?  He’s having a gay phase?  (That boy is Taurus’ boss by the way.)

Good for you Jeremy

Jeremy becomes a child in a haze of sparkles.  This isn’t Twilight, you know?

Livi's a teenager!

And, unlike her brother Mercury who seems to have lost his chin in the transistion between child and teenager, Livi appears to have had her’s thrust forward.  Redneck hick look, anyone?  This also signalled the moment that Elaine completed her lifetime wish.  She had “successfully” raised five children from babies to teenagers.

My Temper overfloweth

So, before now, Elaine had managed to ‘complete’ her family in terms of her lifetime wish.  She had five kids and was raising them from babies to teenagers.  It was going okay, none of them had died.  The most recent one, whose name escapes me still was a girl.

News shock: Kid gets older!

Kid number five becomes a toddler, and she’s probably the more attractive of them all.  The family was now complete, so what would Elaine do with her time?

Taurus had other ideas...

Taurus obviously had other ideas about their family being complete, because he immediately jumped back into bed with Elaine.

Life shock: Toddler becomes child!

Kid number four (I presume) becomes a child.  Yay for him!

Taurus definately had other ideas.

Now Elaine has other ideas too.  Pretty much as soon as she was pregnant she rolled the want “have 10 children”.  Sorry woman, you’re two days away from becoming an elder, so I don’t think that’s very likely.

Alex and body image.

I get the distinct impression that little Alex here, little mini-fatty McBoomBoom, doesn’t havea good body image, as she entered the body shaper to make herself thinner.  I guess having a virtually morbidly obese mother and being rather lardy yourself doesn’t help?

It was no bad prawns.

Yep, the vomiting was not a case of bad prawns, instead Elaine was definately pregnant for a sixth time.


Kid number four, the little fat blonde one here, had invited a school friend round.  Pretty much the instant that his friend walked in the door Taurus came along and smacked him across the face for no apparent reason.  Geez, be nice people!

Marlon becomes a young adult

Marlon has finally grown up.  His choice of lifetime wishes included one I’d never seen before, so I chose it.  It was to do with his angling trait and he wants to have 13 perfect specimens of 13 different fish in bowls.  So he now has a dedicated fish outbuilding for all of the bowls!

Time to pop

It was Elaine’s time to pop, for, definately, the last time!  Taurus had recently fulfilled his lifetime wish of getting to level nine of the business career.  The money was rolling in, he could pay for a good doctor.  He took her to the hospital as any good husband and father would.

Leaving hospital for one final time

Elaine leaves hospital with a NORMAL baby one final time.  This little boy was named Jeremy because we had the Top Gear Bolivia Special on TV at the time he was born.

The Fifth Element

Elaine is now at kid number four.  She’s produced 80% of the kids needed to complete her lifetime wish, will she manage the final 20%?

The most recent normal kid becomes a toddler
The most recent normal kid becomes a toddler

Yeah, must be jumping forward a bit here to the most recent normal kid, I think.  Belisha beacon hair.

Can she do it?  YES SHE CAN!
Can she do it? YES SHE CAN!

Pregnant for the fifth time.  I was more worried that her husband wasn’t…potent enough to father another kid.  Seems I was wrong.

Bobbie's a teen
Bobbie's a teen

Or should that be thug?  His Nazi Youth haircut and evil trait do him no favours.

Marlon's in more trouble than a girl is worth
Marlon's in more trouble than a girl is worth

Despite Bobbie being the evil/nasty one, Marlon is the kid who gets into the most trouble.  He likes a bit of danger.

I don't want to hear your yammering, son!
I don't want to hear your yammering, son!

“Git up dem stairs, where Imma whoop yo’ ass, boy”.

Why did I come home so early?
Why did I come home so early?

Bobbie decided to come home from school as soon as it was finished instead of hang out somewhere.  Geez, did he regret it or what when he got there.  He has a small bone of pleasantness in his body though, as he took his Mother to hospital.

The Fifth Element
The Fifth Element

Elaine gave birth to the fifth of her children.  Woo, 100% of the kids you need for that lifetime wish, but only 40% of them have reached teenagehood so far.  Will the others survive long enough?  And no, I don’t recall this kid’s name.

Moving on...
Moving on...

He moved in with his boyfriend and all was well.  It was a little creepy though, this guy lived alone, but one of the rooms of his house was a dedicated nursery.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird.

Alex is a child!
Alex is a child!

Keep standing still girl and you’ll get away with anything.

Things go from bad to worse
Things go from bad to worse

Marlon was caught out by the police, AGAIN.  I guess he didn’t learn from last time.  And Elaine thought that he was her good boy.  *Sigh*.

Tempered Glass

So, Elaine became pregnant with her fourth child previously.  What exciting joys does life hold for her now?

Marlon's a teenager!
Marlon's a teenager!

Before she has her fourth kid, she gets to see her first kid become a teenager.  20% of the way to completing that lifetime wish, eh Elaine!

Mmm, belly
Mmm, belly

That’s right Elaine, keep your eyes on the prize.

I don't think that this one likes the gays
I don't think that this one likes the gays

When this woman appear she started doing the disgusted hand waving thing at them.  Bitch.  She needs to learn some tolerance.

Marlon's first day as a teenager
Marlon's first day as a teenager

It gets off to a…flying start?  Those slippers are a bit, homo, no?  Judging by the look on his face, I won’t be living much longer after that comment.  That’s a whole can of whoop ass I opened there.

Elisha and baby
Elisha and baby

One day with someone at the park I noticed Elisha appear with a toddler.  I think it’s called Iris or something, but that’s Filly’s kid!

Marlon's become the Fonz
Marlon's become the Fonz

I don’t think he’s screaming, I think he’s saying “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!”

Taurus has a pretty birfday
Taurus has a pretty birfday

While running to the Hospital to be with his wife for the birth of his fourth child he just had to stop.  He had to stop because it was his turn to become an elder.  Nice setting in which to age up, good choice old man.

Oh Alex, how fast you grow!
Oh Alex, how fast you grow!

Alex becomes a see-through toddler.  If she stood behind a window you wouldn’t see her.

Taurus missed it
Taurus missed it

It was all going down on this night, two birthdays and a birth.  Unfortunately, because of his own birthday Taurus missed the birth of his fourth child.  What a bastard, eh?  The kid was called…er…I forget.

Sue's got a girlfriend!  :o
Sue's got a girlfriend! 😮

The boy named Sue, despite his obvious state of having been beaten with the ugly stick at birth managed to get into his Boss’ pants.  To cut a long story short, he took her out for dinner, asked her to be his girlfriend, got in her pants, moved in with her, had a kid and lived happily ever after.

I have a supplementary picture relating to dear old Sue.

Sue's moodlets EVERY night
Sue's moodlets EVERY night

Sue is a closet batty boy, I swear.  Every single night he had this happy little moodlet for “Cuddle Time”.  I’ve never seen this before (even six months on I’m still seeing new stuff in The Sims 3 on a regular basis), and I certainly didn’t expect to see it in our grumpy bastard here.  What a batty boy.

Are we human, or are we Temper?

Recently we’ve seen people leave, engagements happen and babies be born.  Just a normal few days for the Tempers.  There’s no let up in their excitement.

Filly's ruse works
Filly's ruse works

Filly’s ruse has worked.  She now not only engaged to Elisha, but also pregnant by him and only a couple of days off becoming an elder.  She better move in with him quick!

Filly's not the only one
Filly's not the only one

It seems that Filly isn’t the only one to be in a delicate condition.  Elaine’s going for her third.

Yip Yip!  Fat again.
Yip Yip! Fat again.

A good meal was had all round.

Meeting strange men after dark in parks is generally frowned upon
Meeting strange men after dark in parks is generally frowned upon

I can’t remember his name, but he’s another one in the family.  He’s in the Police, wants to be a secret agent, but seems to enjoy meeting strange men after dark in parks.  That’s led to the downfall of a number of Britain’s MPs including Ron Davies and Alan Amos.

Oooh look, a belly, must want some food.
Oooh look, a belly, must want some food.

Belly’s gonna getcha?

It's a family affair
It's a family affair

Sue, Taurus and Marlon all join in with the screaming this time.  But will anyone help?


An ABNORMAL baby this time.  We’re sorry to tell you Mrs. Temper, but your baby will be a ghost for the rest of her life.  She’ll find herself being ignored by her peers because people…simply can’t see her.  She’s like The Spy (*bows down before The Spy) from Team Fortress 2, if she stands still for long enough then she becomes invisible.  Oh yeah, she’s called Alex.

Woo!  Bobbie's a kid!
Woo! Bobbie's a kid!

It feels like it’s been ages, but finally Bobbie is a kid.

Geez, slow down already!
Geez, slow down already!

Elaine, you’re doing untold damage to yourself by having so many kids so quickly.  She was out “tutoring” (is that what you call it?) someone else in the neighbourhood when she had to vom.

This one questions his boyfriend.
This one questions his boyfriend.

Even on a night out he just can’t leave the police tactics alone.  He simply has to question his boyfriend.  “Sir, just what were you doing in a gay cruising spot after dark?”