The Sims 3: Oddities and weird stuff

I found that my Sims 3 FAQ page was getting a little long and the word count a bit heavy, so I have decided to split it up into separate pages on particular subjects.  This page is about some of the oddities and weird stuff that happens in The Sims 3.  I have tried to put the questions in a form of chronological order.  PLEASE NOTE I CANNOT HELP YOU WITH THE SIMS 3 ON IPHONE, ANDROID OR ANY CONSOLES, THIS IS PC ONLY.

Why did my young adult sim drop dead on sims 3?
That, I wish that I could answer.  I haven’t had a sim die from anything other than old age so far.  However, in my studies of things like Awesomemod, they make reference to stuff such as NoBusKill, which is a reference to soap characters simply disappearing never to be seen again or reference made to their death after they had left the show on a bus.  I think with Awesomemod it’s about the story mode and other sims (in other households) dying for no apparant reason, but I could be wrong.

When do you get the opportunity to bring a sim back from the dead in the science career?
I don’t think that this is related to the science career.  I’ve had the opportunity come up many times, but I’ve only put two sims (I think) through the science career, and I have pretty distinct memories that it came up as an opportunity for sims who weren’t, and had never been in the science career.  I have found that most often it comes up within a couple of days of someone dying when you still have the urn/tombstone in your posession.  Also, once you have the opportunity it doesn’t go away until that sim dies too.

Why do some families have ghost children?
I pondered this one for a while until I did finally have some ghost children.  It’s not a case of them dying, it’s that one, or perhaps both of their parents are ghosts.  Part of one of my stories was that a woman’s husband died, she had him brought back from the dead using the aforementioned ressurection opportunity.  They didn’t get on too well once he was back.  I had him go around the town servicing ladies until he found one that he genuinely liked.  He had a few kids with her and eventually moved her into his house.  This woman was a normal flesh and blood sim while he was a ghost.  Their first kid was a ghost, but they also had normal sims.  A couple of generations later there are still ghosts in the family.  It is perfectly plausible for a ghost woman to give birth to a normal sim, as shown below.

Leaving hospital for one final time

It is also plausible for a normal sim to give birth to a ghost, as shown below.

Ghostly bundle

HELP!  My sims cannot interact with one another, what should I do?
If the problem is like the following short description, then I may be able to help: you command the active sim to do some form of social interaction with another sim, it could be as simple as greeting them.  The active sim walks up to the other sim, the action disappears from the queue and then the active sim bounces to another part of the lot.

This happens when there’s a conflict with custom mods.  It could be that you’ve just added a new mod to your game which you want to work along side another one.  It could also be that your game version is different to the one which the mod was designed for.  The best suggestion is to remove all (or if you have multiples the most recent) mods from your game folders and try the game without.  If you have multiple mods, you could attempt to add one at a time until you get the conflict again so that you can pinpoint the one which is causing a problem.

There are also cases where Sims get stuck and they are unable to do anything.  In that case you need to open the console and type in, without the quotes, “resetSim Sim Name”, where Sim Name is the exact name of the sim who is stuck.

Why does my sim keep getting the disgusted moodlet?
This actually baffled me for quite a while.  Normally it’s because there’s something about the room they’re in that’s just nasty.  It could be water on the floor, food left out, dirty dishes, rubbish around, a full bin.  However, if it’s none of those, then check your Sim’s inventory, it could be that they have some food in there which has spoiled.  Or, if they’re in the Police and they’ve been dumpster diving, then they’ve got some of that crap in there too.

And now for something completely different…
I was playing and minding my own business one day while in Central Park, and then the following happened…


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    1. Cheats are done by bringing up the cheat box and entering different codes. Most of them are one use where you enter it and it either turns something on, turns it off or just does an action (such as money cheats). Mods you have to download and install, but be warned, a lot of mods will conflict with one another so you have to choose the ones that can be installed in harmony.

  1. This is another weird thing. I have a Sim that is Mean and evil, and he got a strange wish. It looks like a knife or eyedrop, with a 3. What does it mean? I hovered over it, but it doesn’t do anything.

      1. It means he wants 3 enemies. So you can do this with lots of ways. Using potions is fastest if its available at the Alchemy store or you can make it. Otherwise just do mean interactions till it says enemies

  2. Hello, I don’t know if this is the right place to ask but I’ve tried everything, so. My child sim suddenly turned invisible. I think he’s stuck. He’s still in the portrait panel, but whenever I click on the picture to take me to him he doesn’t show up. He can’t interact with objects and whenever Sims try to do an action with him it just cancels. The only thing he can do is do his homework. I’ve tried resetSim but it doesn’t work. Do you know of anything I can do, or is my only hope just exiting without saving and returning back to before he was stuck? Thanks in advance (:

    1. This most commonly is being caused by an outdated mod that is conflicting with your sim’s status. I’m going to presume that you have mods installed because I don’t know why else this would happen. Have you tried removing all the mods from your mod folder and restarting the game?

      Good luck!

    1. There are two parts to getting the buydebug menu when buying stuff in your Sims 3 game. First of all, click on ctrl+shift+c at the same time and a blue bar across the top of the screen should come up, then type in testingcheatsenabled true. The blue bar should now disappear, so bring it back up again by pressing ctrl+shift+c then type in buydebug. After the blue bar disappears go into the buy menu and there should be a white question mark on the top of the menu, click that, and voila! You are now in the buydebug menu.

  3. The right arm of my sim sometimes becomes bent at odd angles. My sim yells at (kind of like when something or someone is in the way of where ever they’re trying to go). Do you know if this is a glitch? Or is it just something that happens every now and then? Btw this fisrt started happened last night…I’ve had the game for months.

  4. My sim is an elder, she is pregnant and for some odd reason I keep pressing take to hospital but it won’t take my sim to the hospital, she doesn’t move, her body is invisible basically, I’m dumb for moving her husband out of the house but I didn’t divorce them and I want him to develop a new relationship but he can’t cause he’s married. Is there a cheat for me to force divorce or something ? I can’t control the lady sim because I moved out of the house they were originally in …. Help !!!

    1. Have you tried the Reset Sim cheat? I suspect your problem lies in the fact that she is an elder and she’s pregnant. Without some modding going on to the core files of the game, that’s not allowed in the game code, therefore won’t work and will just mess things up.

      1. how do I reset her ? She’s no longer in my household, I got sick of seeing her invisible body walking around and not being able to do anything with her … I’m thinking of just killing the husband off or starting from scratch

        1. I’ve only ever done it with sims in my household, but if I remember correctly you type ResetSim and then their full name into the cheat box. It may not work if they aren’t in the household, unless you can get them back. You might want to google the syntax of that cheat though.

  5. I’ve had this problem:My imaginary friends are disappearing! so,my child,Gavin,had a imaginary friend,but when he went to school it wasn’t there…It wasn’t in the house or in his inventory, I even tried to move house but it isn’t there,help anyone?

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