The Sims 3: Relationships and Households

I found that my Sims 3 FAQ page was getting a little long and the word count a bit heavy, so I have decided to split it up into separate pages on particular subjects.  This page is about relationships and households.  I have tried to put the questions in a form of chronological order.  PLEASE NOTE I CANNOT HELP YOU WITH THE SIMS 3 ON IPHONE, ANDROID OR ANY CONSOLES, THIS IS PC ONLY.

Woo! Lesbians!

A teenage sim has a boyfriend, she has grown up, he’s still a teen.  I don’t want their relationship to degrade, what can I do?
Indeed, that’s the way the world works, as in the real world too, people aren’t all the same age.  You have a couple of choices.  The first is to wait until the younger one ages up, which isn’t normally more than a few days.  Or secondly, you can try the Awesomemod, which allows romantic relationships between teenagers and young adults/adults (probably elders too).  My advice is, if you download it, to read all of the instructions and take note that it may conflict with other mods.  It wouldn’t work at the same time as the teen marriage/pregnancy mod for me.

On The Sims 3, what’s this simultaneous boyfriends thing about?
I’m a little miffed as to why you cannot have simultaneous partners.  There’s a lifetime achievement of having had 10 boyfriends/girlfriends, but you cannot have more than one declared boyfriend/girlfriend at any one time.  Sure, you can fall in love with other sims while you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, but you cannot “go steady” with them, which kind of sucks.  In order to complete that lifetime wish you have to have become the boyfriend/girlfriend of 10 other sims, having just been romantically linked is not good enough.

In The Sims 3, can you get family to be romantically involved?
Part of me wants to say “unfortunately not…”, but that might sound a bit dodgy.  You see, I had this crazy idea for a couple of my sims.  A young dude’s father died, but he was brought back to life by this young dude’s Mother.  This pair didn’t get on, so the Father went off and had children with someone else.  Eventually he moved his younger charge and their children in with him, and he also married her, thus making the young woman this young dude’s step-mother (she was younger than him).  I figured, that when I sent this guy back to the netherworld she would be a widow (thus making their marriage over) and that she would be able to have a relationship with the young dude (her step-son).  Now, that’s not entirely unheard of in real life, particularly so as she didn’t “bring him up” as it were, he was already a teenager.  But they cannot have a relationship as he sees her as his step-mother.  Family ties are much tighter and far better written on The Sims 3.  In short, not they can’t be romantically involved.  A few generations apart and they can (I had two get hitched and have kids who were related through a great-great-great-great grandfather.).

Can a woman propose to another woman on sims 3?
Of course.  There is proper gay marriage in The Sims 3.  Once the option of “Propose Marriage” comes up, you’re away.  They’ll do it in the same way as heterosexuals: get down on one knee, produce a ring and then wait for the answer.  The same goes for men.

Do you have a sim that won’t move in, or who cannot propose?
This has happened to me, and was no end of frustration.  I had a sim who had no commitment issues.  He had a girlfriend who did have commitment issues.  I spammed both the friendly and romantic actions to try to instigate at least the “move in” option.  He had to move in with her, rather than her moving into the active household as I had no room there.  I’ve had sims in the past with commitment issues who have gone on to propose to and marry other sims, no problem there.  This one just wasn’t playing ball.  Eventually I had to split and then merge the households.  On the main menu, find the “Edit Town” option.  Choose the button to split a family, choose who is going to move out.  Once that’s done, choose to merge families.  You can now merge the person or people that you just split out with the people whom you wish for them to live with, so long as there is space in that household.  Simple as.  Well, a bit annoying to be honest, but it works.

What happens on The Sims 3 if someone rejects a marriage proposal?
Err, they reject it, and that’s pretty much the end of it.  I had one woman whose girlfriend had the Insane trait and she kept asking this crazy woman to marry her.  She asked about four times and was rejected every single time.  As the moodlet says when it occurs, they’ll get over it and can try again but the humiliation gets no better.

How do I set up a wedding on The Sims 3?
This applies if you are marrying someone into the active household.  Of course, you need to start out by making sure that you have two sims who are engaged.  Then, you need to be certain that there is enough room in that family for them to move in.  To get the wedding started, get the person in the active household to use their phone to “Throw Party”.  A dialogue box will come up asking you to choose some variables.  These include the time of the party, the type of dress, and the type of party (you have a choice of Birthday, House, Wedding and Funeral I believe).  You will also need to choose guests.  Once you’ve set all of those and clicked okay, it’s just a matter of waiting until the time counts down and your party is near.  When the guests arrive and you’re ready, get the two who are to be married to marry each other.  I believe that option is under the Romantic interactions.  Once they’re married, the other person will move in.

In the Sims 3, can you have an open marriage?
Err…no.  Bit of a shame really, but if you can handle Mods then there are some no jealousy options in the AwesomeMod.

In The Sims 3, how do you move teenagers out or in with one another?
From what I can tell, you can’t.  It would appear that the teen pregnancy/marriage mod doesn’t work in the same way that it did for The Sims 2.  In The Sims 2, about halfway through their teenage years they would suddenly become capable of certain adult interactions (such as marriage, moving out, and their job would switch to the adult career), however this doesn’t seem to happen with The Sims 3.  Instead they have to wait until they get to the Young Adult stage before they can move out.  However, you may be able to use the split and merge family option if you’re really desperate, but I haven’t tried it.

In The Sims 3, how do you move someone into your household?
There are a couple of ways to do this.  First off, you could marry them if you’re into that, and of course if it’s a romantic relationship.  Short of that, you should find that once their relationship (I believe romantic or otherwise) is high enough, then the option to “Ask to move in” should pop-up on one of the pie menus.  Ask away and see what happens!  But, do remember that you can only have a maximum of eight (8) sims on a lot, and if you’re not getting an option to move someone in, that may be why.  If there isn’t already a hack available to enable more people on the lot, I’m sure there will be in the future.  Also, if the person is in the family bin and there is room in the household you should be able to merge the families together.

In The Sims 3, how do you move out an entire household?
This is not entirely removed from the previous answer.  You need to get your sims to use a computer and choose “Move”.  You’ll then get a box asking who to move and where to move to, you need to choose whether they are simply being evicted or moving to another lot.  I believe there is a button that says something like “Lot” or “House”.  Choose the place they’re moving to, and the people who are moving.  Click on the tick, and you should be away!

On The Sims 3, if I marry someone with kids, do the kids move in too?
You know, I have a funny feeling that it’s optional.  When the new spouse goes to move in with the person that they’re marrying, a box should appear asking for you to select the people who move in.  It may be that children have to, otherwise they would be left alone, however I wouldn’t be surprised if it was optional to include the children.

On the Sims 3 can I move in/somehow edit a family when someone is in the process of dying?
I know that might sound like a strange question, but I’ve had a hit from a similar one.  It would appear that, as in previous versions of the game, nothing else can really happen while a sim is dying.  You cannot move people in or out, actively get married or stuff like that.  The death takes priority.  I can’t quite remember what I was trying to get a sim to do, but he couldn’t do it while his step-mother was dying, so he had to wait until the Grim Reaper had put her into her grave before he could.

In the Sims 3 if you merge households will the surnames change?
No they won’t.  In The Sims 3 the surnames are rather more dynamic.  If someone moves in to another house then their name will remain the same as it was before they move.  However, if they marry someone and then move into the house owned by the person that they married their name will change.  I have in fact seen houses where it may say something like “Kraft Household” on the map view, but no-one with the surname Kraft lives in the house.

In The Sims 3, can you cause other sims to break up?
Why yes, yes you can.  If you have a  sim that is in a ‘relationship’ with another sim who is already attached to someone else, whether that be by marriage or otherwise, then yes you can ask the sim that’s in a relationship to break up with their partner.  Remember kids…men never really leave their wives for their mistresses!

On The Sims 3 can you break up your own relationship?
I’ve already covered getting other sims to break up, but what I haven’t covered is breaking up your own relationship.  It’s actually very simple.  You have to start by turning things a bit sour.  Of course, as with previous incarnations of The Sims when couples don’t talk to each other much or don’t WooHoo a lot their relationship begins to degrade.  You can get sims to choose a mean social interaction which will be something like “Scare”, or “Argue”.  I will admit that it’s easier if the instigator is Hot-Headed or Evil.  If the sim on the receiving end didn’t like it, they will lose some relationship points.  Keep doing those kind of nasty things to the other sim and eventually you’ll have an option appear that is “Break Up”.  They then break up.  Simple as.

How can I have more than 8 people in my household?
If I remember correctly, this is now available as part of Awesomemod.

There is someone living in my household and I don’t want them to be, what can I do?
You have two choices – first, you can get them to use the computer and choose the option to “Move”, or you can go through the “Edit Town” area in the main menu and forcibly move them elsewhere.

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  1. My Sim wants to get married but his girlfriend keeps rejecting his proposal. Is there a way to get her to say yes? She is not part of my household.

  2. if i move a married couple out of my household to a house next door will i still have control over them or not?

    1. u can choose 2 either play them or ur other sims. there should be a box in the corner that u can decide 2 check and say “active household” i wish u could play more then 1 household…but without a mod that i don’t kno of…u can’t! 🙂 hope i helped…but probably not…..

  3. If you set the house they are moving into as the active household, then yes you will have control of them. If there are other people living in the original house and you just want the couple to move out then no, you won’t have control. It’s all about the active household setting! 🙂

  4. girl how do you get pregant on this game my sister did so how do i? And i had a dude move in with me and i want to marry him but there is no way i can what should i do?????

    1. 1) for getting pregnant, once the flirty bar is at extreamly irrisistable, you can click on the sim you want to gave a baby with, and click the choice [WooHoo] multiple times. after awhile you can click a choice that says [try for baby] and by the time thats over, if you hear a lulliby, you will know your sim is pregnant and the next day it will zoom in on the pregnant sim, play the sound that goes off when you complete something, and it will say your sim is pregnant. 3 sim days later, she will have a baby <3

      2)for getting married, you have to make sure it says propose marriage, and propose. if this wont come up, make sure that its at extreamly irrisistable.

      1. Get both sims to a double bed and have them both use the ‘relax’ option when you click on the bed. as the selected charcter, click on the other sims and select ‘try for baby’. If you hear a lullaby kind of tune at the end of their… woohoo, it means she’s pregnant! 🙂 it takes about 3 days to actually have the baby.

    1. You can go to; Edit Town. And you will see an option that says create new household. You can create a new SIM there and just add them to your household


  5. I cant find the option where i can ask the girl to break up with her existing boy friend i have the romantic intrest bar full but it wont work =[

    1. You have to lower their relationship first, so just get them to tease, argue and annoy one another a lot. Eventually the relationship will get so low that you’ll have the option to break up 🙂

  6. i have a queton. what happenes when a immoves in with you? do you control them like you do your orignal sim or are they controlled by someone else?

    1. click ‘mean…’ and then ‘break up’. If it doesn’t show up, keep insulting the other sim and be mean to them until it does.

      Or you can kiss another sim 🙂

  7. I have two YOUNG ADULTS on my sims 3 game, they love eachother and have 2 babies…. I can’t seem to get either one of them to ask the other to be a boyfriend or girlfriend… they live together though & I really want them to be gf/bf so they can get married. Do you have to be full adutls??? PLEASE HELP ASAP

    1. Very good question, because I don’t think I’ve seen that before. Young adults can be in a relationship together. I assume their relationship bars are full?

      1. Yeah you can get two young adult sims married it just takes a lot of time. My married couple are young adults, and have three kids.

        1. If, you can’t get marrid you just….well when you start the game and you have a young girl and young Boy (Young Adults) U click on a option and make a familly tree and you can make the marrid…
          I guess i didn’t help 🙁 😀

    2. no they do not need 2 be full adults. I’m not sure wuts goin on bcuz in my sims if their is the option 2 “Woohoo” or “try for baby” there is the option 2 “propose marriage” so just have them keep “whisper in ear” and “leap into arms” and other silly romantical things and eveautnally they should have the option 2 “propose marriage”

  8. I can not move in my husband into my household it says you need adults in each household my sim is an adult… do I have to make the other family an adult?

    1. Devyn, wow. That’s unusual, and in all honesty I don’t have an answer, but will ask you to consider whether you may have any social mods that are interfering with their relationship?

  9. I was asked to move in once, but it wouldn’t work bcs it says my active household doesn’t have enough fridge or bed. So I added one each. What do I have to do to be asked again?

  10. Hi, is a silly question but, how to you make others sims to annoy each other? I want to have a relationship with this girl but she´s in a relationship already, is it good if I go to their household and flirt/kiss her? would that lower their relationship so I can make them break up?

    1. Mair – I think they have to be in a bit of a foul mood, but sometimes I see the annoy option come up when clicking on a target sim, and it should give you ways to annoy them. The other thing to do, which will really piss off the other sim is to get your sim to flirt/kiss/woohoo with the other sim in the same room. Things get a bit angry when that happens! 🙂

  11. Okay, so, my sim’s son got married and he & his new wife moved out. I still continued to keep the active household the same. Now, I am wanting to switch over to the newlyweds house and make that one the active household. When I went to do that, they were nowhere to be found. They weren’t in the library or anywhere. It’s almost as if he & his wife disappeared. I know they’ve gotta be somewhere???

    1. Brittany – When you chose the move out thing, there’s an option just to dump them into the neighbourhood or not, I think (been a long time since I played), so if you didn’t specify where they should go, they’ve probably just been put into the neighbourhood with no fixed abode, just enough of an existance to appear in public places. So yeah, unfortunately they might not be playable anymore 🙁

  12. My girl sim that is a young adult married a sim that I didn’t create (was already in the town) but the sim I married won’t move in with me but, it’s been staying in my house for 2 days now after I invited them over, and it won’t let me control them either.. Have they moved in since I invited them over? And if so, why can’t I control them?? Please help 🙁

    1. Avri – it doesn’t sound like they’ve moved in, just that they’ve stayed over quite a bit. I’m actually quite baffled as to why they didn’t move in when you married them. Is there room in the house? Did you get any options about moving them in?

  13. Hi! I’m playing Sims 2 and have a question. Is there a limit on how many children a married couple can have? I have a couple that have 6 kids and it will not allow fr the option of “Try For A Baby” when they WooHoo any longer. Can someone tell me why or what I can do? I know there has to be a way around this because of one of the ‘wants’ is to have 10 children. Thanks for a reply!

    1. Vanessa – there’s a restriction on the amount of sims that can be on a lot in all of the sims games, and it’s 8, which is why you can’t get that couple of have any more children. They’ll just have to wait until the oldest children can move out and then have a couple more! 🙂

  14. Ok so my household is getting full.One of my Sims sons just got married.and i dont him and his wife to live with us.But i still want to be able to control them but in another house.How do i do so?

    1. Sims Wonder – I don’t think it’s really possible without a game modification because you can only have one active household at a time, so you would have to choose which ones you really wanted to control more than the others. Though, from what I’ve read, you might wish to consider the NRaas Master Controller mod 🙂

  15. I want to make a family of teenagers, but when i do it keeps saying you need a adult to keep going with this family. How can i get a teenage family?

    1. Molly – there’s probably a mod that lets you do it, but you’d have to google to find it out. I’ve never attempted to have a house of just teenagers. One of the mods that allows teen pregnancy may allow this kind of thing too 🙂

    2. Molly- what you need to do is have a mom that is an elder(or dad) and do the cheat testingcheatsenabled true and then shift and click on the sim, click ‘trigger age transition’, and the sim will die. it will make the other sims sad, but then you can just shift click on the mailbox and do ‘make all happy’.and qua bamo there you have a teen family.

      and trust me i have done this before 😛

  16. I have these 2 Sims that are boyfriend and girlfriend, they live with each other too. The relationship bar is high, but it won’t give me the try for a baby option. And they both think that each other is extremely irresistible .

    1. Princesspdt – Difficult one, just make sure their relationship is the higest it can possibly be, and make sure there are no mods interfering that could be with such social actions.

  17. Hi there. I have a sim (in sims 3) that’s just got divorced and I am controlling him. However, he will not perform romantic interactions with any other sims. I’ve checked and they are all young adults and not related; they are best friends. Any ideas?!

  18. My Sims have 3 kids, a teen, a child, and a toddler. My Adults wont kiss each other, not even hug. They still talk. They both took baths, brushed their teeth, and washed their hands. I don’t know why they aren’t kissing, trying for a baby, hugging, or WooHooing?? Please help me! D:

    1. Heather-ok so what happens with sims (unless they have the lifetime reward ‘never dull’) sims will get bored of the same ineractions. maybe take a break from the romanticness and stick with friendliness for a while and then when they get bored of that, go back to romanticness
      hope it helps 🙂

  19. I have a couple that has lived together a very long time. They got engaged, achieved their goals, got married then had a baby. Now that they have a baby together they cannot stand one another. They are not stressed whatsoever about the baby but some how still hate eachother. What should I do?

    1. Lisa – I would guess that they started sniping at one another by being tired or something with the kid. All I can suggest is get one, or both of them to use the apologise option!

  20. how many people can you have on the sims 3 for the computer,because my girl wants to have five kids and she has one and shes pregnet with another, so can i have 5 kids? i already have 6 people(not counting her being pregnant.)

  21. does anyone know anything about sims3 on the computer because no-one has said anything about my guestians and i need anwsers now because i’m going to get on my game and i need my anwsers!!!!!!!

    1. Jordan – seriously, calm down, those were all posted in less than an hour. My life is exceptionally weird at the moment, which is why it’s taken me almost a month to get round to reply. There was actually no need to be quite so rude, this isn’t a live forum or chat, it’s a blog.

      In answer to your questions, you can have 8 people on a lot, without a mod. If you google for things like cheats to get money and also how to attempt to force a girl baby you’ll find answers.

  22. what would happen if you were married and then you broke up with the guy and you got a new man and your ex had the trait flirty and he was flirting with you when your new man was right there would your new man be mad at you or would he be okay with that and pretend that never happend??my girl got married to a guy and she found out he was old and was getting ready to die ,so she broke up with him and got a new husband and she invited her ex over to try to be friends with him but he started flirting with her and i didnt want her to be flirty to her ex. i wanted her to live happly ever after with her new man not with her old man, she just wanted to be friends with her old man.

  23. My two sims are living together and they are boyfriend and girlfriend, but as I recall, there wasn’t any “going steady” option. So now I do everything I can to get the male sim to propose but the option never comes up after I do all the romantic things nor does ‘going steady’

    They are both adults too -.- Please help!

    1. they either r not bf and gf or they are steady and bf and gf. cause “going steady” is the same as being gf and bf if they are not steady but do kiss..and other stuff…they are probably “romantic interests” make them keep being flirty and u will get the option 2 go steady and then the option 2 propose marriage. if u cant make them go steady then one of them is probably dating or married 2 another sim.

  24. hi, i have a boyfriend on the sims as young adults would the man beable to proopse to me without him living with me or would i have to ask him to move in with me then i can control him to propose to me?

  25. i moved my young adult out of my active household. How can i play his game aswel as the one he moved from, so i can choose who he marry’s etc.. please help?

  26. Hello, I really need help please! I play sims 3 on my ipod touch; and I am married to this guy named “Johnny” anyway, it classifies me as his “spouse” I tell him flirty jokes, which he loves, I give him tones of kisses, and I whoo-hoo him about, 3-4 times aday! The relationship bar is complettly full, and like I said, I give him attention, but the “try for baby” option WILL NOT COME UP! I really want a baby, and it won’t bring it up! What should I do to make it come up?
    PS. Since I am on my Ipod, it won’t let me download mods, so please don’t mention that. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Isabel-
      I had the same problem at one stage. Unfortunately I don’t think that it’s possible to have kids on Sims 3 for the iPod. It’s only possible on the Sims 3 ambitions.

  27. heyyyyyyyyyy 😀
    so ummmm
    im trying to make my sims propose going steady, but the option wont show up….
    I HAVE their realationship on ‘extreamly irrisistable’ but the option wont show up.
    The guy already had kids with another woman, but they broke up. maybe thats the problem but I dont know.the other woman is perfectally fine with the other man shes with…….dating him…………but its just with the guy………please help me!
    Thanks alot! 😀

  28. Hey peeps 😛
    so im having this problem where it wont let me ‘propose going steady’
    the mman has already had kids with another woman, but they broke up
    it was ok with the woman…….its just the guy
    please help
    thanks alot 😀

    1. his current girl might be already w/some1 else therefore she can’t be anything more then romantic interests w/him. also he might have commitment issues or she does making it harder

  29. another thing
    i have this couple where the friendship bar couldnt go any farther and i wanna ‘confess attraction’ but when i do the gurl just shrugs and i shrug and then we are still just friends. please help i dont know what to do.

    1. Well, You Just Have To Keep Flirting With Her Untills She Gives. Just Always Use Romantic Conversion On Her All The Time. But, Dont Use It So Much That She Get Bored Of Hearing The Same Thing…

  30. hey ive been trying to insult a sim or slap them but i cant because i cant see like the ‘option bar” like the options you have when you select a sim like speaking,flirting and actions and im on a smartphone/android

    1. Abbey – unfortunately I can only help with The Sims 3 on the PC, so I don’t know if the option is available on Android. If my HTC Desire wasn’t so skint on space, I’d download it!

  31. If Your Sims Break Up. How Do You Get Them To Become Friends Again?
    Because Wen Ever i Try They Either Get Mad At Me and The Reltionship Bar Just Keep Goin’ Down and Down …

  32. My male sim is havin an affair and i’m tryin to get his mistress pregnant. I’ve done the ‘try for baby’ thing A LOT but i haven’t heard the little tune does this mean she isn’t pregnant? She doesn’t live in my house, he calls her over wheb his wife and children are out. I just wana know if he got her pregnant lol

    1. Yoly – If you haven’t heard the jingles, then I’d say she’s not pregnant. If it’s The Sims 3, then I believe they can get pregnant if they’re not living in the household, so I don’t have a solid answer for you there. Unless your guy is firing blanks 😉

    2. 1 of my male sims had an affair w/some1 he didn’t live with and accideantly got her preggers–so yes u can get soem1 not in ur house preggers. maybe u should move the location where they “tryforbaby” if that doesn’t work…..

  33. Not sure if this will help anyone but I had a really weird sims moment where my sims had a baby (a ghost baby as the father was a ghost) but i couldn’t make them boyfriend or girlfriend even though they loved each other. so i looked at the statistics bit and it said that my ghost man had five relationships and two were active…which was strange as in the friends box he was only involved with one sim! so i looked at my friends and went back to ex girlfriend’s houses to shout at them – now they hate him but it made no difference! so i went back to the statistics and weirdly noticed that his longest relationship was with someone who he’d dated a billion years ago and who was dead…and they’d dated for long enough to have a kid and that was it! so i went to the cemetary, managed the dead, got her back and checked her relationship stuff and the two of them were romantically involved?! they fought and shouted and stuff and eventually she hated the sight of him – i checked the statistics again and there was now only ONE active relationship! whoop! seemed like a really weird glitch thing and it had caused me no end of frustration but maybe this will help anyone in the same stituation?!

    1. i have a question…im in a situation that sounds a lot like urs. but i can’t get anything 2 work right. my girl brought some dead person bak from the netherworld and they had 1 boy and 2 little twin girls, the dad randomly returned bak 2 the netherworld. for a while the mom could still “Go steady” with other sims, but she would get a cheating relationship even through her deadd husband didn’t show up in her contacts and said her partner was “none” but after that it wouldn’t even let her “Go steady” with any other sims, i tried with multiple others..please help?

  34. ok 1 of my sims drowned while i was afk, it was no big deal since his wife was able to restore his ghost and the dad was able to make ambrosia. So he came back to life, and the relationship between him and his wife is bugged. It says fiancee but when i put the mouse over the wife or husband it says partner is none, and the propose option doesn’t come up even when extremely irresistable. any ideas?

    1. Someguy – Have you tried resetting the sims? I haven’t done too much with ghosts for a while, but do recall resurrected ones still showing the correct relationships.

  35. OK, so i have a sim and he is romantically involved with his maid , I want them to get married , they have been on over 10 dates they are in love , it just doesn’t give me and option to marry them , its not even giving me and option to make them go steady . anybody know what to do ?

    1. ummm…unless u hav some super homicidal mod or something i don’t think u can unless u invite them over and when they go in the kitchen turn the stove on make ur sim walk out and remove all doors and that sim will burn up

  36. How do I get my sim to Kill another sim thats not part of my family. And how do I make another sim that’s not part of my family instantly fall in love with me and is it possible to hook a sim that’s your friend up with another sim that’s your friend?

  37. clarence is wrong. I have to admit, i have killed sims before. ^-^. What you do to kill them is you go to them and you can either
    1) go to them and u [shift]~click~ on the person you want to kill, and choose [Trigger Age Transition] untill they die.
    2) you can [shift]~click~ on the person you want to kill. choose [Add to Active Family]. You can then choose from diffrent ways to kill them-

    and if you have add ons, theres more.

  38. I wanted to make a family where there was and adult with a teen child from one family, and another adullt with a teen child from another family, but I don’t want the adults to be married yet. I want to get the adults together and the teens, but if I marry the parents first, does that mean that I can’t get the teeens together becuse they would be brother and sister? Thanks.

  39. I have a question…I have a sim, I married her and moved the husband in and have since had a baby…Here comes the stupid part of the question….I found a Brad Pitt sim free download online…I totally wish I’d have found it sooner so I could marry my sim to him, but I didn’t….so I’ve placed a copy of him in my town…but now I don’t want to make my sims divorce because of the baby…so I guess I’m wondering if there is a way to swap out the husband sim for the Brad Pitt sim? Probably not, but I thought I’d just ask.


  40. I recently had a “birthday party” for my newborn. Because I wanted her to age, I tried to do the same thing a few days later, After she had been potty trained and could talk and walk, and she was not on the list to select who could blow out the candles. Am I allowed to age twice in that manner? Please help, ps: i have de activated aging and I aged her with the birthday cake.

    1. I’ve never tried it myself, but I think you can. The fact that you’ve turned off aging might be having an impact. I think that all babies have to age, so they’ll become toddlers, but I’m not sure whether all toddlers have to age because it’s a life stage where they can actually do things as opposed to a baby who can’t. Sorry I couldn’t help more there.

      1. you probably tried to age the toddler too soon. you have to wait at least 2 days before you can age them again, unless you use a cheat

    2. There is a cheat where you don’t have to buy or use the birthday cheats to age them up. its (TestingCheatsEnabled true) Than you shift click on the baby or toddler and press trigger age transition. If you don’t like what the Sim looks like when its a kid or don’t like his traits this cheat works for that too! But remember to turn it off after by typing in (TestingCheatsEnabled false) before turning of the game or else your game will start to get slower and it will eventually crash.

      P.S. do not include the parentheses when typing in the cheat!!! or ()

  41. I love sims 3 i triend playing it in my cousin’s house but i can’t get it i guess i willonly get it in 4 years i will be 20 well i guess i will get it never i really, really want it! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  42. I have people living with me and they won’t do anything unless I control them, is there any way I can make it to where I only have to control my character and they do there own thing

    1. Not really. You can make sure that freewill is turned on and they’ll be capable of doing things of their own accord, but so will your sim, so you can do that, ignore all the rest and only control one if you want to.

      1. You could also check disable autononomy for the selected sim in the options menu. Then you’d have to do everything for them.

  43. ive made my main sim which is a girl separately from my male sim (i made my female sim and later edited my town and added my male sim in it). I wanted to try a little challenge of actually having to get the male to like me. But we became good friends before i can “confess my attraction to him”,ive tried a million times things from the romantic bubbles but nothing works. Am i going to have to stay good friends or do i keep trying??. Please help!

  44. I’ve had experience with the: if I marry someone with kids, do the kids move in too?

    So the girl had a kid, and when the guy married the girl and she moved in, the kid HAD to come with her, I had no choice on that. Can’t leave the kid behind, I tried. Though this kid was a toddler, so I’m not really sure if it works out the same way with children and teens.

    Thing is though, the kid was also the guy’s daughter in the first place… he got the girl pregnant BEFORE the girl married him and moved in. Don’t know if that was taken into consideration, and the father felt like he had to be responsible for the kid or something. LOL

    1. Nah, it’s most likely because there was no-one else left in the original house that the mother was moving out of. Wish it more about responsibility though!

  45. what should i do if my one kid sim can’t interact with anyone and none can interact with him????? PLEASEEE HEEELLPP!!!!!!

  46. ..OK…I have a big Family (5) kids and the adult kids moved out and had their own children, how do I find out which children belong to which parents if the family with the kids arent my active household?….Is there a way to find out….do they have a family tree I can look at?

    1. I think the only way is to look at the family tree, but believe that the only way to view that is to have one of the family members as the active sim.

  47. okay, so i have this problem and i’m reallllyy really hoping someone could help. kay so, one of teen sims aged up into a young adult so i decided to get him married. after i moved in his new wife, my household reached the maximum amount of sims in a household. i wanted them to have a baby so i can move them into a new house but i couldnt. so i decided go on edit town and split the household and i took out two sims. after that i had the baby and moved them out. THEN i went back to edit town and merged the two sims i previously took out back into the house. but then i saw that the relationships have changed and the two sims i merged back in arent related to my sims anymore. 🙁 how do i make the relationships go back to normal? pleasseee please please help me! i dont want to start over, this is the longest sim family i have ever played with! :((

    1. Have a look online to see if there’s a program online for The Sims 3 called SimPE, or any other similar programs. With The Sims 2, SimPE allowed you to edit the relationships between sims 🙂

  48. Okay so I’m hoping at least someone will help me out with this. My sims has a wish to throw a birthday party for another sim that is NOT in my household. I really want to fufill that wish but I don’t know how. See, it’s actually my sims daughter, who moved out a couple days ago and now she is having her birthday and my sim wants to throw a party for her. My main question: How?

    1. You could try throwing a party by using the phone and inviting her round. It might then give the option on the birthday cake, but I’m not sure, as I’ve never had the conundrum before. 🙂

    2. It’s possible, I’ve done it in the past 🙂 just throw a birthday party and invite your daughter. Then click on the cake and you should have the option to age up any of the guests who aren’t elders, including her 🙂

  49. So ive got this sim that i think has lived too long so is there any way on sims 3 that you can kill a sim without having to make them get older?? Please help!!!! 🙁

    1. You might have disabled aging, so look in the options to see. if not, just wait a while, or perhaps burn the house down. 🙂

  50. Is this for the sims 3 PC game? Because I have the one for the 3DS and there are none of those features that your talking about( I think…). I’ve been on like 12 websites to find out how to get to the beach part and it said something about a PC game.

  51. Is this the sims 3 PC game? Because I have the one for the 3DS, and I don’t have any of those features (a least I don’t think so…). Oh, and is the beach on the PC game. If there is one… Is there even really a beach place?!? This game is very complex and confusing! ):[

  52. I have a BIg problem. i got married to a sim and we lived in my household for quite some time and then i decided to move to a different location. when i moved my ability to contol my wife was gone and now she doesnt live with me anymore. please help.

  53. im a female and i proposed to a man and we got married then as soon as we got married it said he is now in my household but he actually not. i cant control him and i still have to ask him to come over and spend the night. ive been trying for hours to get the move in question there but it wont HELP!!

  54. I’ve added (young adult girl) other sim in my household, and I also have my own (teen) guy sim, can they be in a relationship? meaning boyfriend/girlfriend. thanks

  55. Ok so I was dating this sim, but I broke up with him, then became close with him then asked to move in, now it’s taking forever to get them tk get married, what should I do???

  56. Ok so my sim daughter which is a teen has had a celebrity boyfriend for a few days, then all of a sudden him and his family moved away…I couldn’t find him on her relationship panel so I figured they were broken up. I then tried to get her another boyfriend but now she has a naughty reputation. She did try to be with him in public so I can see the reputation part, but i’m still confused if Her and her old boyfriend are still together after he moved. Help Please? 🙂

    1. Sometimes Sims just seem to leave the neighbourhood without much warning. If he’s not listed as a friend/boyfriend for her anymore then I would guess he’s gone and they’re not in a relationship anymore.

  57. This is the first time this has happened to me and I for the life of me can not figure out how to fix it. My sims got married and have a very good relationship (the bar is completely green). But when I look at their family tree it says that they aren’t married but if I look in the list of their friends it says they are married. Has anyone else had this problem. I have tried breaking them up and then getting them remarried and it fixed for a little while but it just did it again.

    1. Actually now that I look at it the sims just have the symbol under their picture in the friends list that says they are married if I hover the curse over their picture it says that they do not have a partner but I don’t have the option to marry the sim again unless I break them up.

      1. I have the same problem. I have this guy that proposed to this girl and she said yes. They had a private wedding, and later had two children. I was feeling bored so I checked the family tree and it said that the couple was unmarried. I am not sure why it says this, but I dont want to break them up and get them remarried. Please help!

  58. I’ve played every sims and I’ve never ran in to the 2 problems that I am having right now with my sims 3.

    The first one is that I have 2 sims engaged and living together but no matter how many romantic or friendly actions I use the get married option never comes up. I’ve been trying for so long that they have twins that are now teens and another set of twins about to become children so I would really like to get them married. Also I had the girl in a family I made a while ago and the guy I made in edit town and just tossed him in so that she could have someone.

    My next problem which I find even weirder is that my baby twins dislike my older twins and both of their boyfriends. I use the “testingcheatsenabled true” cheat to keep the needs always up so other then the parents going in to snuggle them every once and a while they don’t leave their cribs in their room but they randomly got a betrayal mod thing even thought they’ve never seen them and I just don’t understand what happened there at all, bug?

    1. for the marriage option, you need to click on the sim you are engaged to and say “have private wedding” or you can just throw a wedding party. and for the second one, after you’ve typed in testingcheatsenabled true, you just need to go to the relationship panel of the baby and find the older brothers/sisters. then you just need to drag the relationship meter up. then make the boyfriends interact with them so that the boyfriend can get into their relationship panels then do the same thing as you did to the brothers/sisters

  59. Hey, am, my teenage sims moved out and now I can’t control them, Is there anyway I can control them again without them having to move into their previous house?

    1. Not really, you’d have to create them as a new save game. Once they’re out of the house, if you don’t choose to have them as the new family, then they’re part of the town.

  60. i was wondering if anyone could give me any tips for caring for more than 2 sims in a household? i know this sounds silly since you all are talking about multiple sims but i seem to get a bit overwhelmed when i am trying to track needs, goals, and interactions of 3 or more sims.. does anyone have any suggestions to make this easier? i’m going down the line of lifetime wishes so i can play all the sim types and i just know i’m going to have a serious problem when i get to the Surrounded by Family lifetime wish.. help!

    1. Just keep checking between all of the sims and what their needs are. If needs be, send some of them off to do long tasks (whether that be work, or painting something big) and focus on some of the others more intently for a while. When I haven’t played for a long time, I get the same issues with time management, but being able to focus on a couple of them is really helpful before moving on to others.

  61. (SIMS 2) ok so i have a little girl, a dog, two brothers, one lady, and two people that are married. is there a way that i can break up the married people, move the mom and the two little kids out, and make the dad and the other adult get married?

    1. to make this easier, say that the one lady is Ella, and the married people are Mark and Alyssa. can i make mark and alyssa get divorced, alyssa move out with the other two boys, and mark and ella get married?

      1. Yep, sure can. Just degrade the relationship between the two you want to break up, have one of them “move out”, choose who goes with them and start working on the new relationship 🙂

  62. i am stuck on sims 3. when you have a family and your family member/members move out how can you still be able to carry on playing from that house hold as well as start a new game with the people that moved out, sorry if this doesn’t make any sense it was hard for me to explain

    1. You can’t do it all at the same time. The people who have moved out, you would have to create a new game with them at the point of moving them out. It would be, pretty much, a whole new town with a whole new save game. Not quite as good as previous incarnations of The Sims, in my opinion.

  63. I have a HUGE problem on my sims game that been happening for a while ( to a few different families) and I’ve tried to research why it was happening and I got NOTHING so I’m hoping you can help me. Ok so my sims had their son and their TWO sets of twins living with them at the time. Meaning that their was 7 people in the house. I wanted to get my girl sim pregnant again so she could fulfill her lifetime wish of having 5 kids (the oldest boy is her step-son not her real son) so I got her pregnant again and turns out she had twins AGAIN. I knew that the maximum number of people in the house was 8 but I was positive that there was no way she could have twins again. So anyways long story short, since my house was too full my newborn twins got moved out and they’re not in anyone’s house in my town. I moved the eldest boy out recently but I still can’t get my babies back. They’re in the family tree but they’re not anywhere else 🙁 and one more thing! My babies aren’t aging. Every time I look at the family tree they’re toddlers and I know they should at least be kids by now. Any advice for what to do would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  64. Hi I have sims 3pc, almost every expansion pack and a few stuff packs. Anyways, I have a family of 5 right now. Husband, wife, and 3 toddlers and a baby on the way. I would like to have plans for moving out the kids once they get older, perhaps teenaged years or young adult (if that’s possible to move them out while they’re teenagers) but I was wondering if it is possible to move them out and regain control over them again? Like, perhaps I wanted them to maybe get into a relationship with a particular person or get a particular job or have a baby at some point in time… I’ve been doing Google searches but can’t seem to find a site that can explain what I’m trying to get the answers to. I hope you can help me with this. It’d be greatly appreciated. You can email me your answer Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Tish,

      I believe, like all things in the Sims 3, in order to be in control of the sims you need to create a new save game. When you move them out I believe it asks if you would like them to become the main family you’re playing. Never done it myself though, I only ever want to turf them out 😉

    2. you actually can. just go to edit town. then go to the bottom left corner where the menu is. the find the button that says “change active household”. it should be above the menu thingy and a little bit to the right. then you say yes and yes. then you choose the option “choose household” then choose the house that the teenagers are living in and you’ll know wat 2 do from there.

  65. This has never happened before, My sim is called robin and she is a teenager she has a really good relaitionship with her mom. One day she needed the toilet and the mom and the dad were in there. When she shooed them to the next room the mum had “Ask to leave home” on her q list. Whenever I clicked on it, it would not delete. Eventually Robin was so busy playing with one of her younger sisters that the mom gave up and stopped trying to ask her to leave the home. Help! Why did the mum try to do that and how do I stop it happening next time. I don’t want robin to be kicked out. 🙁

    1. Hi Sammie,

      Quite possibly because the daughter is old enough to leave and her mother wants the space/time alone. IRL, I have a great relationship with my parents but think they prefer me not living with them anymore 😉

  66. Question:
    I had moved in an unrelated Sim to my family household. One of the daughters just became a teen but she won’t flirt with the unrelated member (and vice versa). Yet, I DO get the option at times to ask him to break up with his girlfriend. But that option comes under friendly. She can romantically interact with other people so why not him? It’s like he is treated as family even though he isn’t. And the wife will flirt with him at times but the teen daughter won’t.

    Also, I had two weird instances with “Ask to Leave Home” – in one it is a glitch where “Ask to leave room” showed as “Ask to leave home” but on the other member it showed correctly. The other was when my CHILD daughter wanted to ask to leave home! I had to force the mom out of the house so she couldn’t ask.

    1. I would assume that, without mods, the teen can’t do romantic actions with anyone older than her. If you have a mod installed that allows this then it should work.

  67. Okay so in my family I have my sim and her boyfriend and my friends sim and boyfriend and their 2 kids. My sim and her boy friend have a kid together. He died one day on accident but I played chess with the grim ripper and won so he came back to life. Ever since then all they could do is go steady and I cant get them to get proposed and married. They both just turned adults.

    1. Yeah, I’ve had this issue in the past where they come back as either proper sims or ghosts and they just don’t get on in the same way. I’ve never found a solution unfortunately 🙁

      1. Same happened on mine, when they took a trip to China they could get married there. Worked for me, hope it helps you.

  68. Hey. I have a problem with my Sims people. I have this teenage girl who is in a relationship, with a guy that moved away and doesn’t exsist in the “Friends” list or anything.. Now I can’t be in a relationship longer than to the romance part. This sucks.. Help?

  69. Okay, even though I noticed it’s been a while since any questions been asked in here, I thought I’d try to ask anyway. I’ve got a problem with my sims father. He won’t stop hitting on my sims girlfriend. It practically split up the whole family.

    Is there anyway to stop those randomly crushes that just occurs?

    1. Sorry it takes so long…my job keeps me off my computer most of the time.

      Have you tried lowering their relationship to quite a bad point? I’m not sure if it would work, but does in real life.

  70. If your household is full you won’t get the option to propose to someone outside the household. I guess because this would not enable a new spouse to move in? Anyway, there is no need to force your sims to live together first, although this will work. To do it the normal way you just have to get rid of one person from your household so that there is space for a prospective spouse to move in.

  71. Hey there! I was hoping you might be able to help me out. I currently have a family that I love, and would hate to lose. It goes back like 10 generations and I’m in the middle of a good chapter in the lives. I’m working on getting the oldest son married and having a baby, so I added his girlfriend to the household. At the time she was a teenager, so I used testingcheatsenabled_true and clicked “Add to Household”.

    But now, as she was interacting with my sim when I added her, the action/relationship module up in the right hand corner that appears when you’re interacting with somebody is stuck. It isn’t actually functional, and I can’t click it away. I also don’t have a different save file.

    I had this problem in the past and somehow got past it but it was a really really long time ago and I can’t remember now.

    Any advice? I already tried deactivating the active household and choosing them again. Still there.

  72. Hey there!
    Okay, so I’ve gotten the new Sims 3 University Life and my young adult, female sim, now has a romantic interest with anger young adult male sim. So far it doesn’t allow the option to go steady, but I want to know, when they both finish their degrees, how do I move them back to their old neighbourhood my Sim came from before she went to school.
    Thanks 🙂

      1. They will have a relationship afterwards, so you can go from there with phone calls. A lot of the time your sim gets a degree before other sims, so you can always go back. I’m not positive, but I think that some sims stay in University world just as people there. He might be one of them. I’ve had to play in University 5 times because of a glitch 😛

          1. When you get home you just use your phone to invite him to your home. Then the interaction “Ask to move in” should become available.. ;] good luck..

    1. I had this problem! I added the guy to my active household (using shift click) and then when my sim finished her degree and went back home the guy did to. Hope that helps!

      1. Katie
        I tried shift click but it didn’t work. Also did you use shift click at the university or not? Basically my sim and her boyfriend have completed a degree but I want him to join my active household. What do you type in before shift click?

  73. I made my sims get married and the boyfriend did not want to propose, so i made the girlfriend propose and now it only says that she is married and he is not even though they had a private wedding. When they had a baby its says its his son, but doesn’t have his name, and he is single and she is married. I’m confused and trying to figure out how to fix it.

  74. If I want a sim to ask another sim to break up with his girlfriend, how do I do that? I don’t want him to get cheating status.

    1. From what I recall they have to enter into a relationship to the point where the option appears when clicking on the sim “Ask to break up with xxx”. I’m not sure how far into a relationship that may be. I’ve done it a few times and on occasion it’s taken just a couple of kisses and admitting that they’re attracted, other times one of them had to be pregnant.

  75. My sim recently proposed and got married to her now husband, however they haven’t moved in together. It’s getting really annoying, as it means I have to constantly ask him to stay the night. My sim is expecting a baby soon too, and I don’t want it to affect that. Is there anyway of getting him to move in?

  76. You see… im doing this pregnant challange where i have to get as many babies as i can (so far I have 7) and i wanted to try for baby with my maid. I kept on trying and trying but i couldnt hear the baby noise. I read online the only way to have a baby with the maid is to marry them. So i did, and i got pregnant! So right away i broke up with him and kicked him out. Thats when something went wrong. Instead of leaving he just stood in front of my house as if he was waiting for a bus that never came. I tried clicking on him but nothing worked. The game said he was still moving. I quit the game and went back on, and he was gone! Though it STILL said he was moving. Now i cant enter edit town,buy mode and i cant call for services. PLEASE HELP

    1. Sorry, everything is fine now 😀 I used testingcheatsenabled on the cheat console, found the maid, and deleted him. Now I can enter edit town and buy mode! The only problem is that…well…can i still have my baby? I’ve been pregnant for some time now, and i dont want it to stay that way /:

      1. Thanks, i tried resetSim and it worked! I have one more qestion for you though. If you eat the Ambrosia while your pregnant, will you still have your baby(ies)?

  77. I have a teen girl sim who has not “decided” which partner she wants later in life… she was kissing her girlfriend, and after the girlfriend left, her romantic interest boy came over and they kissed too. My sim’s younger sister saw her kissing the boy…and now she hates her sister and the guy she was kissing… so now what? Will my two sisters be able to be friends again? Right now they won’t interact with each other at all!

    Note: I do play the 360 version of the game…which I know you don’t cover here, but I was just wondering…will time heal all wounds with PC or 360 version so that the sisters will talk and be friends eventually again?

    1. In the past (obviously on the PC version!) I have managed to get two sims in a state of hatred back to talking to one another. I don’t know if on the xbox version you have the option to “apologise”, but I’ve usually started there. Apologising repeatedly, pretty much to the point of grovelling. It takes a damn long time, but eventually they’ll talk. Patience seems to be the issue with that kind of situation. 🙂

      1. Okay, thanks. The teen’s charisma is low, so I don’t have apologize yet… (think you need a few points there for it). So guess I’ll start by polishing up her skill there, and see if time will eventually let the two start talking again! 😛

        Well, guess that shows that NO ONE should see you “cheating”! Not even your own little sister! Lol…

          1. Well, just a small update. Got teen’s Charisma up a few points, and I was able to get the teen and her sister to talk…however no matter what the teen said to her sister, the sister found it “boring”. So teen apologized. No real ground was gained.
            The next day, I at least got the two of them to sit down and play chess with each other… and since they “chat” while playing… here is hoping that I can get the “hate” to slowly go away…

  78. Hi, I was wondering, I have 3 young adults who all have girlfriend/boyfriends… Each relationship has been going on for quite some time now… How come the option for proposal has not come yet but try for a baby and woohoo has? (I just want to start families for them all)

    1. It’s one of these things that can be a bit of a mystery. Have you tried it from both sides of the relationship? Sometimes I find that one sim will be able to propose but the other can’t. It’s largely to do with things like the relationship level, their individual families (is there enough space?), and even how compatible they really are based on their traits. Though, if someone else has a better idea, please feel free to post it 🙂

      1. True…. I can only control one person per relationship and there is 8 sims on the property so that’s probably it. But 2 of the sims on the property are on their death bed lol

  79. i cant make two sims who are romantically involved become boyfriend/girlfriend and they both have no other romantic partners what do i do?
    p.s both of them have the family trait and the only option is praise

  80. Hello there! I am having a little problem. You se i have a familie with at mother, a father, their baby, and a plantsim who, in the family tree, only says the mother is his parent. The mother has married the father AFTER the plant sim was born/harvestet, but i would like for him to be the plantsim’s father somehow. So my question is: do any of you know how to either let an active adult sim adopt a child from the active household, or how to maipulate family ties in the activ household?

    Any ideas would be apreciated.. ;D

    1. Putting your comment out there because I don’t know the answer…but Plantsims are back?? Woah. I thought they were just a thing with The Sims 2, but I’ve googled it and it comes with University. Almost swaying me there with which expansion pack to get. The Plantsims in Sims 2 were adorable. Are they much the same in The Sims 3?

  81. my guy died in the sims 3 but he was in the university world, he has parents but he died in tat world and i cant come back to the normal world to play with them, what do i do?

  82. Hello, in my sims game I just want to control the mother, not the kids or husband. I want to keep them in my household but I just dont want to have to control them.. is there any cheats that you know of that will let me do this?

    1. You’d have to do some more searching to find that out. If you’ve got a household, you’re in charge and control of that household and everyone in it. If you ensure that freewill is on/high then they’ll do a lot of things for themselves, but you can’t guarantee that they won’t interfere with things that you are controlling or that they would definitely not die from starvation or an accident. Some may argue, if you didn’t want to control them, why have them? Otherwise, it’s likely you’ll have to move them out 🙂

      1. If you have university (ON SALE NOW!!) installed, you can build apartments. Have the dad and the kids move out and be only the mom. Go into Edit mode and place them into an apartment. Go back into live mode and make the mom move into the same apartment. That’s how I do it!

    2. I think if you do testingcheatsenabled True then go to your game, shift-click the mailbox while being the father/ child, and click “Force NPC” it should work. Though, I’m unsure.

  83. Hey, I was wondering do you have to download mods to use them? I wanted to use awesomemod for my sims boyfriend he aged up and I don’t want to age her up from a teen yet. Answers?

    1. Yes, you do need to download and install the mods if you want to usecthem. They modify the core game files so they actually need to be in the core folders. Each one comes with instructions though 🙂

  84. I created a household and decided to play another household for a while. When i went back and played my created household, my female sim had a boyfriend that I could not find on my map or invite over. When i called to invite, it just says that he is working and dosent know when he will be done..

    1. This is not really something I have heard of before so I’m putting the comment out there in the hope someone has.

      Did you go off and load a separate save game to play the second family?

  85. So every time I play sims three I am automatically given a new sim during some point in the game, like a new sims with dreams and no skills. How can I stop this? Its annoying and it gets difficult managing so many sims at a time

  86. Hi, I’ve been wondering recently what happens to the pre-made families in a town once all the members grow up and die? I’ve found a list of all the pre-made sims in the town but what happens when all these have died? Do they simply repeat or are there combinations that the game will pick for these sims to go on and have future families etc. Hope this makes sense!

    1. Oooh, I think it’s a bit random really. Some of them in my games seem to have gone on for what feels like forever. Others have naturally left the town, others have simply died out. I think it might depend on the city/town dynamic as to what happens overall. What I do know, is that the town is always populated to some level, even if the game just creates new families.

  87. I made two separate families and basically I made a adult (male( have his own place, then the other family have there own place, I created a dad(male) two daughters and one daughter has a son. I want the male in the other house become the dad, I have changed last names of both and I dont want the other male and young daughter to marry then the man be a step-dad, please say there is a way to make him the dad.

    1. Unless you use something like SimPE (not sure if they’ve even made that for Sims 3, you’ll have to google that) marriage will just make him a step-father unless he is the biological father already.

  88. does having a full household affect if i can get one sims to marry someone out of the household i have been trying for a while now and i am not sure if it is because of the full house hold or not and do not want any of my sims to leave this household any time soon until married so i know i can continue the family tree

    1. Hello – yes having a full lot will affect that because the game assumes that if you’re to marry two sims then they will automatically live in the same household. If there’s no space, it won’t give you the option 🙁

  89. Hey , in my sims i have 2 sims that WONT get together , is there a cheat to automatically have them be girlfriend/boyfriend ?

    1. Good question. Do you know if there is anything stopping them? Are they related? Do their wants/desires preclude them from doing this? Is there something like age that just makes them incompatible?

      There might be a way with some external software to make it happen – I know you could with The Sims 2 and using SimPE, but I don’t know if anyone has made that for Sims 3 🙂

    2. If you have university, there is an app for the phone with a high enough social media skill (5, I think) that lets you choose. Or, Supernatural has a potion that can make them instantly in love. Or you could use testingcheatsenabled true and drag their relationship to full and then start flirting…

      I don’t know anything about mods, though.

    3. There are non-cheat ways to do it that are very effective. Raise your sims Social Networking skill and you can use your smart phone to modify relationships. You could also get the Master of Seduction lifetime reward for one of them and their romantic advances will always be successful.

  90. Hi. I have a question. I want delete relationship between father and child. Specifically I’ve two familys and each have one pair (boy and girl ). I want that girl in first pair’ll reveal her boyfriend with boy in second pair, but when a child’ll born will appear a stamp stepson and stepfather. I wouldn’t it! I want delete or change this stamp. Is there a mod for it? Thanks for your help 🙂

    1. Hello,

      Have a look to see if a bit of software called SimPE exists. It used to exist for The Sims 2 and was very good at altering relationships, but I don’t know if it’s been made for The Sims 3. 🙂

  91. Hello Weasel,
    I wanted to know if you had any info on how to get XP faster on The Sims Freeplay. Do have any possible ideas?

  92. Can you create a house hold of friends? So instead of creating a family and move them all in, can you create a set of unrelated people and have them all move into the same house?


    1. Hello. Yes, I believe you can. When you’re creating them in Create a Sim, just don’t select that they have a familial relationship. There may even be an option there for them to just be room mates, but it has been a long time since I created a family that way 🙂

  93. I want to know I made my sim take it slow with her boyfriend but now they don’t share any romantic interactions ,how do I get it to go away

    1. Get what to go away? I’m a little confused by the question. Is there a chance one of them has moved into a different age group so the romantic interactions are no longer available? Has their relationship deteriorated to the point that they don’t have the option any more and you have to raise the relationship score? If you don’t want them to have anything to do with one another anymore, just ignore him. Eventually the relationship will disappear.

  94. In my sims 3 university game, my sim met a bf and dated all through college, but he finished before her, and then when I sent her back to college he was randomly added to her house hold in the university town, even though he had a degree and didn’t go to any classes. So I made him drop out. And they still dated what not. But when she returned home, he was added to her home household and now will not get the option propose. They say they are in the same age and everything, bf/gf, full relationship bar, irresistible, etc. I’ve tried everything moving him out, moving her out, modifying traits, breaking up. Now that they are broken up, they have full relationship bar, but he accepts romantic interaction, but she gets rejection moodlets with every interaction, and a just friends notification.
    What do I do?
    ( I do not play with any mods)

    1. Yeah I have been through that except with a ex boyfriend from university. In the end I just got a stranger and made him just like my ex.(with cheats) there’s nothing you can do really but if you have supernatural you can buy a cloning potion throw it at him then he clones then you can move him out and get steady with the clone. Sorry if its the only way. Sims should really fix that.
      Hope this helped you.

    2. I know this is old but it might help someone else in the future. I don’t know what the issue was to make marriage not an option for your couple but once you broke them up you must start their relationship anew by selecting “just be friends”. They will then stop being labeled “ex-boyfriend/girlfriend” and you can work back up to bf/gf and marriage.

      1. Oh and I want to add: I’m guessing he’s the one who dumped her since she gets the rejection moodlet. She’s still hurt and pissed and that lasts at least 2 days (maybe indefinitely when interacting with him, I’m not really sure). So the “just be friends” option can or should be selected after that. Sooner and she’d probably not accept or get angry. At least that’s what I’ve read (I was tempted to break up my couple and get them back together but I didn’t want to risk permanent separation).

  95. Like you said we can have a baby with someone who already has a partner..but where will that baby live ? ..In my house or the partner’s house ?

  96. My sim is a adult now and i made a household in edit town and the guy is still a young adult and i want him to move in is their a way to age him up?

    1. Hi hi – I think Young Adults and Adults can have relationships? I know I’ve got an elder an a young adult together. You should just be able to ask, or do the Edit Town move to get him into the household 🙂

  97. I had a glitch and so had to split the family to stop my sim from dying. Now ive done this i cant find the sim to merge back to the household. What can i do to get them back??

    1. Hmm. It sounds like they might have gone into the big bin that is all of the sims who live in the town and randomly appear. It can be quite hard to get them out of that. Do you still have a relationship with that sim (even just being able to telephone them)? If so, you might be able to get them back that way.

      If not, have a look to see if there is a version of SimPE for the version of the game that you’re playing. From recollection, the last version of SimPE I used allowed you to see every sim in a town/neighbourhood and you could alter their relationship with other sims without any work in game.

      Good luck 🙂

    2. When a sim disappears, yours or NPC, you can reset them (their motives, wishes, actions). I’ve read that works sometimes for making missing sims come back home or kicking out a guest or stopping a sim’s action glitch.

      type–> testingcheatsenabled true
      hit enter
      type–> resetsim Name
      Must be first and last name
      hit enter!

  98. Hi! I’ve had this weird glitch for a really long time… I have these two Young adult sim’s and for some weird reason my sim disappears. and the other one glitches out into a ‘Monster like Sim’ it’s really creepy! Also I have Sims 3 pet’s installed and my kitten turns into a Sim. (My sim is a female and when she turn’s into a ‘sim’ she turn’s into a male). I looked all over the internet (and google) to see if anyone has the same problem! But it’s just me. Please help! It happens to ALL of my sim’s! {Thank you}

  99. so i had my young adult woman, she lived in a house of 7 with her new husband and i got both of them to move out but i kept the family as my active household. will the woman and the husband have babies without me switching to their household?

  100. Okay, so my toddler dislikes her mother. Why? The mother took care of her as a baby. Once she was a toddler thier relationship stayed in red. Couldn’t fix it. So, once she became a child, I had the mother throw a potent jar of friendship at her (supernatural). This fixed the problem for a day or 2… except now they’re just acquaintances again. Why can’t they keep their relationship in green? Help!

  101. Ok so it says that my sim couple can’t have children because they don’t have enough space in their household. How can I fix this?

  102. The woman in my game died but came back because the grime reaper. She was married and had a job, but when she died and came back, she didn’t anymore. The marriage option won’t come back up anymore either. It’s just “fiancée” and they won’t get married. Idk why this happened.

    1. Not sure I can help there – it’s not something I’ve ever come across, unless she’s not really come back as a whole person and more a ghost? Or, you have some mods affecting those kind of relationships.

  103. Hi so I just got the late night game for sims and i have two sims in my household (girlfriend & boyfriend) one of my sims got bite by a vampire (the boyfriend) when I got home I tryed to make my sims communicate with each other but when I clicked on them it didn’t work and no options would come up! Both my sims can cumunicate with other sims just not each other!? I tryed reseting both of my sims but it didnt work!? Do u know how to fixs this!?

    1. Unfortunately not, I’m rather lost with that one. Are you trying to make them communicate during the day outside? Your vampire won’t like that. Also, do you have any mods installed that might affect a cross species relationship?

  104. I built a multi-family apartment building but how do i keep each families money seperate. I only want to play one apartment at a time.. but all the families show up together and there money was added together..

  105. My sim is in a relationship with a guy, he had his own place and suddenly moved away to another city. Now i cant find him on the map or as a friend, so i cant end the relationship. I tried starting a new one with someone else but now i’m cheating on a guy that dosen’t even live in town. how do i fix that?

  106. My sims boyfriend moved to a new town and Iwant to put my sim into a new relationship but I can’t dump her old boyfriend, so the new relationship is classed as cheating. What should I do?

  107. Not sure if this is covered elsewhere but this page came up in my search for an answer so, here’s hoping.

    I’ve got a male Sim who is at the “romantic interest” phase with another Sim that he recently got pregnant. I moved her and their kid into his house, hoping it would help expedite to the marriage step. She’s been living there for a few days now and they’ve known each other for a while but I’ve gotten neither the “go steady” or “engagement” options so I’m not entirely sure what to do. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that there was a specific setup to get the go steady option to come up but I can’t remember and have been able to find it again.

    1. Neither one of them are aleady in other relationships are they? Also, they don’t have totally incompatible traits (such as one good and one evil)? Apart from that, I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t be able to do it, unless there’s a problem with one of the characters.

  108. Hi I’ve got a quick question and was thinking if there is a way to resolve it without the use of mods. I had a y/a (female) married to an adult male. They had a good relationship until having a child and now their relationship is degrading badly. I’m not to sure on what to do and I’ve been playing the sims for years. Have you got any advice on repairing their relationship to get them to actually want to interact again?

    1. Hi there. In short, not really, apart from forcing them to interact. If you haven’t gone down the “apologise” route yet, then do so. I always found that apologising between sims helped to raise a relationship up to the point where they could have more normal interactions 🙂

  109. is there another way to make two different sims related? like without the original create sims. i made a sim and started playing with her so i tryed making her a mom and i dont know how to add them. how would i be able to make them related? is there a mod i could use?

    1. Have her get pregnant and have a kid would be the simplest way, unless you’re saying that you’ve already got two unrelated sims and you want them to be related? If that’s the case, you’ll need to use S3PE. I haven’t tried it for The Sims 3, but the version for Sims 2 allowed you to edit relationships and you could relate people who weren’t previously related. You can find S3PE here. 🙂

  110. Hey so, I have a quick question: is there a way I can permanently save my created sims in a neighborhood? Because they keep showing up as families that I can move in even though I have already moved them into houses. Are the pre-made sims the only families that can be permanently saved?

    1. Oh, that seems a bit strange – it’s been a good long while since I played, but I thought they disappeared from the bin when you moved them into a house. Are you able to play them properly after you’ve moved them in, and are you playing The Sims 3?

  111. My sim is family orientated and wants a kid bur her fiance` is really annoying me because they are full relationship but whenever I click on ‘try for baby’ he gets mad and won’t do it so my sim has to start over until it says ‘extremely irresistible’ again.
    Why doesn’t he want to have a child, I don’t think he has the ‘hates children’ trait because he has three children with his ex-wife.

  112. I made a non-cheat family and they are kinda poor so I made the daughter, Eve, marry a man so she could move her family into a bigger house but she fell in love with a homeless man and they were in love so I made her marry him anyway. No one else seemed to like him very much so I kicked him out of the house (he is still married to Eve). When Eve went to his party the next day I found that he lived in a huge mansion so is there anyway I can move my whole family in with him without cheats? Also I want to sell the small house that they are living in now.

  113. Hi,
    I clicked “add to active family” to add my daughters boyfriend to my family and now I can’t which from her to anyone else. How do I fix this? Please help!!

    1. You can’t switch from her to anyone else? As in, you can’t move to play another family? That’s kind of how The Sims 3 works, you have one family at a time unless you mod the game. If you mean you cannot select any other active characters in the game, then I don’t know what’s up – never happened to me!

  114. I’m not sure if this has been covered. My sim met her boyfriend at university and now is back home in monte vista. She keeps inviting her boyfriend to visit which is fine. I am wanting him to move in with her and when the option to move in finally came up I chose it. My problem is this. The window came up for people to move in and I only wanted him but I wasn’t able to click on the tick for it to happen. It said that there were insufficient funds for him to move. My only other option is to marry him and move in that way but i don’t want to do it this way. Any suggestions??

    1. Oh, this I don’t know about. It sounds like you have other expansion packs which I don’t have that may affect it. I don’t know how University works as an expansion pack but it sounds logical that money would come into it when creating or amending a family for young adults like it maybe would in real life. Sorry.

      1. I found the cheat where you type in testingcheatsenabled and then shift click on a person and the option came up for him to be added to active family. Thanks 🙂

  115. I have a household with twin toddler girls and a baby on the way. the father died in a fire but will the twin girls remember their father and will the relationship still be there ?

  116. Ok folks I think I’ve discovered a huge strange glitch. I have no mods and I understand teens cannot get pregnant and you cannot have more than 8 in any household. Except….
    I went back to playing another household that was full with 8 people to find Blair was no longer on the left hand of the screen and had been replaced by a teen. Now, after investigating, turns out the teen had married Blairs daughter! I assumed Blair had moved out and the teens had some how got married thereafter.
    After that I wanted to know why she’d moved out, maybe William had cheated on her, again…. But,no, there relationship was still full on and that’s when I noticed she was still part of that household, although I had no control over her.
    I’ve since split the household up which proved I had 9 in one household. Again, as far as I know I have no mods.
    My next hit at sims 3 is to see if I can get the married teens pregnant !
    Anyone else come across this glitch??

    1. Hmm. Interesting. I know in earlier versions of the game you could somehow get more than 8 people per household but it had a tendency to cause crashes.

      I wouldn’t recommend trying to get teens pregnant (again, should really work unless you have a modification to the base game coding to allow it to happen, as it’s hard coded into the game that it can’t) as if you don’t have any mods or meshes and clothing for their body size then the game will just quit or they will become invisible.

      Do let us know if you find anything else odd 🙂

      1. Nah, they wouldn’t do as far as making out. So must have been a one off glitch. They’re still married. But no longer do I gave 9 in one household. Split them up. Time they move moved outta the grandparents anyway.

        Is there any way of improving the speed of my pc. Since all the sims3 gaming I’ve done it seems to have slowed down. When saving a household or switching, it seems to take forever! Any advice would be appreciated.

  117. While i know it’s not possible in real life, can a lesbian or homosexual couple make a baby somehow in Sims 3. Via WooHoo or some other option?

  118. Is it possible for a sim to have an affair and for their partner to not mind? For example: Bob is married to Li and Li has an affair with Ty and Bob knows but doesn’t care?
    I know you can get the lifetime wish ‘Stone Hearted’ and ‘No Jealousy’ but do they make your sim not mind about their partner’s affair?

    1. I’m not sure. If they’re in the same room as it happens then I think the game is hard coded to react with some form of jealousy. If it doesn’t happen in front of them, then they could get away with it without much issue.

  119. Do traits affect a baby’s traits?
    For example:
    If a sim is evil, grumpy, childish, inappropriate ect will their baby have those traits or is it random? Because if a baby doesn’t grow up “well” or their birth was bad they automatically get traits, will they get one of their parent’s traits or a random one?

  120. So I had made two sims that were engaged and moved in together (Robbie and Millie), well robbie ended up falling for another girl and Millie broke up with him. I wanted her to get out of the house so i had her move. Well now i can’t find robbie anymore and i still wanted to play him, he literally disappeared . What happened? Can I fix this? Please help me:(

    1. If you are the active sim and ask another sim to move in, then they will move in with you. The only way to get it to be the other way round is to use the neighbourhood management tool and swap sims between families. 🙂

  121. So have been playing sims late night and my sims boyfriend moved away she moved on and it won’t let her ask to go steady with him because it still registers her and him together and considers it cheating

  122. Help please! Two sims that were dating just aged up they’re still the same age but they wont flirt!! or even be romantic! Please help! The two DATING sims were dating before they aged up. Please help!

  123. i have a sim who had a lover but the lover died would the other person still be able to have new lover or will say that they’re cheating?

  124. I had an aunt and niece living in Bridgeport and then moved them to sunset, they lost their relationship with their mother and sister respectively, I knew that would happen, but now they’re no longer aunt and niece! How can I fix this? Please HELP!

    1. It sounds like you need some kind of family editor to do it. Can you amend them in the create a sim thing? Sorry, I haven’t even booted up The Sims (any version of it) for at least six months or so.

  125. My wife and her husband divorced and she left with the baby. It still shows the baby in people I know and family tree. But she’s not in the apartment with my ex-wife and she doesn’t appear to be ageing. Where could she be?

    1. Maybe she got taken away by social services? The ex-wife might have been a terrible mother! Guess there’s no option to make contact with her? Have you been to the house at different times of day to see if she’s there?

  126. Hello i create two sims. they are both young adult and living together like roomate. i want them to be in love as well but i can’t get anywhere after best friend status. help please 😮

  127. There’s is a solution if you have this problem: MY SIM HAD A BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND BUT MY SIM AGED UP BUT THE OTHER SIM IS STILL A TEEN.

    Solution: You either need to have story progression on or you can do this;
    Hold: Ctrl Shift C, at the same time. A box shall pop up and then type in
    testingcheatsenabled true. Then go to the sim’s girlfriend/boyfriend. (PRESS THE PAUSE BUTTON, IT WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER. XD) Then hold shift and click on the sim’s girlfriend/boyfriend and look for the option that says trigger age transition. ( Or something) Clicking that will cause the sim’s girlfriend/boyfriend to age up.

    NOTE: IF YOU ONLY HAVE THE BASE GAME THIS WILL NOT WORK. I CHECKED ON MY FRIENDS PC AND SHE ONKY HAD THE BASE GAME AND (World adventures, which also didn’t have) it could be available in Generations

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