The Ugleh family just can’t stop popping them out

Previously, having not learned from popping some horrible crotch nugget out it appears that Vereh is feeling under the weather.Ugleh021

Sad times.  I’m actually sad that she decided to wreck that decking instead of puking in the bathroom.  By the way, that’s outside her house on the porch.  I have no idea why she was outside in her dressing gown yet again.

Ugleh022Oh here we go.  It’s like those stupid women on the trains who wear the “Baby on Board” badges when they are three minutes pregnant.  So Vereh, you’ve managed to lose a fuckton of weight for your job, now you’re going to pile it all back on because you spread your legs.  Congratulations.


“My life sucks.  I’m fat, ugleh, pregnant again and my monobrow makes people stare.  Why can’t I be…a…baby mobile?”




“What are you looking at you skinny cow?  Are you jealous of my uber-baby?”  *Whisper* “She’s reading a book…she doesn’t even know you’re there.”


I am not entirely sure why I included this post.  He just looks like he’s busting some moves, or doing a bit of trustepping while making dinner.  I still can’t remember his name.


With two kids now being the bane of her life she couldn’t wait to get back to work.  It was perfect really, being a crim she only worked at night, her husband being some kind of soulless corporate drone only worked during the day.  Perfecto.  So here she is getting busted by the feds while out on a mission one night.  She spent the rest of the night in jail.  I don’t think anyone would have abused her.  They were likely scared of catching the ugly.


So it’s some kind of summer festival.  He decides to set off some fireworks.  Pretty and everything, but why the hell, in a public park is there a line of fireworks that anyone can go up to and set off?!  Where’s the health and safety guys?!  Where’s his hi-viz?!


I took this picture mainly because that snowcone thing makes amazing rainbow snowcones despite all the ‘snow’ there being completely white.  +1 for reality.  Also, the woman behind him who looks like a bee the did its makeup while drunk.


This is the only time he’s been able to get some peace.  I was actually trying to give him a heatstroke but it wasn’t working, he just laid there.  I think he popped the moodlet that he was getting hot but that was all.  The next time he was on this deck chair it wasn’t such an awesome time for him.

What’s up next for the Ugleh family?  Will there be any more kids?  Will I mysteriously remember the fat bastard’s name?  All coming up next week!

The Ugleh Family gets bigger

So last time we saw our beloved Vereh Ugleh meet someone in a bar, eventually.  They were getting on so well that she even went out naked with him.  I call that a result.


After complaints at work she put her clothes back on and became a normal member of society again.  Apart from not cleaning her sink.  Dirty girl.  She had what’shisname round and he stayed the night.  I guess.  He’s got no shirt on, so I assume that’s the case.

Ugleh!He spent a fair amount of time outside playing with the gnubb set, or whateverthefuck that thing is called.  She obviously likes this quality in a man so much that she asked him to marry her.  He, for some reason, said yes.

Ugleh!Upon accepting a proposal, most people have a kiss and cuddle and maybe open some champagne.  This pair got straight down to being jiggy…fully dressed.  So the fat one has gone from going out nekkid at all times of day and night, to having a shag with all of her clothes on.  Well done.  She sure has life figured out.  I’m beginning to wonder if rather than full sentences she’s like Hodor from Game of Thrones, and just says “Ugleh!  UGLEH!”

Ugleh!In Vereh Ugleh’s world having dry sex seems to lead to bebehs!  Yers, yers.  Very good.  The first generation of ugliness.

Ugleh!At least what’shisname is fairly pleased by this.  She’ll have to stop nicking things for a bit as she can’t work.  Still, he works in big business, and despite the fact that he has the personality trait “Loser”, he still brings in a fair wage.


Yip yip.  He’s a traditionalist, he didn’t want his kid being born out of wedlock.  In truth, he hadn’t told her how old he was, and this was something I hadn’t looked at.  He’s gonna be knocking on the door of being an elder soon, so he had to get hitched to stop his friends and family thinking he was an EPIC loser.

Ugleh!This picture has no place in the story because I have better birth ones, it’s mainly her face that gets me.  Yep, she’s still as sexy as ever.  He’s paying about as much attention to her popping out a sprog as I do rugby.  And no, I don’t know where all of their books from the bookcase have gone.

Ugleh!I get the impression he wants her to stop?


Ugleh!“Remember that thing we used to do before we had that kid thing?  Yeah…let’s buy a new bed and do it some more.”

The Sims 3 Seasons: The Ugleh Family

Now that I have The Sims 3 Seasons, I wish to introduce to you a family I created so that I could try out all sorts of things within Seasons.  I’ve named this family “Ugleh”, mainly because I wanted to do the Ugly Challenge and see how many generations her ugliness would last through.

Let me introduce you to someone that I very cleverly named “Vereh”, so she’s called “Vereh Ugleh”.Ugleh!

I’m not entirely sure what I’ve gone for here, but she dresses very conservatively, bordering on Amish.  She ain’t a looker, with thick glasses, an exceptionally fat arse, a huge mouth, and under that bandana who the hell knows what is going on with the hair.  She’s also a “Young Adult”.  She looks like she’s knocking on the wrong side of 40, but she really is just started the adult life.

Once she’s got herself a house and eventually a job (she’s a criminal, for the record.  At the time, I didn’t know if this was a good or bad idea.) I sent her out on the prowl for a bit of lovin’.  The first person she showed an interest in at one of the local ‘hotspots’ (I say hotspots, but it seems to be the same place every day in the paper and it’s almost always empty), was a man helping his daughter with her homework, and he seemingly doesn’t give a damn that Vereh has just moved into a new house.Ugleh!

She’s not great socially.  Oh, she’s got a plait.  I’ve just seen that.  Shows how much attention I paid to her looks after the bandana went on.  This guy was actually quite rude to her, but then who wouldn’t be if you were interrupted by some fat cow while trying to help your teenage daughter with her homework.  Of course, taking your kid out at midnight to a bar to get some homework done is grade A parenting.

Our little Vereh decided to move on to another unsuspecting victim, sorry, gentleman.
Ugleh!This looked a little more promising.  Right up until the point that she thought his job was wrapping snakes around a pole.  She’ll tell everyone that he didn’t have enough hair for her, so he was probably too old.  Despite his lack of hair, she actually looks older than him.

Ugleh!This looks a little more promising.  This hotspot was so banging that by this point the only other person in the bar was reading a book.  Vereh found a man who was interested in her…a bit.  She threw this moodlet, something about being near someone that was attractive.  Thing is…I’ve actually forgotten his name.  They got on well enough to exchange numbers, so I guess he has a sight problem to go along with his inability to do his shirt up.

This pair spoke to each other a few times and seemed to be getting on well.  Part of her job as a criminal was to get fitter, so she did.  She actually lost a fair bit of weight.  Though, I think the job might have been getting to her, because one night she went to work butt freaking nekkid.Ugleh!

Yep.  That’s right.  She’s staying real classy.  No-one at work seemed to notice.  Though, gotta say she’s looking pretty good now.  Shame she doesn’t have any nipples.  And man, that mouth is almost as wide as her monobrow.

Ugleh!No rest for the wicked.  What am I saying?  She’s a criminal, that’s her choice.  I think I’m more disturbed about the fact that once she’s done slicing stuff, she’s going to get a pan out and put it on the cooker.  If the spurting fat hits her she’s seriously going to notice.  That might put her off becoming a naturist.

On one of her nights off, she invites her guy out for a date.  You know, I almost had his name then.  I think it’s something like Arthur, or Darren.Ugleh!She still seemed to be going through this nekkid phase.  Everything she did she was nekkid, including this date…to the library.  Hell, at least none of her clothes will make a noise amongst the books.  I sure hope…what’shisname likes books.

Ugleh!Looks like he does have an interest in books, or just nekkid ladies.  I assume she’s been scared by a spider.

Ugleh!“Thanks for scaring off that spider for me.  When you’re nekkid, it’s so much harder to deal with these things.”

Ugleh!The next night at work came.  I always send her for a nap before work so that she doesn’t keel over while she’s out stealing stuff.  She’s also a klepto, to add a bit of fun to the dynamic.  That night, she got out of bed, put a dressing gown off, and trotted off to work.  No word of a lie…she put clothes on.  Holy shit.  It must be getting cold or something.

What will Vereh do next?  Will this be true love?  Has she found the man of her dreams?  Will she get nekkid again?  All this, and more coming up in the next installment of the “Ugleh Family!”

On a side note: I don’t have any mods installed that take away the blurring.  When I was playing this part I didn’t have Seasons installed, so my game hadn’t changed.  The fact that she suddenly got naked was rather a surprise to me. 

The Sims 3: Seasons

Winter is ComingI finally got The Sims 3: Seasons.

After an absolute ball ache getting it installed, I’m rather enjoying my time with it.  I’ve been rather mean though, as their spring and summer last only 7 days their autumn is 10 days and their winter…28.  After the winter we had in Britain through 2012/2013, it was the least I could do.

Along with this new expansion pack comes a new family with new ideas and…looks.  These will be posted soon.

Remember…Winter is coming.

Many, many thanks to all you Sims players

I’ve had pages up about The Sims 3 for ages.  Before this incarnation of my website I had stuff about previous versions of The Sims.  It’s nothing new to me.  However, the current amount of visits and comments really is.

I don’t play The Sims 3 much any more simply because I spend my time working and commuting and after that there’s not much left for anything else.  I also haven’t updated the Sims pages on here for probably at least a year.  However, some days I get close to a thousand page views.  In a single day I can get ten comments waiting for approval (sorry it has to be done that way, I get so much spam otherwise).

All of this I actually find rather surprising because of my lack of updates.  However, it’s lovely proof that people are still playing The Sims 3.  Unfortunately, the last expansion pack I got was Ambitions.  I’m slightly taken by the idea of getting Generations and/or Seasons.  If I do, I’ll be updating stuff on here, no doubt.

Keep playing little internet chums.  This is a good thing.  And if EA release a Sims 4, make sure they don’t screw it up like they did with Sims City.

Loser McLuckerson: And, finally…

In the second instalment of Loser’s life, he found a laydee fwiend.

Did he or didn't he die?!

Loser’s life sucks, so it’s not entirely a crazy idea that as he’s dying from, yet another, electric shock, he’s being burgled.  Alas, it wasn’t quite like that.

Fight it out ladies

Loser didn’t die from the shock given by the television.  Oh no, he was given yet another reprieve by that crazy Grim Reaper.  Instead, he watched a couple of women fight it out in his front yard.

And then he got old

Finally he became an elder.  Shame about the emo haircut.


Surely there’s no point in Grim keeping this guy alive?  He’s in his twilight years anyway, so why go on draining the state with his continued existence?

Fancy a shag?

Seems like, after saving his life 3 times, Grim has become rather attached to dear old Loser.  Even propositioning him.

Messing with science is dangerous

Dear old Loser performed an experiment on his shower, but it didn’t work.  I was disappointed as all that happened was these visual artifacts.  I was hoping he’d be electrocuted and resurrected every single time he used it.

'Ello little girl!

She has every right to look worried, who wouldn’t be with this paedo-alike stalking around outside their school?  He was actually looking for his kids (yes, I do mean the plural, he had a daughter too) so that he could build a relationship with them before he popped his clogs.

Chip off the old block

Meet Omar, Loser’s son.  They began to become friendly and got quite a good relationship going towards the end there.

"Now son, learn from me...

…never dip your pen in company ink.  That’s how people like you come into existence.”  Always the charmer, Loser.

Death becomes him

And now, the end is here.  A little while after seeing his Son for the last time, attempting to make it all up to his daughter, and receiving this cut gem in the post, Grim pays Loser one final visit.  And this time it really is final.  Loser rides off into the sunset with Grim.

It was actually quite fun playing someone so damn depressed and miserable all of the time.  I did enjoy forcing him to do things that I knew he hated.  Hating the outdoors was just the icing on the cake because he had such a bad attitude.  It’s quite the wonder that he got to the top of the science career.  It only took a few days to play through his entire life, unlike months to do others such as the Funkes.

Now I’ve got my copy of Ambitions, I should have harder, better, faster, stronger stuff to post in the near future.

Loser McLuckerson: Part Two

Previously, Loser McLuckerson moved in and got a job.  He also committed a horrific fashion faux pas.

When a guy meets a girl...

Loser met this girl at work.  Talk about pen and company ink.  Or, as they were both in the science career, it would be pipette and test tube.  She was a bit of a weird one.  I couldn’t actually work out if she was broken hearted because her Mother had died (on the family tree it still showed her as alive) or if her lesbian lover had died.  Never found out either.

"Are you married?" "SHE'S DEAD!!!"

Yeah…she had some mental issues.

*Cough* Weirdo *Splutter*

It’s only an autumn salad.  An OAP could eat that without their teeth in.  No need to get so choked up about it.

Loser's also a loser in love

So, he tried to bang this girl.  She just rolled over and went to sleep.

She got banged eventually

He must have screwed her eventually, unless the autumn salad was really that bad.'ve put on weight.

After their pretty poor sex session, he went a little while without seeing her.  Then, one evening he invited her round, she accepted.  She looked a little more, er, portly around the middle, shall we say?

You've already got one kid, apparently.

So, they had one kid.  Loser was virtually unaware of this, although I did send him round to her house in an attempt to meet his son.  Unfortunately, despite there being this woman and her sister in the house, and him standing outside ringing the door bell for 3 hours, neither of them bothered to answer.  The kid was called Omar by the way.


So, she finally let him in a few days later.  He met his first born son, Omar, who was already a toddler.

Eww, what is this thing?

Thank fuck it doesn’t look like Loser.  However, I think he wants to hand it over to someone else.  He really does look like someone just handed him a turd.

Back to his old tricks


Loser McLuckerson: Part One

So here’s a new, and very short, series about a Sim.  This time I decided to create a sim who had solely negative traits.  Let’s see what I can remember: he hated the outdoors, had commitment issues, was unlucky and hated children.  Oh yeah, his name was Loser McLuckerson.  FTW!

Meet Mr. Loser McLuckerson

So this is Loser, eh?  I think his biggest problems are that he lives in a trailer, and that he looks like Michael Jackson.  The last one will probably be the biggest hindrance.

Oh shut up, woman. Get back in the kitchen.

When he first moved in, some random people from the neighbourhood just pitched up at his door.  He invited them in, you know to be a bit friendly and all.  All those bitches did was whine about him and his house.

SRSLY woman, STFU.

If your name was Loser McLuckerson, you’d be pretty poor and living in a trailer too.

Nothing like fielding shit from all sides.

Not only did he have to deflect shit from the elitist neighbours, but he also had to unclog his shitcaked bargain john.

Smooth move dude.

He thought he was really something.  Then he stuck his damn screwdriver up the TV.  Sheesh.

Have mercy on my soul

Grim had mercy on the poor boy, and, being amused by Loser’s stupidity and general…loserness, he spared the boy.  Loser was free to live another day, sticking his bloody screwdriver where it wasn’t welcome.

Just a normal day at work, eh?

Loser got a job at the science facility.  This was just a normal day, getting a bit singed and all.  What I loved about him being called Loser, was that all these things would pop up while he was at work, such as “someone sprayed the water cooler into his crotch, so now he looks like he pissed himself.  Everyone thinks that Loser is a loser.”  RLY?  No shit, Sherlock!

FOR SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FOR SHAME!!!!!!1!!!!!11!!!!!!!eleventy!!!1!! Shoes, with trousers that are too short, and NO SOCKS!  If I were Loser, I’d be saying: FML.

Don't even, just don't.

Stop thinking about it, you won’t get anywhere with her.  Not even a ho would screw you, Loser.

It's dead, Loser. Get over it!

Despite hating the outdoors, I forced him to do a lot of gardening.  Everytime one of his plants ended its useful life, ran out of stuff to harvest and died, he would cry.  Cry like a freaking baby had taken his damn candy.  He’d then cry everytime he put the stuff in the trash.  What a Loser!

The Funke Family: And now, the end is near

Previously, we had an aging population.  It was never going to get younger now, was it?

Old people + kitchens = OH SHI...

The fire was started by Dustella there, while her brother in law put it out and her sister just stood around looking a little bemused.

When yah gotta go, yah gotta go

Time for Dustella to leave this mortal coil, for a better place.  She can be with her sister now.

Damn, this dinner plate is killin' me

Immediately after the death of Dustella, Dustina couldn’t help but think about the death of a dinner platter.  I was like, WTF?

Dominique's time was up

Part way through completing the opportunity to play a symphony at the theatre, Dominique walked out and promptly died on the street.  Couldn’t she have at least got home?

Staring death in the face

Duncan Jnr here is not scared of a little death.  No way, he was trying to complete an opportunity to become friends with someone for a promotion at work.  While they were chatting, the neighbour decided to pop his clogs.  Death just seems to be all consuming for Duncan Jnr at the moment.

The cheek of the woman

Dustina’s time came, finally.  However, she had the damn cheek to plead with the Grim Reaper not to take her.  She wanted to live.  She was pure evil, and she wanted to live.  Sheesh.

Come into the light, Daryl

With Daryl then being the only elder left in the house, his days were pretty numbered too.  His time to go came.  Duncan Jnr was all alone now.

That creeping feeling...

Duncan Jnr was beginning to sense that creeping feeling of death.  He was the only person left in the house, and now an elder himself.  How long would he have left?  Around this time I packed him off to the graveyard with all of the headstones, and he buried his entire family up there in one go.

Sexeh pantiez

Living alone, and being an elder meant that fashion sense was not high up on Duncan Jnr’s list.  The white Y-fronts do not do him any favours.  I hope no-one was looking in.

Look at that hoochie mamma

No Duncan Jnr, you’re too old to be looking at that piece of ass.  Without a little blue pill, you couldn’t get it up anyway.

Your time has come

Oh yes it has Duncan Jnr.  Your time is here, you are the last member of the Funke Family, and now the Funke Family is defunct (see what I did thar?!).

I hope you guys had a nice life and few generations.  Now it’s time for me to move on.  I won’t lie: you’ve entertained me for many months, and now that I’ve got Ambitions waiting to be installed new adventures await me.

The Funke Family: Part Fourteen

Oooh, a delay.  I have a real life, you see, and haven’t played much in the way of games lately.  Age is definitely catching up with the Tempers.

Wedded bliss

But first, a pretty little interlude I think, Dominique got married one evening in Central Park.  How lovely.

An oldie, and a baddie

Dustina became an elder one evening.  A little while later she also became the Emperor of Evil.  Something she has been building up to since she murdered her sister when she was a teenager.

Takes after his mother

Duncan Jnr here obviously takes after his Mother.  He joined the criminal career, and seems to be spending a lot of time in jail.  How proud his Father would be, I’m sure.

Dustella becomes an elder too

It was time for the remaining pair of the triplets to become elders.

Dominque too...

I hate the way their hair returns to the default whenever they age up.  That’s really irritating.

Dominique's husband joins in with the fun

I believe he’s called Daryl, and he aged up the day after his Wife.

It's a living...

I can’t quite tell if she does this for her job or if she just enjoys getting dirrrrrty.

A pink limo? Yeah...chav central.

Dominique decided to do an autograph session at the stadium.  She turned up in a vehicle that is just the height of class.

Yay for virgins?

Because of Dominique’s  busy schedule, she and her husband didn’t get to woohoo until they were both elders.  Umm…lovely.  Funnily enough, they don’t have any kids.

Adults FTW.

Duncan Jnr became a proper adult.  He is the youngest person in the household, with everyone else being an elder.  Damn, he must get fed up of wandering around and finding Tena Lady, The Nut Bra, and Oops I crapped my pants.  He’s also pretty tired of waking up during the night and hearing this pathetic little voice shouting “Help!  I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!