The Sims 3: Pregnancy, Babies and Children

I found that my Sims 3 FAQ page was getting a little long and the word count a bit heavy, so I have decided to split it up into separate pages on particular subjects.  This page is about pregnancy, babies and children.  I have tried to put the questions in a form of chronological order.  PLEASE NOTE I CANNOT HELP YOU WITH THE SIMS 3 ON IPHONE, ANDROID OR ANY CONSOLES, THIS IS PC ONLY.


I’ve updated the links on this page for the Mods.  It appears that some of them had gone or moved, so I’ve either found them again or the next nearest thing and linked to them.

This lesbian looks disgusted at her teenage daughter giving birth

What are the names of the pregnancy books in The Sims 3?
There seem to be two pregnancy books in The Sims 3.  One is called “Baby Incoming: Preparing with Vigilance”, and the other is “Totally Preggers”.

Can sims in sims 3 get pregnant by people they’re not married to?
Of course they can, as they could in The Sims 2.  However, it does take a little while to get the romantic options up.  Sometimes you just need to have them flirt constantly until the “Confess Attraction” option appears.

In The Sims 3 can you have a child with another woman?
I sort of feel as though I may have answered this in my first question about having children with someone you are not married to, but this is a more common variant of it.  Yes, you can have a child with another woman.  It’s something that I make my male sims do pretty regularly.  Sometimes it is part of  a story, sometimes it is just because one of my sims takes a liking to another woman.  A big part of my Temper Family story was borne out of the fact that one of my male sims was resurrected, and when he came back his Wife didn’t really like him anymore so I had to get him laid somehow.  He had about three kids with another woman, then once his original wife died he moved the other woman in.  If your sim is married (or not) and you want them to have kiddies with someone in another household then you just have to meet that person, get your relationship high enough and then try for a baby a few times.  I can confirm that the woman getting pregnant does not need to be on her home lot in order to do so.  When that baby is finally born a message pops up in the top right of the screen where all of those alerts appear, and it tells you that someone has given birth to a child, what gender the kid is and what their name is.

How many times do you have to try for a baby before they become pregnant on The Sims 3?
That seems to be pretty random.  On many occassions it has been the first attempt, on others it can take days of many attempts.  I don’t know if there’s a specific formula behind this or not.  Maybe their mood has some bearing on it?

How many days in The Sims 3 does pregnancy last?/How many stages are there to pregnancy in The Sims 3?
I think it’s around 2 – 3 days.  Unlike in The Sims 2 where their stomach would get bigger at set times over the three days, it now happens gradually.  Your sim can wake up and be the size of a continent when, just the night before they were average.  I find the pregnancies pretty quick.  You can probably tell from this answer that there are no real ‘stages’, it is just continuous.

In The Sims 3, can a pregnant sim marry someone?
Hell yeah!  And that should be the happy start to many a trailer trash neighbourhood.  I could have sworn I did it but have no pictures  🙁

I have two gay sims, I don’t want them to adopt, how can I make them try for a baby?
I don’t know if it works, but you might like to have a go with this.
I would love to try out this mod, but I’m about to move on to The Sims 4 and may not come back to The Sims 3.

Can elders get pregnant on The Sims 3?
No, they cannot.  Once they get into that magic elder stage, they cannot become pregnant anymore.  However, they can become pregnant in the final days of their Adult stage, and their age transition will be delayed until after the baby is born.  Maybe someone will make a mod that allows elder pregnancy, but quite frankly…that’s a bit weird.

Can teenagers get pregnant in the sims 3?
In the base game, no.  You need the NRAAS WooHooer.  And you’ll need to make sure you read the instructions on how to use it because I can’t provide you with that support.  I haven’t used it, but it appears to be the best one for this.

Where can sims give birth in The Sims 3?
They have two choices (much like real life I suppose).  They can either have their kid at home, or go to the hospital.  Once they go into labour, if you click on the sim it will come up with the option to “Go to Hospital”, at which point they will hop in a car or taxi, go to the hospital and give birth.  If the father doesn’t live in the household, they will often turn up at the hospital.  If you want them to give birth at home just leave them alone, they will eventually have the kid.  It takes a while, but it does eventually happen.  If your sim is out of home at the time (say shopping or cinema) then they will stand around in labour until you instruct them to go to the hospital.  If you don’t instruct them they will eventually run (yes, run) there themselves.

A ‘natural’ birth

Can you have more than one child on The Sims 3
Yes, you can keep spawning children until the lot you’re playing on is full – that’s eight sims in total.  And, it doesn’t have to stop there, a sim can father as many children as you like.  Age is no barrier for male sims.  If they wish to go out into the big wide world and spawn children with loads of other sims, then so be it, even if they are 100.

On The Sims 3 can you leave children home alone?
Now, this one has been a bit hit and miss for me.  I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it is to do with the age of the children.  If it is a bug then I can’t help with that one as I am unable to install any of the patches (thanks for that EA…thanks for fucking it up for people who don’t have a C: drive).  In The Sims 2 you didn’t used to be able to leave any kiddlywinks home alone if they were a child, toddler or baby.  In The Sims 3 I have only tried it with babies and toddlers, but on some occassions I have been able to leave them home alone on others I have not.  More often I have had to call a babysitter, which it prompts you to do before you leave the lot.  You don’t have to wait for the babysitter to arrive, however.  As soon as you have called them you can leave.  I will try the theory with children in the near future.  I can say that teenagers can be left alone.

On The Sims 3, what do you do once all the children are grown up?
Have fun I guess!  The adults can now do whatever they like.  Stay out late, spend lots of money, work, or perhaps give up work because they don’t need the money anymore.  Yeah, they can do anything that they like.

On The Sims 3, I have a child whose parents died, what happens to that child?
I haven’t had this happen (yet), however I have left children (babies/toddlers) home alone.  Unlike The Sims 2, no warnings have come up that the kid is alone and that the only adult about to leave cannot do so.  I assume, if the parents are dead, your kid will starve, or be picked up by social services.

In The Sims 3 will an elder die if she has young children?
Yes, I believe they will die regardless of whether they have children and at what age stage they are.  That’s something that I really must try.

How do I have multiple births?
There are a few ways to increase your chances for this kind of thing.  There is a Multiple Birth Adjuster Mod, which I haven’t tried.  You can also use the lifetime reward points to buy the Fertility Treatment thing which increases the chances.  And a pregnant woman who watches children’s TV while listening to kids music on the radio hugely increases the chances of having a multiple birth.  In the past when I’ve needed triplets for a story I have bought the Fertility Treatment thing and then got her pregnant and had her sit on her arse most of the day watching TV while the radio was on.  A couple of days later out pop triplets.

What happens if I have 8 people on a lot and I try for a baby?
It probably won’t happen.  There’s just nowhere to put an extra one, so unless you get some kind of mod for an increase in the lot size, I don’t think your sim would get pregnant.

How many children can my sim father?
Seemingly an infinite amount.  If he starts early, and keeps going until he dies, that’ll be a lot of kids.  Obviously, they can’t all be on the same lot, but geez, there are a lot of households out there.  You could have an entire town populated by one sole male!

How long after giving birth do they have to wait until trying for a baby again?
They don’t.  I’ve deliberately done this in the past.  Sim is pregnant, sim gives birth at hospital, sim comes home, feeds and cuddles baby.  Sim jumps back into bed with partner/husband/lover and tries for baby.  A mere few hours after giving birth, I’m hearing that pregnancy jingle again.  Give it a go!

How can I choose the sex of my baby?
If this kid is by ‘natural’ means, you can’t really.  It is determined by the game.  However, if you eat three watermelons during pregnancy then your kid has a much higher chance of being a girl.  If you eat three apples during pregnancy it is far more likely to be a boy 🙂

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  1. hi, i killed off both parent sims, and my teenager now lives on her own. yet i can’t get her to move somewhere eles, do i have to wait untill she is an adult?

  2. Hello,

    I don’t think that sims can use the “Move” option on the computer until they’re at least Young Adults. However, you may be able to move her out using the options on the main menu. I think it comes under “Edit Town”, where you then select that house (with the teenager in) and choose what to do with that family. I’ve never tried it with a teenager, but I assume it works.

    Happy simming 🙂

  3. I have a female adult sim and a male elder sim. My first baby was born when the female was a young adult and the male was an adult. My second baby was born when the female was a young adult and the male was an elder. Now I want another baby (my female’s lifetime wish is to raise 5 babies into teens). Now my female sim is an adult and the male is an elder. I’ve tried like 7 times to have a baby but the “baby music” doesn’t sound! I do get the “love music” to go off though while they are trying for a baby. I even got the fertility thing for my female sim! (it wasn’t available for the male…) I was wondering, does a male sim ever lose his fertility??? The male sim is 80 days old on a regular lifespan. I thought, as long as the female was an adult or young adult, it didn’t matter how old the man was. Do you know?

    Thanks, Kristen

    1. Well you cant have a baby when the male/female is an elder but there is a potion in the life time rewards and it makes your sim one stage younger so you can use that then he/she will be a stage younger than if you dent have the ammont you need yo buy it then you can use this cheat so first go to main menu then type at the same time type ctrl+shift*C then a bar will pop up at the top of your screen then you type in testingcheatsenabled true then press enter then click the check to play and than once thats done once your able to play make sure that its playing likke its not paused than go to lifetime happines area then press ctrl and click at the same time were it shows the number of ponits open then BAM you should be getting ponits fasterish and then yea hope this is usefull


  4. Male Sim fertility, as far as I’m aware, doesn’t change throughout their lives. I’ve managed to get sims pregnant by a male and then the male dies through old age shortly afterwards. This would be an example. However, some other elder male sims that are close to death haven’t been able to get a female sim pregnant. I have noticed that some female sims who are close to aging up to elder aren’t able to become pregnant.

    I’ve also found that sometimes (even with all of the available patches for the base game) the pregnancy jingle doesn’t sound after trying for a baby. I’ve had couples try for a baby 10 times in a day, the sound didn’t play, it still gave the option to “Try for baby”, but less than 24 hours later she was vomiting and shortly thereafter visibily up the duff. It all seems a little hit and miss, but the lack of pregnancy jingle has been more common with elder males – it may just be a general bug or an issue with my setup (I have mods).

    I hope you work it out. Happy simming! 😀

  5. Hi!
    I am getting EXTREMELY bored with my elder sims. they have had one son and one daughter. the son is now an adult and got a wife, I would like to pay attention to his life now, but they need the inheritance money to buy a good house. and i cant just kill off the elders, because the daughters still a child…
    i want to know if the girl will be taken to social services (which i really dont want) or whether she’ll be put in custody of the adult brother.

    thanks rachel

    1. Theres a potion you can get to make your elders an adult again in lifetime hapiness points with those and also if your okay with her being a teen i believe she wont be token away if shes a teen you can buy a cake in buy mod and then have her blow out the candles then she will be a teen and you can do it again and again so yea hope this was helpful!


  6. The girl would be put in custody of the big bro, its safe

    If a pregnant sim dies will her reincarnated ghost be pregnant? Or does she lose the baby.. I want to make a young adult white ghost and make her have a baby, also a white ghost.

    1. You can kill your preson then make her pregnant by another ghost and i dont think you’ll have a baby ghost if its with a human!! hope this was helpful!!


  7. Damn good question there Jen. I’m not sure about pregnant sims dying. I think I’ve read that pregnant sims can’t be killed. You couldn’t starve them, because that would take too long and they’d give birth before they died.

    Unfortunately I’ve never tried much in way of death in my game, so I don’t think I can help. However, ghost babies can be had by trying for a baby with a ghost. It’s not foolproof, but it sure does happen even if only one of the sims is a ghost.

    1. I had a pregnant female sim drown one time. Which was unfortunate..but I was able to get her back into my household after I got the “Oh My Ghost!” opportunity. I can’t remember if she came back pregnant or not though.

  8. well i have the sims 3 world adventures and i used a cheat and add her to my family and made her and her boyfriend try for a baby[i tried it in france first and i have a kid in france now]but i made them do it again and it was sucfully and then i wanted them to get married but i keep trying and the option wont show up? and while i was trying to get the option she became pregnant.

    1. If you made her try for baby then you were tryin to get then married she must have just found out that she was pregnant!<3 hope this was helpful!!


  9. Well, i tried to download your MOD to make my teens pregnant but everytime i click on the link it says “i can’t view it as… blah blah blah” is there any other way of making my teens pregnant?
    Leah xx

    1. 1) start with two young adults
      2) press ctrl+shift+c
      3) type in testingcheatsenabled true
      4) try for baby
      5) intantly pause, shift and click male sim
      6) click edit sim and change age to teen
      7) repeat with female sim
      8) there you go
      P.s. When pregnant, teen body will be invisable (with no skin mod). Just feet and head intil baby is born

  10. Hi well I made my sim pregnant by making them try for a baby and then at the end of the day she gave birth but it wasn’t a baby it was a child, is there some way it gives birth to babies or is there a mess up with the game?

  11. Hi again I forgot to say that all it does is makes my sim zoom of to the hospital then when I come home there is a child in the house

    1. If you were playing the sims on a console such as the Wii or Xbox then that’s how the pregnancy works. I’ve had babies that way when I had the sims 3 for the wii

  12. Im not sure if i believe i can let my children home alone… im broke and i dun wanna get the social worker in my home D: HELP i cant pay the babysitter and i dun have enough beds for every family member. i may end up on the streets (if it s possible

    1. This will save you press at the same time ctrl+shift+c and then keep doing that until a bar blue bar comes up at the top of your screen and then type in Motherlode your set and no more probloms with moneyzz hope this was helpful!!


      1. hold CTRL-SHIFT-C at neighborhood select screen then select the Neighborhood where the family need the money, click on there household and load it. After that hold CTRL-SHIFT-C again and type without quotes “familyfunds 99999999” and press enter. Example “familyfunds doe 99999999” and you get max cash that if the last name of your family is doe

  13. Ive tried to have a baby 3 times but i just cant have a baby. how do you get a baby ive tried please reply please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. Becky, if your still struggling, then perhaps try again on a different day. It may be due to mood? Sometimes the sims don’t appear to be pregnant but actually they are.

    I have a question myself. I have two sims. One young adult and one normal adult but not married. There love bar was pretty much to the top but when i tried to make them have a baby, the male refused.:/ any ideas?

  15. Hey, Im a sims 3 playa and the weirdest thing happens to my sims after they woohoo. I cant seem to get them off the bed. I cancel the interaction. nothing moveobjects on nothing ….

  16. Okay, I will see what I can do in order here. Sorry it’s take so damn long.

    Lisa – It’s probably a bit late for my answer now, however are you using any mods in your game that could make your baby appear as a child rather than a baby?

    Wood – You generally can’t leave children alone, in fact the action tends to get cancelled, if I recall. If they’re old enough to go to school, then send your parent to work, it should be fine. I used to get a message up when the kid came home from school and the parent was a work, but never had one taken away.

    Becky – I have had sims try for a baby 10 times in the past, often on the same day, sometimes across a few, and they haven’t ended up pregnant. Mood can be a big factor, and relationship even more so. It’s it’s borderline on the relationship – where they can try for a baby, but perhaps a little too low – it will probably take more attempts.

    Lauren – Same thing happened to me about one partner refusing to try for a baby. Got this pair which game with Night Life/Late Night, whatever the hell it’s called, great friends forever and now romantically linked, full relationship bar. However, he just pitches a massive fit at the idea of trying for a baby. Unfortunately I have no answer, however I do find that the whole Love Juice thing in the latest expansion can get them a little more loved up and make things run smoother.

    As for your sim getting knocked up just by Woohooing – not sure, but I think there might be a risk to that anyway, albeit tiny. More so if you’re using any kind of pregnancy mod.

    Sherry – I remember that in previous versions of The Sims. I normally had to delete the bed and then buy a new one. However, I will ask, are you using any mods or hacks that relate to woohooing/bed interactions?

  17. HI ….i have got sims3 and my sim was married then she became pregnant with a guy that hated kids so she gived birth to a boy(olly)and got divorced then she got married again and had a son (Austin)and now shes pregnant agin and i have gived her watermelon but doesnt work her husband has a son from previes marridge .he is also the doctor the one that tell u if your having a girl or a boy and everytime she ws pergnant he said boy and he did this time in all so if she does give birth to a boy then it would be he 3son she and her husband really wants a daughter .what should i do if the watermelons dont work…help me please …reply in all please!!!!

    1. How many did your sim eat? it only works if its three watermelons so yea hope this was helpful!!:D


  18. Sara, from what I’ve read, if you eat 3 watermelons you have a 99% chance of having a girl. That’s straight up watermelons and not those in processed foods (you know, like watermelon pancakes).

    I’ve had a look to see if there’s a mod which can affect the gender of an unborn sim, but haven’t come across anything. I read about using SimPE with The Sims 2, but I have no idea if there’s even a SimsPE version for The Sims 3. So if the watermelons don’t work this time, I guess, keep trying.

    1. The 3 watermelon for a girl or three apples for a boy trick doesn’t always work, it just greatly increases the chances. I have 6 kids in my sim house hold. All tryed with the 3 watermelons to have all girls. I have 4 girls and two Boys.

  19. @Lisa

    Do you have Sims 3 on Wii? If so, that’s probably why your pregnancy skips right to the child stage. Wii does nto include the baby stage. /:

  20. I want to make a list with the thing I want about the new things for the sims 4:

    – To Breastfeeding the baby
    – Having ultrasound in pregnancy
    – to haveto plant flowers
    twins and triplets
    that children can do their homework
    – whether they are boys or girls before they are born
    – to sing and dance with different rhythms
    – to plant flowers
    – have iron, washing machine, dryer and clothesline
    – that children can play games
    – have fixed ladders and mechanical
    – malls have
    – to make barbecue
    – that children can do their homework
    – parents can have more professions
    – to see children in school and parents in their job
    – children can go home to your friends and play together
    – have beaches
    – have elevators

  21. hi can you help me again i use to use cheatsenabled true so that the bars where full …but know i cant use it why?and is there a diffrent way of putting your bars full ???

  22. Lauren, does the male dislike children? I have had this happen before when i was playing as morganna and thornton wolff but if you get enough lifetime point things you can change their traits

  23. HELP , i dont know what happened . my daughter in the game died , she was a young adult.. and her name was emma , she has a bf and she left our house. i look at my family tree and her picture is black white & grey !! 🙁 I loved her what happeenddd help ! 🙂 <3

    1. Did you get any warnings when she died? Did the grim reaper appear? If she had moved out of the house, then I figure she just died – sometimes they do. I think, if there’s a version of SimPE for The Sims 3, then you can resurrect them. I’ve never tried it. There might even be the option with the Tombstone of Life and Death 🙂

  24. i have a problem im playing as Morgana and Thornton Wolff she becamed pregnanat and gived birth to a boy but then they splitted up and she married a different guy and she had another son and now she is pregnant again and i dont want it to be a boy . also her husnand told her that it will be a boy because hes a doctor …a tried the watermelons which dont work . WHAT SHOULD I DO????
    i have no idea how to make her have a boy …

    1. If he tells her it’s a boy before she eats the watermelon, then it is final. You have to eat the watermelons first.

  25. Hi i would like to know how can u make your sim to have twins a boy and a girl . i know how to make them have twin cause i have tried it loads of time but i would like to know if its possible if u can have a boy and a girl if so can u please let me know its eally important thanx

    1. Cant help you with the boy and girl one but you could try to eat three watermelons and three apples and go to lifetime happines rewards or whatever its called and find the fertily treameant then you have twins!!

  26. sara i have HEARD that you do everything to have twins, then when your sim is pregnant (showing) ask a doctor it has to be a friend then socialize until it says ask gender of baby then eat the opposite fruit (watermelons=girl apples=boy)
    EX the doctor says i am having a boys eat like 10 watermelons 🙂 i havent tried it but i hope it helps

  27. Walker,I tried that ….its n ot that im doing everything to have twins i knoew how to kave twins and stuff nut the thing im trying to sort out is that my sim has 2 sons already and she pregnant again but i dont want her to have a boy again i want her to have a boy . and what ever i do even if i make my sim eat like 20 watermelons it will still be a boy 🙁

  28. Hi …what could i do to make my sim younger ? for example my sim is an adult and i want it to be younge adult what do i do ? are there any codes or ways to make them younger ?

  29. could you please help me? my sim is a young adult and everytime i put her in bed she stands up whiles being in bed and then goes to bed and it starts again . also she just gived birth to a baby and everytime she just stands she has her arms as if she was holding it but she’s not what should i do??

    1. So, if I remember correctly, you can plead for the life of someone that is dying on a lot, but not if they’re an elder. If you do the pleading and win, I think that they simply don’t die.

      I have found that if you have someone in the family die, and as long as the relationship with them was good, after they’re dead a few days later you’ll probably get a call from the Science Lab with an opportunity called “Oh my Ghost!”, which will resurrect them as a ghost. 🙂



    And, just so you know, typing all in capitals doesn’t get an answer any quicker 🙂

  32. So, i just got sims 3 and i have two questions.
    1. If i am pregnant by lets say Joe then i get pregnant by steve my husband.. while im still pregnant with joes baby.. will i have two babies from two different dads or will steves baby override joes baby?
    2. i tried to download that teen pregnancy mod but it said it was taken down.. do you know where i could download another mod. so i could get my teens pregnant.

  33. Anna:
    1. You can only be pregnant by one person at a time. So, if your sim is up the duff to Joe, she will only be up the duff to Joe and cannot get pregnant while she is already pregnant. You’ll know whose kid it is by the jingles.

    2. And, as for the mod, have a look at this one, it seems to include teen pregnancy: and there’s also this one, which from what I’ve read is tunable enough to make teen pregnancy/romance options occur:


  34. Hi … I have question.. My sims is female, married, and she is cheating with another sims.. What happened if she get pregnant with his boyfriend? Will his husband know?

    1. Vio,
      Hmm, if she gets pregnant by her boyfriend then she will, obviously, have a kid. It will show up as being the boyfriend’s in the family tree, and the husband will ‘know’ it’s not his, but it doesn’t really make much difference in the grand scheme of things as complete strangers will look after babies.


  35. Hai.. Thank you for the answer.. Apparently I messed up ‘her’ with ‘his’, haha, sorry it was confusing.. I’m going to make my sims do it anyway, and if there will be something out ordinary happen I’ll let you know

  36. Hello.. I couldn’t get her pregnant till now (sigh).. Anyway, I found something interesting.. When she flirted with her boyfriend, while the father of her boyfriend was around, the father kept getting minus socialization with her (“–” above his head), and I ignored it until at last they became enemy (because she flirted a lot).. I was surprised! Apparantly the father is best friends with my sims’ husband.. He might not agree for my sims action (cheating on his best friend).. It’s fun to know things like this in the game..

    1. Vio, yeah I like things like that too. They’re quite clever really. But then I totally facepalm when a complete stranger walks into a household and picks up a baby and plays with it. That’s just so dumb! Swings and roundabouts I guess! 🙂

  37. Hi 🙂
    Well i have this problem for a while ….Do yo uknow when you buy something to make both sims be able to have twins or triplets anyways when the female gives birth its twins and when she want a 3 rd baby she cant because she is going to have triplets if she had twins already im just thinking i you can do something to just have one baby after twins??

    1. Sara, if the thing you’re talking about is the thing you buy with the lifetime reward points, then I think it only increases the chances of multiple births, but doesn’t make them absolute, so it’s not guaranteed you’ll have a multiple anyway. If it’s not that thing, then I don’t know what item it is you’re referring to, unless it’s a download?

      I haven’t played the game in months. Really should start again!

  38. Yeah ,that what im on about ,well thank anyways ,i just thought that you could like have just one baby after buying that but you cant really cause i have tried it lots of times 🙂

  39. Hello.. I promished to tell you what will happen when my female sims get pregnant with another sims.. Well, in the pregnancy days, nothing different happened, only when ‘baby is coming’ and she ran to hospital, the real father (her boyfriend) showed up with her.. No, the husband didn’t show up.. First day was okay, the baby became new happy addition to the family (not taken by someone else).. But the day after, the husband got this ‘accused of cheating’ to her wife which cannot be canceled by the player.. Their relationship drop, but I can handle that 🙂

  40. Wow, you actually got the cheating thing. I’ve never had that happen when sims have had affairs and produced a kid. I gotta have another go at that then!

  41. 1. How to turn of aqing in ,,The Sims 3”?
    2.There is a way to cheange ages just one cheat ,,set age”and you pick te age.

  42. hi:) i dont know if you can remember when i wrote about Morgana Wolff and her husband they had a son together olly ,but then they splited up and she married a dr . She had another son Austin with him ,and then she got pregnant agin i dont know how but she did i put them in bed but i didnt chose make a baby but anyways she got pregnant and i thought it was going to be a boy again so i ask a doctor , and he said its going to be a boy so i gaved her 4 watermelons and i asked him again so he said its going to be a boy i was angry because i really wanted a girl to i gave her 3 watermelons the next day she gived birth to twins , and it said it was a boy ,and i was like not again :)so i gived him a name Max and then a nother thing popted out saying its a baby girl :)so i gave her a name mary and it turned out they where twins but oppisit sex :)i was glad ,but i can remember asking you if you can ave somthing like that , i cant remember what you said ,i think you said yes ,but i doesnt matter ,i just wanted to tell you so you know that you can 🙂

  43. Gday i’ve just recently tried out to sign up for your personal rss or atom feed yet somehow kept getting access difficulties, not totally sure if perhaps the issue could be my end or alternatively your website?

  44. how can i make my sim younger e.g my sim is a adult and i want her to be a younge adult is there a code or something to make them younger?;>

    1. Sara, sorry for the delay in replying. It’s not as simple as it used to be in The Sims 2 where you had the Elixir of Life. I think, if I recall, you can eat the Life Fruit now, which makes them about a day or so younger. Then there’s also cooking up Ambrosia which does something to their age, but it’s been so damn long I can’t remember what.

    2. If you have (its either ambitions or generations) you can do ‘testingcheatsenabled true’ on the cheat bar, then you press shift and click on the sim. Go on ‘edit sim in create a sim’. and choose the young adult life stage. When you play that sim will ‘have birthday’ but will turn into a young adult.

    3. use testingcheatsenbled true then hold shift the same time you click on your sim then click edit sim and you can change there age and everything, its create a sim mode.

    4. ok so if you do the cheats way all you have to do is….
      type in….
      ctrl+shift+c (all at once)
      testingcheatsenabled true
      just like that ^
      ctrl+shift+c (again)
      now type in
      ^ just like i typed
      now it will say something along the lines of code not recognized but…
      just press your escape button on the top left corner of your keybored and HOLD down “shift” and click on your sim while still holding “shift” a bunch of options will pop up and you can now click edit in cas and there you go to the part where you type in the sims name and all that and just adjust the age 🙂
      if you hold down “shift” and click on your mailbox you can set your job instantly, make you know all the peopl ein town, make them all friends, make people visit you, and much more just as long as you typed in
      testingcheatsenabled true

    5. yes there is. just type in testingcheatsenabled true. Then shift on a sim. then click spawn. and find sim modder. there will be a baby doll click on it. Then click set sge me and pick there age!

    6. Open the cheat box (Ctrl+Shift+C) and type in ‘boolprop testingcheatsenabled true’
      Then, Shift click on the sim you want young again. There should be an option that stops aging and another option that I believe is titled “Set my age” where you can set it. Hope I helped. 😀

  45. Hey(: My sim wont have her baby!!! SHe is like FAT! HUGE! A MOSTER! Likes its been a month now i try whooing and NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING WORKS is the baby like dead in her or somthing?!

    1. Morgan, have you got aging set to take a really long time? If so, I believe that can have an impact on how long a pregnancy lasts. If not, do you have any social/pregnancy mods installed?

    1. Shannon, that generally happens when their relationship isn’t high enough. Either that or the motives of the sim who is refusing are always too low for them to go through with it. Could be general mood, could be food, bladder, surroundings etc…

  46. do you know if my sim cheated on her husband and get pregnant and gives birth then will her husband know that its not his chiled and that she cheated on him ?

    1. That happened to me once a while ago so it might not be correct but when i had a child with another man in the sims 3 the husband knew and got mad at my sim so yea he will know

    1. Maileen, as far as I’m aware, nope. I don’t think that you can modify anything like that on xbox versions of games, and even on the PC you can’t do it without modifications because the game is written so that it can’t normally happen. Sorry 🙂


  48. Okay i just gotta know something i have a single mom name donna and her twins daughters isabella and alisa they are teens on the sims 3 for the 360 console okay one of the twins alisa is in love with a boy that she really like and i wanna know how can i get her pregnant i heard you can get teens sims pregnant i really need to know how for 360 console little help plz thanx luv lilipie

    1. Lilipie, as far as I’m aware teens can’t become pregnant on any port of The Sims 3. You need a game modification for the PC version to make it happen, and because you can’t modify the xbox version it ain’t gonna happen. You can get her pregnant once she’s a young adult though 🙂

  49. I want to kill a baby/child for a story i’m doing, but i don’t want social services to come and take their other kids away. Can i do that in sims3 pc? if so, HOW?
    — thanks, marie

    1. Marie, the Tombstone of Life and Death may be able to help you out here. I don’t know how to spawn it off the top of my head, but if you google for it you’ll find instructions and probably lists of what it can do.

  50. I was reading your page and got really interested in the teen pregnancy mod, but when i clicked the link they web page said that there was no such mod to be downloaded. I was wondering if u knew of another place to download the mod. So i can try it. And is there any mod to make it so u can have more than eight sims in a household. Cause i do the testingcheatsenbled true then move my wife out then make her get pregnant then have her move back into the house with the new baby(ies). gets kinda of annoying.

    1. Star_mom, sorry, some of my links are out of date. My computer is completely b0rked at the moment and hasn’t been turned on in a good 2 or 3 months. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms!

      I have heard that the following mod allows for teen pregnancy, so may be worth a try:

      About the more than 8 sims on a lot, I have a feeling that AwesomeMod might do that, but again I can’t remember as it’s been so long since I played. To have more than 8 sims on a lot you need a core mod, which AwesomeMod is, but some people don’t like the other things that come with it.

  51. How can i take my baby home if mother lives in a separate household???
    My male sim is married with one child but got another sim who lives in a different household pregnant. I go over to her house to get the baby but every time i try to leave with the baby my sim puts the baby down on the ground before it leaves. How can i stop this/ take the baby home???

  52. I’m unable to find this answer (may not be looking well enough) I got my g/f pregnant and then moved and kicked a couple family members out. I have more room now so the propose marriage comes up, I married her and thought my 3 children I had with her before this would just appear, but that didn’t happen… where are my 3 babies??
    In the relationship tab it shows them with my last name, but they’re not here…
    Can I move them in some how?

    1. Ashley – Hmm, if you don’t choose to have them move from their original household when you do the marriage thing, then they’ll stay in their original household. Bit of an awkward one to get them back now, I think it requires playing their original household, putting them into the family bin and then merging them with the family that you want them to be part of. 🙂

  53. Hey Clarice! I’m writing you to ask a question about sim3 for xbox 360. My question is “Can you do everything on sims3 for xbox360 that you can do on the pc?”. If not, what can’t you do on the xbox 360..that you could on the pc?

    1. Trell216 – Unfortunately I can’t answer that question. I don’t have The Sims 3 for xbox. I’ve considered getting it while my computer is out of action, but it’s not something that I’ve done yet. Sorry.

  54. I started my sims family and now my son is an adult and got married. But I can’t get his wife to move into the house with us. I got my daughters boyfriend to move in but I can’t seem to get the wife to move in and she is pregnant. What’s going to happen to the child if she can’t move in and my son can’t move into her house..? Please help!

    1. Brionni – Most of the time you just have to wait. You can influence it by eating certain things though, just like you can influence the number of babies by performing certain actions. Sometimes if you’ve got a sim that’s in the medical career they’ll be able to tell other people the sex of their baby but I can’t remember if that’s just a random occurance. 🙂

  55. in sims 3 the husband wont get out of bed and he missed his child getting born.and he is about to die from starvastion how do i get him out of the bed without moving?

    1. Hope – You can reset a sim by typing something like “resetsim name of sim here”, but you’ll want to look up the actual code for that. That should reset all of their needs/wants and put them elsewhere on the lot rather more refreshed. If it keeps happening to you I’d have a look to see if you’ve got any conflicting mods, or if the bed you’re using is downloading/special 🙂

    1. Amina – you make the the person you want to do the feeling the active sim, click on the pregnant sim and somewhere in the social options comes up “rub belly”, so long as their relationship is high enough 🙂

  56. I’m having the same problem as Clea. I have Sims 3 for ps3. I can’t find the merge household option anywere. Am I overlooking something?? Please help.

  57. hi i want my sims to ask one onother for a baby but dont know how to and there is so many romours about how to make a baby and i want one so much please help:)

  58. Clarice,

    I just started playing the pc version of Sims 3. I made a women and she married a man that was already in the game and I got a random pop up saying the guy fathered a baby girl but his previous status was single, I didnt break him up with anyone or anything. Then I go to his relationships tab and I can’t find the baby’s mother in there anywhere. It says her name is Claire but he has no relationships/friendships with anyone named Claire. He has a want to hold his baby so what do I do and why did he randomly father a child but not know the mother? Please help!!!!!!

    1. Desteni – Oooh, townie baby. Unfortunately, you may never find them. It’s happened to me because some townies exist, but at the same time don’t really exist in the same way as normal sims do. Sorry 🙁

  59. HOW DO I MAKE A BABY ?! I have the Sims 3 on a 3ds, when they’re in bed I try everything and i mean EVERYTHING. I try making them kiss, make out, and woohoo. But no matter how many times I try…”try for a baby” never comes up. WHAT DO I DO, I REALLY WANT A BABY ?!!?

  60. are there any cheats to get money on sims 3 computer?? if there is please tell me because right now i only have $146 and i need to buy a double bed for my girl and guy to be able to go to bed and they always pass out.=0

  61. my sim is a married young adult and had twins. when her twins turn into a child she try for a baby but every time they try theire is no jingle. I think sound effects are off and wait a few days for mood swings and stuff like that. but it doesent happen. the day she is sopposed to have a baby, she doesent. she is still a young adult and doesent get pregnant. i need help!

  62. Okay if ya want to have a baby this what ya do first get a man sim and lady sim make sure THEY LOVE EACH OTHER AND GOT MARRIED then when you got married buy a delux bed (a big one) the make them bothe RELAX the click on them there should be WOOHOO, TRY FOR BABY,READ the one you want to pick is not the READ ONE woohoo and try for baby then sooner or later itll tell you if your preggy and they”ll tel you if it a boy or girl mine was 2 girls well HOPE THIS WORKS


  63. Hi I have a family that has four kids and the two parents. But I had a challenge pop up and it said something bout have ten kids? I didnt think that was possible, because it won’t let me have any more kids right now. It keeps saying my house hold is already full. I was reading above and you said something about eight kids? I was thinking that people should be allowed to have as many kids as they want if they have room for them. Idk but I would love to know how I could hav eight kids….. Please tell me!

    1. She might not be pregnant because you normally to get a baby do “try for baby” and then you most likely will after a day or so or few hours it will that shes pregnant! hope i help! :D<3


  64. I have sims three the expansion pack and I try whoo hooing and try for baby and my sims are married but they don’t get in the same bed they to to sprats beds why is this I really need help I want a little sims baby

    1. yeah there is i did it before i went on town map then hit the moonlight bay hospital and it let me click have a baby..hope this helps!I am pregnant right now with twins…

    1. If your sure she did then right when you figure it out (It says it) then the baby bump will be small then will get bigger!

  65. Let’s say we have two sims: Sally and Bonquisha. Sally and Bonquisha are lesbians. Sally cheats on Bonquisha with a man sim, and gets pregnant. When Sally gives birth, will Bonquisha know she’s been cheated on simply because Sally had a baby? This is all assuming the cheating was not discovered during the act.

    1. Hmm, from what I can remember with The Sims 2, I don’t think it would cause a problem in the relationship if the cheating wasn’t discovered. I’m sure I remember doing it and they just went on as normal 🙂

      1. I actually just went ahead and tried it. I locked the cheated on Sim in a room with not windows. When the sims were Woohooing she was just hanging out, but once the cheating sim got pregnant, the angry red sword and rings came up. Oops.

  66. Hi my sim ( girl) has a sister an every time my girl kisses or hugs or bf she gets mad at him, why. She yells at him insulted him etc. She only does that after I kiss or hugs him

    1. I’ve had that happen before. The sister possibly has a “romantic relationship” with the boyfriend. You can check under the sister’s relationship panel to see if there’s a heart under the boyfriend’s picture. If there is, she’s romantically involved with him too!

      If she isn’t, there’s a possibility that the boyfriend is romantically involved with a friend of the sister’s (other than you). In that case, seeing him “cheat on his lover with your sim” makes her angry and yell at him.

  67. HELP ME!!! i have sims 3 and my boy have a child with another family the woman is with my boy married but the baby is on the another family how does the baby come back?!?!?

  68. Hi I have the sims 3 for nintendo ds (not 3ds) and I have been trying for ages to find “try for baby” option, or even “wohoo” option. Can you do these things on the ds? If so please tell me how because I cannot have sims for pc as my computer isnt powerful enough and I dont have xbox, ps3, etc. so I really would like a baby, please help? 🙂

    1. Bianca – Unfortunately, I can’t help with anything other than the PC version of The Sims 3, so unfortunately you may need to google for that answer. Sorry.

    1. Sim Lover – unfortunately I can’t help with anything except the PC version of the sims, so I think you may have to keep googling for that answer. Sorry.

  69. I just made out with trevor i am playing right now my little daughter jammie just died from drounding i visited her grave and got pregnant…

    1. Before did you try for baby or whoohoo?! that may have caused it then she figured it out there?! hope i help!

  70. Hey, my Sim tried for a baby at her old house and I heard the pregnancy jingle + she vomited. But then we moved and there is no sign of the pregnancy and everytime she tries for a baby it’s unsucessfull… did the move reset the pregnancy?

    1. Yoyoyopretzel – I’ve never heard of that happening. I’d perhaps suggest checking out any mods you may have installed to make sure it’s not causing a problem, and see if other sims can get pregnant, or you can replicate the issue 🙂

  71. When my sim gets home from the hospital from having twins, her action says she’s “going home” But she’s already home, and just keeps walking and walking and the graphics get really weird. How do I fix this?

    1. Heather – If you’ve got any strange social mods installed, I’d suggest removing them to see if that helps. If not, you can take a copy of your gamedata and reinstall the game, so that you don’t actually lose your families. Another option to try first would be the reset sim option, sometimes that fixes a lot of weird issues. 🙂

  72. hi i really would like to know how to make yourself younger in the sims 3 game for playstation 3 and xbox360! i have searched EVERYWHERE can anyone please tell me how i can do that? asap please

    1. Jayden – Unfortunately I can only help with The Sims 3 on the PC, so I think you’ll have to keep googling for you answer, though I would suspect it’s not possible 🙁

    1. Jazmin She can start having her babies/baby when shes a young adult or if you have a mod younger than that in the sims 4 tho you can get a child pregnant with cheats

  73. I made a new Sim break up the Langerak family in The Sims 3 and once they got married, I decided to invite the 2 kids. Unfortunately I can’t handle more than 3 Sims/a baby even with cheats, and when I moved the youngest one back, her mother suddenly didn’t know her. Has that happened to you? I thought when I left that family alone for awhile they’d talk but when I made the Langerak family active, they’re still just acquaintances. Sometimes I think the Sims is way smarter than it seems like the mom feels heartbroken.

  74. My sim has been pregnet for about 6 days now, and from reading above comments i dont think thats normal. Is there a way to make my sim give birth?

    1. Cassie – It shouldn’t be the case, but it may differ from 3 days if you’ve got the lifetime set to “epic”, though I can’t be sure. If it’s still a problem, perhaps using the reset sim option will help?

    1. Carrot – you can only do that through pregnancy either by having one of them get pregnant by a man, or get one of mods available which allows homosexual reproduction. The other option is to adopt, of course 🙂

    2. Carrot have the one that dreams of having a baby get pregnant by a man then yea or you could get a mod for it or maybe theres a cheat

  75. Hey, My teen sim got stuck she has went into labor and she can not click anything or go to the hospital and i do not have that mod, They deleted it so i used something else maybe if i get the Mod from someone my sim will be normal and i can play again, But since she won’t move There’s no fun in playing my sims 3 anymore can you help me?

      1. i kind of have the same problem but my teen sim has been in labor for about three days now and i can only move and all it shows of her is her head and feet can any one help

        1. That sounds like you’re using some kind of outfit for the sim but it doesn’t have the correct teen pregnancy mesh so they have no body/limbs. Try resetting your sim and see if it fixes it.

          1. I tried restinng my sim and it did not work i will try chaging my outfit next time i do not have the mad tho will it be fine

    1. i kind of have the same problem but my teen sim has been in labor for about three days now and i can only move and all it shows of her is her head and feet

  76. When You Say “I Need Triplets For A STORY” What Do You Mean By That? Like Do You Make Up Stories Or…? And Is Their A Way I Can Make My Girl Have A Girl, Not A Boy?

    1. I dont know about that first one sorry! But I DO know how to have a girl! Say you want three girls, i.e you eat three watermelons. One girl, i.e one watermelon. Boys? Three boys=three apples. Two boys? Two apples….Hope I helped!!!

      1. Eat three apples for a boy, three watermelons for a girl. The amount of fruits you eat will not impact how many children you will get.

    2. About the story- they probably record stories with the camcorder on sims. They could put them on youtube which a lot of people also do.

  77. I’ve left the baby in the house with a babysitter and sent the parents on a trip to another country; China, for three days. After the three days passed and the parents came back home, the baby was no longer there, gone! What happened? Is there some way of getting the baby back? Or is this just a glitch?

    1. Oooh, I’m not sure about that one. I don’t have that particular expansion pack so have no idea how it work. Is the baby still part of the family tree?

  78. My sims got another sim pregnant from a different household. Is it possible to keep the baby in my house when they’re born or get the mom to move into my house?

    1. Yeah, you should be able to merge households, or get them in a good enough relationship where he can ask her to move in eventually. You should then get the option for the baby to join too 🙂

      1. or you can use the cheat, ctrl alt shift, type testingcheatsenabled true, then shift click on the person you want to move in and click add to active family 😀 home this helped xx

  79. Hi! My sim is just a child and she will become a teenager in 5 days but her mom will become an elder in 4 days! Is there anything to get her mother young again? Because I don’t want the child to be left by her mother and die! Tnx 🙂

    1. You can change how long their lives last. I’ve got mine set to, I think it’s called “Epic”, where each live stage is very…VERY long! The mother will then stay an adult for longer, but will eventually die. You could turn aging off completely, but then neither of them will age at all.

    2. when my sim had a teen, a child and a toddler, she became an elder. it was very weird, though. I found out that If you go to the hospital, you can get plastic surgery. when you do, you can change the hair color, makeup and facial features. they still have wrinkles, but it isn’t noticeable. the surgery costs at least 3,000$. To get the money, type in motherlode in the cheat box and it will give you 50,000$

    3. There is an aging potion you can use in the game that turns a sims age back one. Example, an elder will be turned back to an adult, or an adult would be changed back to a young adult. You can get this potion by making one of your sims better in logic. Buy a laboratory table and keep making new potions until you can create the aging potion. Hope that helps.

      1. You can type in testing cheats enabled true . Then hit shift click on that sim and click on edit in create a sim the u can change her age. It helps!

      2. No, it is not back one, it’s back to young adult. No matter if your sim is an elder or an adult it always goes back to the first day of young adult stage, but this is with Generations. To get the Young Again potion you need to buy a chemistry set which is under the outdoor games (football) and costs 1,000 simoleans. The bad part though, is that there are 10 potions and 1 for each logic skill point you have. You do however, get your logic up and the Young Again potion is potion #10. There is another way to get it, though. If you have 70,000 LTW you can get it but it won’t work if you are pregnant. (:

  80. My woman has eight children (most of them have moved out) but when I tried for another it doesn’t work so d’you know if women can only have eight children?

    1. She can have far more (done it myself) and they also roll the desire to have 10 children at times. Sometimes you might find they’re too close to becoming an elder to have kids though.

  81. how do i get teen and YA on sims 3 to have a relationship? because i have tried downloading the mod but it wont download onto the compute. Is there any other ways.

    1. You do need some mod to make Teens have relationships with people older than them. As for the mod, follow the instructions on the website you found it on. Without knowing what mod it is, I can’t help.

    2. I found this bizarre thing! You can age Sims up without it being their time yet! All you have to do is throw a birthday party in your home and buy a cake. Then, when all the guests have arrived, click on the cake and find your Sim in the scroll down list of people that are in your house. The will have a Birthday, and then age up!
      SO maybe you can age up your teen to YA and then have the relationship.

        1. Um…I have this problem, the mother gave birth to this baby boy, and after he grew up to a young adult, she keeps having this glitch that she stands for 3 seconds, thinking that she still has a baby in her arms, and the funny part about it, if she’s sleeping, she would stand, as if she was awake, still thinking she’s holding a baby in her arms, why is this happening? And how can I fix it?

  82. I have 6 kids. For children and two toddlers. My dad is over 1004 days. He has not died. He has been an elder since the third or fourth child. I’m sure he should have died from old age by now. I think the toddlers maybe stopping him from dying.

    1. Doubt it, because I’ve had parents die when their kids were babies and toddlers. Have you got the life set to be really long so that each stage takes an epic amount of time? If so, then elders can get beyond 1000 days old.

      1. Once and elder’s life bar is full they can die at any given time. This can be the same day their life bar is full, it can be 20 days after. However, I doubt it’s the toddlers that keep him from dying. 🙂

  83. The Sims are amazing! Well the ones I’ve played in the past, however I’m considering getting the Sims 3 this weekend but I’m not quite sure on which one to get since there are so many. I heard the Sims 3: World Adventures Expansion Pack was really good. Are there any suggestions on which one I should get? ( i have a )
    *And once the kids have grown up, can you act your children?
    *What do you do once the parents have died?
    *Can you drive?
    *Does it show them at work?
    I want the most realistic Sims game there is.

    1. Hmm, not sure I can really help out there as I only have a couple of expansions, and in fact haven’t played the game in months. But whatever you choose, don’t forget to get the base game first! Always good to get the base game, play with that for a while to get used to it, and then get yourself some expansions 🙂

      1. i had this, does it have skin coloured beams coming out of it? if so there is nothing you can do, it will be like that till teen! you can delete it by ctrl alt shift and testingcheatsenabled true, shift click on the baby and click object delete and the baby will be gone xx

      2. has the baby got skin coloured beams coming out of it, if so you will not see it normal again till its a teen, press ctrl alt shift then type testingcheatsenabled true, then shift click on the baby, click object the delete and the baby will be gone, if it happens again do the sme thing and just adopt the next time xx

  84. hey my game is messed up because i can only have six people in the house hold at a time and i had a sim preggers and the next morning she was skinny and it was her due date she was sad and mping around she got 10 days off work and never had a baby is it a glitch ???? 🙂

    1. Sounds like it could be a glitch of some sort, or perhaps an error with a mod if you’ve got any installed. I’ve never had a problem with having eight people in a household.

  85. I have the Sims 3 Pets for the xbox 360, and my girl got eletrocuted while she was pregnant, and she gave birth later that night, but the next afternoon her stomach was still big. Why?

  86. hey its me again lol well this time i did try for baby i heard that little charm meaning theirs gonna be a baby anyway shes thrown up about 5 times and it still hasnt told me shes gonna be a mom yet what happend?

    1. Well was it 5 times in one day? If so, you should get a message. Also when it says she’s nauseous, mouse ove the moodlet and if it says unknown cause, shes prego 🙂

  87. Hey my sim just had twins and one of them are like white i think its becasue one of them died but how do i get them alive again i have tryed the karma power but it doesnt work so my question is how do i get my baby alive again??

  88. Does anyone know what happens if: you have 5 people in a household, and 2 of them are pregnant, and the first lady has triplets? There would be 8 people in the household. What would happen to the other woman’s baby?

    1. Very good question, I can’t answer that. If the triplets already existed when the other woman got pregnant, then the other woman wouldn’t get pregnant with anything more than a singleton as the game wouldn’t allow it.

  89. my sim has gone in to the hospital to have her baby, but its almost a week now she’s in there, how long does it take for her to have the baby and come out of the hospital

  90. So if my pregnant sim (who has the fertility treatment) eats one apple and one watermelon, will she have twins, being one boy and one girl?

  91. Ok this has been My wife had twinz but they live with her and her mother…is there a way to get them to move into my house

  92. I have the sims 3 for ipod and I am Getting the real sims 3 base game in a few days. I just want to know if there is any cheats or stuff I could use in the future. And, Is it weird I am getting the sims 3 like 3 years after it came out???

  93. Can you move down generations? What I mean is, once the initial sims that you made die, can you use the offspring to continue your game?

    1. If they stay in the same house, you could keep doing generations of one family infinitely. That’s the time that I like to do something like the Ugly Gene challenge.

  94. How is the quality of your toddlers childhood decided? Because I took care of my triplets as much as is possible when your a single, working mum on the game, without much money (this is before i learned the Motherlode cheat) and they turned out hydro phobic and light sleepers. So what can I do that will get them to the stage where I can choose the personality?

    1. I think it’s just keeping their needs really high up in the green and I also found playing with them a fair bit helped as well. If they start trying and follow adults around wanting attention, then cancelling or ignoring that need won’t help.

  95. What about (relating to sim teen moms) if you use cheats instead of mods? Like use the (testingcheatsenabled true) and with young adults get them pregnant have a kid then age them down in CAS. (you might have to remove them from the lot and try it but sims can be easily added back to the family my left clicking on the sim with the cheat on and selecting the option to move them back). My computer broke so I am unable to try this on my own but I do hope that other people will try it!

  96. im playing on sims 3 pets playstation 3

    can elders marry?
    im trying desperately and they keep wishing it but there is no option for it popping up 🙁

  97. I’d just like to point out that elder females CAN get pregnant. The matriarch of my family aged up to elder today, and soon after doing so she had a risky woohoo with her husband in the shower. I did not click “Try for Baby”, although that option WAS available. Next thing I know, she’s vomiting and preggers. Now that she’s officially pregnant, she has NO BODY. she has feet and a head, but everything else is simply invisible – missing – not there. She has 5 adult children and I did not intend for her to have any more! Oh well, I’ll roll with the punches I guess 🙂 I wonder if you’ve ever heard of this happening?

  98. My sims went to the hospital had had one baby, then went in and out like 8 time having babies each time, if you look at family tree they are all their but on the left side of the screen only shows one baby and a box of where the sims husband’s face use to be, He and all other babies are invisable How can I fix this?

    1. You had to choose it when you moved her in with you. A dialogue box would have appeared to ask who else you wanted to move in with you, if you didn’t select the child, I think he’s gone forever.

  99. I have just the normal sims 3 and my sim had her baby tje father wont even come around because the mom and him are enemies because romanyic betrayal why wont he come he says he doesnt feel like it everytime..? And my sim is a teen I used testingcheatsenabled true but sje cant havea baby by her boyfriend why? And the moj died her friend lives there can she get custody of them?

    1. He won’t come round because he doesn’t like her. Would you go round to a house where there was someone you hated?

      Teens can’t have babies properly without using some kind of mod that adjusts the way the game behaves, the cheats don’t do that properly.

      If some adult lives in the house with the children, the children will stay there being cared by the adult, effectively custody, for without the adult being there, the children would be taken away by social services.

  100. If you Google how to change a drive letter and follow the instructions you should be able to change your hard drive from what ever letter it is now to C: and that in theory would allow you to install the patches etc

    1. Thanks for that. I’ve worked in IT for many years, and have a serious issue with companies that hard code things which don’t need to be hard coded. There is no reason for it, it’s not logical. It’s like Adobe forcing Flash to be installed on the C: drive. C: is dying out, so many people now have multiple drives for space, or in my case a RAID array. Hard coding something so fundamental is just stupid.

  101. My household has 7 people in it at the moment, and the mother is pregnant. Is it possible for her to have twins or triplets or will it automatically be one child? And, what would happen if she did have more than one baby? Would she be able to keep one and the other(s) get taken away by social services?

  102. What happened to my girls baby? I have no mods installed. She was pregnant ad when it said she was going into labor a little flag showed up that said “baby is coming” and I has testingheatsenabled on so I Ctrl clicked it to delete it, thinking it would make the baby come faster. But she stopped freaking out… And she still has a big belly… But she can go to work and work out. Is she still pregnant? How do I have the baby? Please help! Her baby daddy died and I wanted one kid with him really bad:(

    1. Ooops. Don’t know how to fix that. Because you killed the action with the cheat enabled, it might have messed it up. Testingcheatsenabled true is a very powerful one to use and can have unforseen consequences.

  103. My sim doesn’t know she’s pregnant. She goes to work but here stomach is big and she puked on the first day. Also Ive reset sim for a thousand times and nothing has happened I don’t know if she’s gonna have the baby or stay pregnant forever. Please help!!!!!

  104. Hi. I just wanted to say that I’ve had a gay couple have babies; both had the fertility treatment and one of them gave birth to triplets.

  105. okay, so I had the sims 3 pets expansion pack. then my brother deleted the icon from my computer wall. i tried to get it back by putting the disk in and it asked me for a code that I don’t have anymore. is there any way to get it back?

    1. If it’s only the icon he deleted the game is still on the computer, however, if he uninstalled it and you no longer have the CD key, most likely you will need to buy the game again.

  106. So i want my guy sim to have a baby but i don’t want the mom to move into the house. If i try for baby without the girl sim being moved in in the house will the child move in with me or will the mom get it?

    1. move the mom in then let her have the kid then kick her out, or let her have the kid then hold down (ctrl+shift+c) a blue bar will pop up the type in (testingcheatsenabled true) then click your kid and press (shift+p+left click) then put add to active household

      1. or you can just kidnap the baby just go to the house pick up the baby and go home make sure you still have the baby picked up in your arms when you go home but I don’t know if youll be able to control the baby

  107. I can’t seem to understand why I can’t have a little toddler I can have a baby but it looks like it’s already 5 years old.How can I have a little toddler?
    And by the way I have the sims 3

  108. Every time I leave my game or switch active households my sims have babies that magically appear. My sims are getting pregnant cuz theres either no mother or no father! And it doesnt matter what age. ive had old people have babies and it wont stop!!!!

      1. how can i woo hoo this guy if he is married and his wife is in the house and he wants to but i can’t and he can’t .And he doesn’t even love his wife and she just loves him because of how his house is better than hers .Also they have a baby on the way and he doesn’t have a house any more and he is coming to my place every day ,how can i make it stop !!!

        1. You can’t really make them woohoo in the house with his wife if you don’t want to break up their relationship. That’s kind of the point of the jealousy system.

          I’m confused by your other comment…you say that his wife loves him because his house is better than her house…yet the next line says he doesn’t have a house?

  109. ok well my sims cant get pregnant or adopt when I try to adopt it says that awesome someone is coming etc but they never show what’s going on here its not as fun

  110. HELP ME!!! the girl in my sims got pregnant and when it is time to give birth it’s like it won’t come out….THE BABY WON’T COME OUT

  111. Just a comment, I love my Sims 3 game! Another thing to try to get twins/triplets is to eat a lot of apples and watermelon. I have found by only eating these two things and watching the Kidz zone on tv my sim is much more likely to have multiple kids. Actually i havent had it not work yet! Even without the fertility lifetime points thingy it works!

  112. How can I have a baby in my sims3?? I tried “try for baby” for two of the couples and nothing happen. When I click adoption service. It will show the message that i would like to adopt but no social worker comes to my house. Please help.

    1. Keep trying on the try for baby. Make sure their relationship is good enough and neither of them are too old. If there’s problem with the social worker coming round, then you may have an issue with your game. Check to make sure no mods are conflicting if you have any installed.

  113. My sims bed is right next to the wall and when he woke up he got out of bed towards the wall and FELL OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! What should I do? 😐

  114. So, lets say I wanna get pregnant but I don’t wanna see all of the yucky stuff that happens when you are having the baby like them cutting your sims stomach open and stuff. What should I do if I need to do something to help when they are giving birth? 😐

    1. You won’t ever need to do anything to help. It’s the Sims, everything tends to have a happy ending. You won’t see anything either. If they go to hospital, then they go into the building and come out a few minutes later with a baby. You see nothing 🙂

  115. Ok so, 2 things. First off, Whenever I call services and ask someone to come down and help me adopt but, They never come. I’m thinking it’s because I don’t have a baby room. True or False and who do I get them to come?! Second, Whenever I shut off my computer after saving, All of the outfits I’ve created in the ” Plan Outfit ” Go away! I am so stressed out. Any advice? 😀

    1. Not really sure on either of them. Have you got any mods that affect things like social workers? If you’ve got any that stop the social worker from taking kids when they’re not being looked after then that could stop them coming for adoption.

      As for your other issue, unfortunately I can’t help as I never plan outfits, I just go with the defaults.

      1. What you have to do is press shift+control+c then type in testingcheatsenabled and shift click the mailbox. Click Force NPC, then click Social Worker Adoption. It should work…

  116. The try for baby wont come up. ive literally spent all day romancing him and i super satisfied him. they are engaged and at full relationship. i havent had the option to move him in and i dont want to marry him quite yet. i have no patches or mods on the game.

    1. Has happened to me, and I can’t find a solution either. Sometimes no matter how hard I try they just get angry at each other. Sometimes I wonder if they don’t really want to be together.

      1. Make sure you are on a lot with an accessible double bed, that you don’t have more than 8 Sims in your household, and that their astrological signs don’t conflict with each other. I have had Sims with 100 percent relationship that still won’t get maried because of incompatible signs. You can check on the signs here:

        If the signs conflict and you really want them to be together, try using ctrl+shift+c and testingcheatsenabled true, then edit one of them in create a Sim to change their sign.

  117. Just saying for a tip if you want a girl eat at least 3 watermelons and if you want a boy eat at least 3 apples it has always worked for me 🙂

    1. If you check the pregnancy package file, each watermelon or apple biases for girl or boy by 0.1 and the maximum bias is 0.5. So eating 5 of either apple or watermelon would give the maximum effect.

  118. If two sims aren’t married but have a child together, then, after the child is born, they get married, will the child share the last name of the married couple?

    1. I believe the kid will have the name of whatever parent it lives with when it’s born. From memory, I don’t think it changes after marriage, but I play my games most of the time with ‘broken’ families.

  119. My couple had a little girl and when she became a toddler the parents had twins. The parents haven’t slept since the twins came home. Now their energy levels are low. They’ll take care of the twins (they’re toddlers now) but they’ll continuously pass out and when I try to put them to sleep a message pops up saying that they can’t sleep if the children are crying. It’s so bad that the older sister (who’s now in the child life stage after toddler) can’t sleep. She’ll get into bed and then go all the way downstairs (she sleeps on the third floor) to stand in front of the cribs and throw a fit. Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this so that everyone in the household goes back to being normal?

    1. It’s a cheating way of doing it, but using the ResetSim command will reset their needs to full (and possibly fix other issues with them) meaning they will be able to start again with a fairly normal life. 🙂

      1. Thank you! I managed to fix it by aging the toddlers into children. As soon as I did that the parents went straight to sleep. Lol

        1. or you can use the cheat where you type in “testingcheatsenabled true”and drag their needs up to where you want them(in other words make the bars become full)

  120. So I tried getting me teen pregnant without mods and she did but when she got to giving birth she just stands there for hours and hours. HELP! I don’t know what to do.

    1. I have the same problem but when they find out there pregnant it only shows their head and feet and nothing else of them i have tryed reset sim but it does not work and when in labor i can do anything with her like sleep and that

      1. Before they become pregnant you have to make them wear maternity clothes. (in other words, cover all their skin.) You still won’t be able to see their full bodies but it looks less weird when they’re wearing clothes

  121. I have a problem with overpopulation in my household..

    I had 7 people in my household and then the Mom got pregnant and I tought that it was OK since it’s impossible to have more than 8 people in one household (except with mergin and mods). But as it happens she got twins (she has the fertility treatment, so maybe that put a swing to things). So 9 people in my household.. that brings me to my problem: having too many people on the lot made my Moms icon from the left to disappear even tough she still lives in the house. I’m confused! I cant control her any way anymore. Is it possible the icon will return if I have one of my teens to grow up and move out or something?

    Has anyone had the same problem, and has a solution for it maybe?

    1. Right after posting that I noticed a work around. I can choose the “missing” sim by going trough the icons with the space bar.

      It would still be nice to have the ability of choosing the sim by clicking on the icon, so if anyone has an fix for it, I would aprreciate it.

      1. You can also select the sim by right clicking them in the world. If you can’t find them, you can right click their picture in someone else’s relationship panel. If one of your younger sims grows up and moves out, her picture will reappear.

  122. I have a family on the sims 3 pets i dont know if u can help but ,I have a wife, husband and two children boy and girl. my female sim had a baby boy and when the boy got older into a child i had them try for a baby again and she got pregnant right away but after she had the baby on the relationship status it says that the mother is the mother but the father is the step father. And it also shows that the oldest boy is her step brother what went wrong for that to happen? Please help!!!!! I used her husband for both pregnancies!!!

    1. Are you sure? 😉 There was nothing funny going on with her and someone else? You didn’t use the help of any mods or cheats to get her pregnant again?

    1. Do a Google search for the type of mods that you’re looking for. Once you’ve found the one that suits you, follow the instructions on the creator’s website to install it 🙂

  123. Ok so i got my teen pregnant. With out any mods and when she found out she was pregnant all it showed was her head and feet and nothing eles of her and when she went into labor she was in it for days and i tred resetsim and it did not work plz hellp

    1. As far as I’m aware it’s not possible to get teens pregnant without a mod? It’s pretty much the complete opposite of the hard coding of the game. Anyway, you can only see her hands and head because you need teen pregnancy meshes and outfits. Without those the game doesn’t know what to display so it displays nothing instead. I think teen pregnancy meshes are easy to find online though.

  124. So my male has twins whom live with him, but the mother doesn’t and then he had a son but I killed the mum (so there’s 4 people in the house). He had heaps more children with other women, but I can’t see them, nor meet them. Like one lady (the one he had the twins with – he broke up with her after) he got back with her and then just had triplets with her but I can’t see/meet the kids. I want them to move in with him. I only have 4 people living in the household. I’ve searched the neighbourhood so I could split her family and make the triplets move in with him but I can’t find them but in the lifetime goals it says throw a party for them BUT I CAN’T MEET THEM OR FIND THEM! He also had twins with another women he doesn’t live with but she named the kids the same?

    1. And i’ve made him knock up so many women, he’s just had twins with two other women in the past 10 hours but it won’t show me with who or even meet them 🙁

    2. If they’re in another household, unless you merge the households or get him to move in with them, then it’s unlikely you’ll ever see them. I’ve had cases where they’ve seen their estranged kids out in the town but there’s been no recognition. Effectively, unless they live together as one family it’s very hard to see the kids. If you want them together then you’ll need to “Edit town” and “Merge households” 🙂

  125. I bought sims 3 two days ago, and I want to give my sim a boyfriend, but I want to be able to control them both. Not at the same time, but how can I control sims?

    1. If you want to control both of them, they’d have to live together. Like all versions of The Sims, it’s a case of only being able to control one family at a time. You can control more, separately, but they have to be separate save games. The Sims 3 actually made it harder to manage multiple house holds. It used to be that you had a town and could choose which family you looked after every time you loaded up the game, but now you load a family and the entire town with it. You are exclusively tied to that one family and the rest of the town ages around it. Not sure it was the greatest move in the history of gaming.

      1. You can just go into edit town and them change active household? You can change between all the families that live in the town however you want. No need to have families in separate saves.

        1. Technically, yes you can. But those families will then age of their own accord and you have no control over that. Some of us still yearn a little for the days of separate save games where the families aged at individual rates and people didn’t just die or age up randomly when you were trying to work a story with them, just because they live in the town.

  126. I got sims university life a few days ago and I wanted my couple to have their baby at the university, but that didnt work. Then I started another game and had my couple give birth to a baby boy at home. After she gave birth I sent them to the university but it wouldnt let them take their baby. Is it even possible for them to be a family at the university or do i have to wait until theyre both done with it?

    1. Things at the university are pretty casual, sims can’t take children with them there nor have babies at the university. If i recall correctly sims can’t even get married while they are off to uni.

      1. Yes, and the kid will be a vampire. They will look like a vamp and have certain vamp quirks, but their levels like hunger and energy and all that will be normal until they’re teens. They can eat plasma fruits and plasma juices even as kids but theres really no need until they’re older.

  127. Help, so my family had 5 kids and 2 adults, and one child was a toddler, all of a sudden the toddler disappeared. Like his icon is gone from the left, I can’t find him in the house and when everyone goes out, it doesn’t say that I should call a babysitter but the family still know he exists as in he’s still in their relationships panel. What happened to him? Where did he go and how can I get him back?!

      1. Now this is really weird, after that debacle, I went to play with another family and threw a party, I invited some of the previous family and lo and behold, Jeremy (the missing toddler) shows up too! At this point he is a child and no longer a toddler. Then the next day (in the sims) I host another party and invite the same ppl and again Jeremy shows up but this time he is a teenager, what the heck is going on????

        1. Do you think he lives with the family you invited over? If so, you might be able to merge him back into the household, but it seems he’s grown up rather fast 🙁 I have noticed that about children in other families, they grow up lot faster than ones you’re actually looking after.

  128. When I get the game, I’m going to want to have my Sim have a family. Children, grandchildren, great grandchildren. Problem is, how do I have the grandparents live to see their great grandchildren as babies? They’ll probably die right after, but at least they’ll know that they have a forever family full of happy Sims.

  129. How can you have two active households? I want for my Sim to have a twin sister living right next door. As in my other comment, I would like to have both sisters have families and visit and such. How do I do it? As I said when I get the game, I’ll do it.

    1. Indeed he can! As long as he’s not within a day or two of death then there shouldn’t be an issue. It took me a while to figure that out, but as long as his life bar isn’t full he should be able to do it. If you’ve got them on the epic life span then their old age should be rather long, so he could probably father a ton of kids while he’s an elder 🙂

  130. I have a Question about my sim, I wished on a Gene and wished for a Large Family, however my sims is Currently at Baby 35 and i cannot get her to stop having kids she just keeps going. What do i do? And How can i stop it since i caannot even click any other sims, they’re taking up the whole bar.

    1. A Genie? As in, you rub the bottle and a genie comes out? I didn’t know this was possible in The Sims 3. Is it part of one of the more recent expansion packs? If so, you can probably get some kind of mod that allows you to see more than 8 people per lot, I recall there being one for The Sims 2.

  131. I have a child sim with genius and computer whiz traits, but it won’t let me hack even though it’s between 9pm and 7am. I have the highest computer and all his bars are green. Can children not hack?

  132. My problem is that i have this male sim and he got pregnant with 6 other women and i want him to divorce his wife but when i tell her ive been cheating on her she dosent get mad it just raises their relation ship up so i keissed a person in front of her and she commited suicide (i dont kniw how she did it) so i married this other lady and she killed herself so whenever i marry someone they

  133. My male Sim is a Vampire, my female Sim a Human. No witches in their ancestry. She gave birth to triplets on Spooky day. Two of the children are witches and the other is a vampire. So, does being born on Spooky day give you a chance to become a witch? And if so could there be a chance for other super naturals on the other holidays?

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  135. I have no mods downloaded, first off. I have two Sims who are engaged. They broke up right after she got pregnant and then got engaged again. Now she is giving birth and she must be on the 35 daughter and they just keep coming! I’ve tried resetting the mother and the father and nothing! Neither of them have the fertility treatment either. How can I stop the babies from coming?

    1. I’m not sure such behaviour is possible without some kind of modification to the game. The game is hard coded that there can’t be any more than eight sims on a lot. If it won’t stop, your only option left may be to abandon/delete that family. Unless, of course, you’ve got an old save game from before this started.

    2. That sounds like what happened to my sims. She got stuck in a loop where she would have the baby you would name and pick the traits, the it happened all again and again.
      I solved this by not saving then making another family active and playing them for 2 sim days (I knew when the birth would happen) then went back to playing my family. They had the baby and no more loop.

  136. Basically my sim got pregnant, went into labour and had the baby at home, the baby was there but then it wouldn’t let me do anything with the mother, she had totally froze, so anyway I clicked on her and it told me to go to the hospital so I clicked on it and she ran there.. I followed her and it said she had passed out in the hospital and now she won’t come out the hospital, it won’t let me take the actions away for her to come out the hospital! What do I do?!

  137. Every time my sim guy tries to get a girl pregnant it says something like ‘this sim has to many people in her household right now to get pregnant’, even though her household isn’t even full.

  138. So my Sims is married and just got pregnant(hopefully with multiples!) but then she went out and cheated and now her and husband broke up. They already have 3 kids and I want the father to have sole custody of all the kids, even the ones not born yet. I also want the Mom out.
    How do I get this to all go down?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. When you say broke up has either of them permanently left the household? If not, I’d say keep them in the same house until the latest kid(s) is born. Then you have options. I think you can degrade their relationship until she leaves as long as he is the antagonist. The other option is to simply get her to move out using the computer. If it asks you who to move out with her just make sure she goes on her own.

      Does that help at all? 🙂

      1. A male Sim can’t get custody of an unborn baby. If you wait until the baby is born, you can just move the mom out.

  139. Hi I was wondering I have a sim and she got pregnant but then when she was going into labour I used a cheat to get her out of labour and now its been more then a week in real life and she hasn’t gone into labour yet please help

  140. so I’m playing the impregnate all the b*tches challenge but the women don’t seem to be giving birth, is this because I am breaking the relationship off before they find out there pregnant?

    1. Not heard of that challenge but will have to look it up. Could it be that you’re not being notified of the births? Otherwise you have to get the jingle that signifies pregnancy to be sure it has occurred. That said, I’ve always found it harder to get a townie pregnant than someone resident in the household.

  141. ok, so i left my family at home with a grown up sister and brother. will they ever become married to someone else or become pregnant on their own? i want my sims to have family parties and what not so how do i make my sims relatives become pregnant?

    1. If you’re not in control of the family they should eventually grow up and do their own thing like the rest of the town, but if you don’t control them, they’ll do it at their own pace, which seems to be somewhat faster than those you do control. You also won’t get annoucements that they married or had a kid. You can change the active family and keep them as a separate save game, but they’ll never be in the same age alignment as the family you’re actually controlling. 🙂

    1. No, a child cannot get pregnant. On Adults and Young Adults can. Although only men can make babies from young adult to elder.

  142. Okay so I tried installing these mods, I tried everything to get them working but the ones I installed won’t work and the ones I wanted (teen pregnancy and same sex pregnancy) but it says that those mods don’t exist. Am I doing it wrong or is there something else I can do to install them?

    1. So, my links from this site might be quite old. I did do them about four or so years ago and just haven’t had the opportunity to update them. Have you tried searching for newer versions or other types of mods for the game?

      Are you sure that you’re using the correct version of mod for the version of the game that you have? Some version of the mods haven’t always been updated for all of the expansion/stuff packs.

      Did you follow the instructions to install them exactly? Have you got any mods installed that other mods list as incompatible? It is possible to have a mod installed, then you install another one and because they are incompatible they cancel each other out and neither of them works.

      I think you’re looking for this: – make sure you read what it does before you download and install it. As well as the mod, you will also need the clothing and meshes for teen/male pregnancy. Effectively, this mod opens up all romantic actions to all sims except children.

        1. Effectively remove the mod you don’t want any more and replace it with another one. Unless you mean change the functionality of a mod – you can’t do that unless you know how to program.

  143. I am going to download Sims 3 on my Pantech. (Idk what kind it is it just says Pantech) what if I’m at school or something when it’s time for a pregnant Sim to give birth?

    1. Hi there,

      From what I found on Google, it appears Pantech is a type of phone. Unfortunately I don’t use any version of The Sims on any mobile devices or consoles, so can’t help out there.

    1. Not that easily in all honesty. It’s not something I’ve ever done or really had cause to do. You might find that one time you see them and they’ve already aged up. A sure fire way is to merge their households and have him live with your current active family.

      1. No you can use a birthday cake and throw a party and click on the cake and it well pop all the people that u have at your house hold and guest XD

    2. You can use a cheat to change the age of any sim. The first thing you have to do is press ctrl + shift + c at the same time. The game will pause and a blue bar will appear at the top of you screen. In this bar you type, testingcheatsenabled true. After you type that, hold the shift key and left click on the sim you want to change the age of (it could be your sim or any sim you’re near). A menu will pop up and one is trigger age transition. When you click on it, that sim will go to next life stage. Hope this helps.

  144. So i have two sims, a male plantsim and a female human who are ‘going steady’ and i want them to have a baby. I have clicked ‘try for baby’ over and over again, and everytime, i hear the baby jingle so i assume she’s pregnant, but days later, she’s not! I don’t get whats going on. I tried refreshing them and everything

    1. When males mate with PlantSims, a forbidden fruit seed is placed in her inventory. Plant it, and harvest a PlantSim baby.

    1. If they don’t leave the town when you split up, then you should still see their respective relationships under your sim and you should still be able to contact them/invite them round. If they do leave the town, then there’s little you can do 🙁

  145. Hi. So, i want to have a child and the problem is that i want use a female outside my family, because i want the male to be a single parent without adopting, will that child be join in my family after birth? What will happen?

    1. In short, no. The baby will always stay with the mother. You could have ’em live together, have the kid then move/kick her out, or if you don’t want it to end up being a bad relationship, edit the family and just move her out.

  146. How can you adjust the amount of Sims you can have in your house hold and how can you get those babies that look more real

    1. You can edit a household from the main town menu allowing you to merge households together, or oust people. You can also use the computer in their houses to get individual sims to leave. And babies looking more real? You’d need to go googling for different skins for them.

  147. Okay you may have already answered this but I’m not sure and I’m quite distressed right now to read if you had in any of the comments. So I have a male sim (caelin) who had a girlfriend (Ashley) before he went off to college. Before he left, I guess he got her pregnant (I had totally forgotten) and anyways while he was at college he met another sim (anabel) in which he liked better and dumped his previous girlfriend over text (not ideal, but I knew as long as he was dating Ashley he couldnt have Anabel as a girlfriend) So i kept trying to get him and Anabel to date but the Go Steady option was never available. When he finally got home from college I found out that his EX had has a kid and I think that’s the reason he cant date Anabel because in is Ex’s partner box it still shows Caelin even though there is a broken-up symbol so is there a way I can fix it so that Caelin can end up dating and eventually marrying Anabel because that’s what I want to happen but his EX is in the way.

    1. You should just be able to have a relationship with another sim if you’ve broken up properly. Make sure you don’t have any mods installed that affect social abilities. A kid won’t stop someone from having another relationship.

  148. Hi! I was just wondering, My sim just adopted a female child (yes I told you what the gender was) and, I did some research and it says to feed them with a bottle when they are hungry but when i feed her, her hunger bar stays where it was! How do i fix this? or is there another way to feed them? (Infants can’t go in baby high chairs!)

    1. Lol! Nvm, Sorry to waste your time. My thing wasn’t on the baby sims needs it was on the mothers one. Any way, Can i please have a few tips on raising a baby. I havent adopted one on pc this is my first time!

  149. I always love to see our neighbors in town pregnant/ have newborns. Is there anyway to make our neighbors have newborns or be pregnant without my sim being the father?!?!

  150. That last one about choosing the sex of your baby did work but the three watermelons gave me triplets! I did not want triplets. Before I had the triplets I had 3 kids; one girl (toddler) and two boys (one toddler and one baby). I just wanted one more girl so I would have two girls and two boys but now I have 6 children I can barley afford. And now I also have four babies and the two toddlers!

    1. No they didn’t. Food will not determine the amount of children. If you watch kids’ tv, listen to kids’ radio and read pregnancy books, you’ll get more. It was just bad luck that you got three.

  151. Please, please help if you can. My Sims 3 babies are not babies they are long brown sticks and the faces don’t appear on the face panel. I havn’t put any new content into the game that could cause a glitch. Any ideas??

    1. If you’re sure you haven’t added any skins or mods then it sounds like you might have a glitch in your game. You can try reinstalling. Reinstalling doesn’t mean you lose everything – just remember to make a backup of your save game files before uninstalling 🙂

  152. Well…. this is weird.I have a sister and she has a boyfriend. My sister named Alice and her boy named Alex. My mom is named Mary and Alex’s dad is named Max! Well… the thing is that MAX is in love with MARY. That means that If they get married Alice and Max will be siblings! 0.0 I don’t want that to happen so is it possible to happen?

    1. Oooooooooh no. I read that step-siblings cancels out romantic relationships. I’m not sure if that’s only if the kids were dating as teenagers or if it’s also when they started dating as adults. But they can’t date if their parents marry until the parents divorce or die… If the kids are ALREADY married, no problemo!

  153. Hiya please help!!! It’s been 3 days since my baby on sims 3 was born but it hasnt grown into a toddler and it hasnt said its his birthday or anything! Please Help!!!!!!

    1. What aging speed have you got it set to? It’s been a long time since I played The Sims 3, but I think the standard time can be longer than three days. It certainly is if you have the life span set to something like Epic, then it’s more like 30 days.

  154. Hi, I have the Sims 3 Starter Pack which includes…The Sims 3, The Sims 3 High-End Loft Stuff, The Sims 3 Late Night. I also have The Sims 3 Movie stuff that I purchased separately.
    My Question is… I want my Sim to become Pregnant with my Boyfriend. I know how to do this, but if I have a baby with him will I automatically have to control my boyfriend as well?
    Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you!

    1. Not always. Sometimes if the mother has had a rough time (by that I mean went hungry one day during the pregnancy) then the kid will be born unhappy and you can’t choose any traits. They don’t all live in luxury with me.

  155. OK so would you happen to know how to fix a glitch?? My sim is pregnant and every time she goes into labor she has like a ton of girls but none of the faces pop up in the character box so I close the game and try again and still no luck 🙁 any suggestions

    1. If you have a mod installed, then remove it. Apart from fiddling with the core game code I don’t know of any other ways to force massive multiple births, so don’t know how to stop it 🙁

  156. having a problem here with my sims 3. my sim who was single woohoo’d with a sim who was married to a different sim competely. it ws going good till I announced pregnency. the had the baby. when got home from having the baby at the hospital the father has been whiped off the boards! out of my friends list and everything completely gone. is this because his wife found out? or did the sim die maybe? I cant find anything on this problem 🙁

  157. Please Help!
    My sims neighbors (Rosie & Joe) had a toddler (Issie) but I had a leisure day party and I invited Rosie and Joe but a fire started on my lot and they both died so I quickly ran to their house but a some guy (I think a social worker) came and took Issie away. I really want to adopt or have Issie as my daughter but when I adopted a girl toddler it wasn’t her.
    Do I have to wait till she is a child so I can invite her over and use a cheat or is there a way of adopting her?

    1. If you can see them in the list of friends or something you might be able to find a way to interact with them – however for kids I think they have to become a child before you can do that. I don’t remember being able to remotely interact with anything younger than a child. I know that it used to be a case of the first adoption after a kid was taken away was for that kid, but that doesn’t seem to be the case any more. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a pool and each kid ‘taken away’ effectively goes to the back of the list. If there is a SimPE application type thing for your version, you might be able to find her in there and put her into your household 🙂

      1. Well I’ve waited seven sim days (I think that’s the time it takes for a toddler to grow up) but Issie isn’t becoming a child so I have waited more sim days but she is still a toddler!

  158. Ok so this might be a bit confusing…

    In the house there are four roommates, one of the roommates’ husband and the husband and wife’s child. When I was looking through the child’s relationships (She had just been born and they were literally just stepping out of the hospital) there were already a few relationships there but it was the household which I just assumed would be there naturally but one of the other sims’ boyfriend was in the relationships but instead of being an acquaintance it said stranger. I tried to fix this using testingcheatsenabled and dragged the friendship bar or whatever it’s called all the way to the right but they just became best friends and there wasn’t an in between. Is this normal or is there something wrong with the game?? Thanks 🙂 x

    1. Oh, not one that I’ve heard of before. I’ve seen strange relationships pop up when someone just happens to be in the room with another Sim. It never caused me a problem so didn’t fiddle with it. Unless you’ve got some kind of mod installed just see how it goes, it’s unlikely to be much of a problem 🙂

  159. I have two elders now, they have one adult, one toddler, and one baby. The adult girl had two babies with her boyfriend. There are 3 babies and a toddler and it’s hard to take care of them. Say I call a babysitter.. Can the babysitter watch all the kids?

  160. When my sim goes on dating sites on their computer sometimes the people say ‘you’re not my type’. So how many traits have to be the same to make two people like each other?

    Please help.

    1. There’s online dating? I’ve either missed this while playing or it’s something entirely new. I’ve googled a bit and not found much. I would guess you need at least a couple of compatible traits, and of course none that conflict. It’s possible to have two sims whose traits are neither compatible nor conflicting, so it could be they haven’t found anyone with matching traits and just neutral people so far.

  161. I have two young adult sims (Clara & Yasmin), both made at the same time. Today when I played everything was normal but then I noticed Clara and Yasmin and swapped positions on the sim icon thingy. Yasmin used to be at the top but now Clara is? When I checked their age it said Yasmin had 32 days to age and Clara had 13?
    Why did this happen?
    The only real difference is that Yasmin has a son and two twin daughters and Clara has no children. Also I would rather Yasmin aged before Clara because Yasmin hates children and hates her kids while Clara loves Yasmin’s children.


    1. I don’t think the fact one of them has kids would change this. Has the one with the shorter life left taken a potion or undergone something that can affect their lifespan? If I remember correctly there was some mad scientist in The Sims 3 (It’s been almost a year since I played properly) and they could build things that affected sims lives in some way. Have you used any cheats on them? I can’t think of anything else that would affect it.

  162. Can children (Or teens) run away from their household? Like if the mum is mean and the dad is kind then the dad dies will the child run away? In sims 2 teens did but does it still happpen?

    1. Hmm. I don’t think so as I think it was implemented that they had to still live with an adult if one was available, and I can’t remember of teens can go into the adoption pool, thereby running away and ending up ‘in care’ so to speak.

  163. After one of the older kids (young adult) gets married how can I ask them to move in? They are married but she’s not living with my SIM family. Oh and the new daughter in law has fully bar relationships with everybody in the house. This is sims 3 the ps3 version.

    1. It didn’t happen automatically? I’m not sure about the PS3 version as I don’t play this on any consoles. In the PC version there is a button to “Edit Family” where you can merge families together by choosing certain people to move in 🙂

  164. Hi there, I have 6 sims in a house and one couple wants to try for a baby but when I hover over the option it says there’s no more room in the house. I had 7 sims and 3 pets but kicked out one sim and put the one pet up for adoption hoping it would solve the issue, but it still is saying that there’s no room. please help!!!!

    1. Ooh, I er, in all honesty don’t know. Are you sure there are only 7 sims in the household? I don’t have the pets expansion so I don’t know if it causes a space for sims to be blocked, but it sounds like there might be more sims than you realise or the game thinks there is. If there are any others you can dispense with it might help 🙂

  165. so because i want to try all things in sims, i tried to have a baby with the other sims in other household. i had a twin with the other woman (boy and a girl). they followed their mom’s last name. they are registered as my sim’s daughter and son. half-sister and half-brother for my sim’s legitimate kids.

    i want them to move in my household but i already have 8 sims within it. i already tried NRaas “MasterController” and used “add sim”. they moved in but i lost two of my household’s sims…. how can i move them without anyone getting evicted from my household??

    1. Hi there, in all honesty, I don’t know. Have you looked for any other mods that allow more than 8 people per lot? I haven’t played in over a year and when I do I don’t really tend to use mods any more so I don’t know what’s available out there.

        1. sorry for late reply,

          ~download the master controller, the base-mod ** download the latest which is compatible with your game version**
          ~ extract the file in “mods” then “package” folder **i used 7zip**
          ~ run the game and then click laptop/computer / town hall/
          ~ find “NRaas”

          ** you will see the mods from nraas that you installed like master controller, story progression etc..

          ** just take note that you need to download the one that is compatible with your game version

          (i’m using their latest uploaded patch)

      1. sorry for the late reply,

        i think i figured it out.. it doesn’t evict my sims from my household. they are still part of the household but their portrait from the left side of the screen are just hidden cause its normally an 8 slot panel. so the newly added sims just takes the place or hide the portraits we select from the left side. i saw another mod in Nraas “PortraitPanel” to fix that. it shows upto 24 portraits on the side.

        anyways, thanks for the reply 😀

  166. In the sims three a want a mod for making more than 8 sims on one lot. I tried getting the mod but it said zipped, so then I tried to download 7 zip and it said this could harm your computer will it harm my computer? Is there anything else to do that’s easier? Please help!

    1. No, there won’t be anything easier. It’s not a complicated action to perform. If you want to open a zip file you must unzip it – there is no way around this, no shortcut, no easy way. Whether it will harm your computer is up to you to find out. Sometimes legitimate file downloads online get hijacked, but if you’re downloading it from a safe, legitimate, official site or mirror then there shouldn’t be any issues.

        1. I don’t really understand the question. If you download unzipping software, then you’ll be able to unzip (and should you need to zip up) files. As far as installing the mod I can’t help there, you’ll need to follow the instructions on the creator’s website.

          1. The file says 7 zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio, any idea what that means? There is also two downloads for your computer: 32 bit download or x64 download. It says that the page is located on the sims three wiki.

  167. My sim is stuck in the floor or is in invisible what do I do? I already tried resetsim and that didn’t work what do I do? PLEASE HELP!!!#

    1. You can try removing any items (building included) around them to see if they become unstuck. Also, you used to be able to delete the sim and get them to regenerate elsewhere on the lot, but I don’t know if this is still possible, you’d have to google to find out.

      1. Thanks he’s fixed after he changed his clothes! But now one of my teens is invisible, sordove. Her face and feet is all you can see you can’t see the rest of her! What do I do?

        1. Generally they go invisible with only the face showing if you don’t have the correct meshes or clothes installed for their body shape. It happens a lot if you install a teen pregnancy mod, the teen gets pregnant but you haven’t installed any of the clothes that are required for the new body.

    2. My sim also got stuck in something- a counter. All i had to do was delete the counter in build and buy. She was then free again. If your person is stuck in decking or platforms just sledgehammer the floor. Hope i helped

  168. I used a cheat to make my sim teen pregnant and now she’s stuck and won’t have the baby. I tried to download the mods but that didn’t work. What do I do without having to delete her?

    1. If you didn’t use a mod, but instead used a cheat in the game it’s likely it won’t work out. The main game is specifically programmed to not allow teen pregnancy to occur, so if it happens through an exploit it will screw up the code and the outcome. You can try resetting her but I don’t know if it will work. The best way is to install the mods correctly and use them instead.

      1. Not actually true. Cheats don’t modify the game code, they just exploit something that is already available, or are a legacy from when the game was being written. Mods do exactly as the name implies – modify the game code.

  169. I have a question: If my sister buys the Sims three Showtime and downloads it onto her computer can I download it on mine to or do we both need separate Showtime discs? Thanks!!!!!

      1. When my sister downloaded expansion packs she only had to put the disc in, wait a couple of hours, then take it out, so her friend then used it and it was fine. Hope i helped☺

  170. I have a wife , a husband, a pair set of boy twins that are adults, a daughter that is a young adult and another daughter that is a teen. My son Elijah got his girlfriend pregnant and he’s able to see his daughter and my other twin Eric got his girlfriend pregnant and he wasn’t there went she had the baby but he went to her house to see his child and the baby is never there and there’s no crib or any thing in the girlfriends house. How can I find my baby girl?

  171. Do you know anything about the sims freeplay on kindles because if you do can you help me find a website that has a cheat for more lifetime happiness points and simoleons?

    1. I do have sims freeplay, but not on kindle when i went on some websites for cheats some came up but a lot of them needed facebook or certain passwords i did not know i do notthink there are many suitable for under 15’s hope i helpd

  172. I have an elder and a child sim. When the elder dies I’m going to make the girl have triplets (she will be a young adult by then) but i want the elder to die pretty quickly after the girl turns into a young adult, so she can have the triplets (she is going to break up with the dad.) What should I do if the elder stays alive for ages??? 🙂

  173. If you want him to die specifically of old age then I suggest you use Trigger Age Transition (hopefully you know what that is but if not here’s my terrible instruction: use “testingcheatsenabled true” in the cheat bar, right click on the Sim you want to die/age, the option for “Trigger Age Transition” or something along those lines will appear. Click it.) Normally this would make a Sim go up one age level ie. Teenager to Young Adult, but Elders just die of old age.

  174. Hellooooo! Me again! My file has these two traveller-looking people and there about to have a baby. The Mum’s name is Dizzy and the Dad’s name is Critchon. If the baby is a boy, what should i call him? If the baby is a girl, what should i call her? Like i said, they are a bit like travellers, but the new girl or boy doesn’t want to be like a traveller when she/he grows up.

    1. You could always do something really boring like Dave or Jane 😉 I’m guessing you might not be British, if you are I suggest some of the names from the Dingle Family from Emmerdale.

  175. I had kids with a computer NPC sim, i called him over so he could meet the kids. When he came over he picked up one of our kids, but when he went to hi apt he took my kid with him. I thought when I invited him over he would bring the kid back so i was like hey ill let the baby stay with the dad. When i started missing my kid i seen if i could move the computer sim in with me and when he did my kid came back to bigger. So i had more kids they got grown had kids so i kicked them out so they could get there own place. When i did that i can invite them over, talk to them but they cant be found on the map. Is that cause they are computer kids?

    1. Pretty much, yeah. NPCs don’t live in homes in the neighbourhood, they just kind of generated as the need for them arises. So I guess, technically, they live “in the cloud”. You can’t play them, hence the title Non-Playable Character. I think you can only overcome that by marrying them.

  176. Do you get money for being a single mum? My sim (Susan) is really poor living in a one roomed house and her lover hates children but she is preggers. I don’t want her to marry him so does she get money for being a single mum?

  177. I have the sims 3 pets that allows you to get up to 10 sims total (human sims and animal sims). I had two adult sims, two toddler sims, two dogs, and one horse. That means I still had room for three more sims. One of my adult sims just wouldnt get pregnant so I gave her the fertility treatment from the lifetime rewards then she randomly got blessed by a unicorn. Next thing I know, she gives birth to 8 babies! But only one of them came home with her from the hospital. Any idea how I could get the other ones so I could put them up for adoption or ctrl+shift delete them ?

    1. Unfortunately not, I don’t use any mods like that, so don’t know how they function and I’ve never had the problem. I also have no idea what the unicorn thing is about. If only one came home I’d guess there was only 1 space available in reality. They might be in the neighbourhood bin.

  178. I was wondering can your sim get married and pregnant without you knowing?

    My sim Rhea has (or at least had) a romantic interest. They woohooed only ONCE. The next day (sims time) they were automatically MARRIED! I didn’t make them become boyfriend and girlfriend at all. Let alone engaged. Now she’s pregnant and I don’t know how! I didn’t click on ‘Try for baby’. This was on the game Sims 3 Pets for Xbox 360. Please help, this has never happened to me before…

    1. You need a mod for teen pregnancy – something that I have detailed in this post.

      To make them age prematurely you need to turn on testingcheatsenabled true and use the gravestone of life and death, I think. As long as you’re talking about the Sims 3.

  179. How do you get the romantic options to come up in the new sims 3, 2/12/2015 update? I can’t get the options up at all unless I choose a character who has a girlfriend that was already in the game

    1. Hello, Unfortunately as I put at the top of all of my Sims related pages, I can’t help with console issues as I’ve never played The Sims on any console. Hopefully you’ve found a way around it by now 🙂

  180. Umm in really confused because I’m a single male in the house and I meet a girl we try for a baby and then we broke up. She gave birth to the child and I’ve got a goal that says pick up kelseybut I have no relationship with the birth mom so how do I get my child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. My sim got pregnant had the baby at the hospital and now its just sitting in the carrier, its been sittjng there for like 4 or 5 sim days what the heck

  182. Help!! I can’t seem to get my sim pregnant, even when there is enough room, I’m doing the 100 baby challenge, and I have tried with Geoffrey Landgraab, at least 3 – 5 times! I can’t seem to hear the jingle that tells me that I’m pregnant, I don’t even know if you need to hear it to know that you are pregnant, and there are 6 people in the household so far. Can somebody help me please?!

  183. Omg, wait, I don’t need an answer, so sorry! My sim is feeling nauseous now, I’m so sorry that I made a big deal. I’m so embarrassed. > . <