The Sims 3: Relationships and Households

I found that my Sims 3 FAQ page was getting a little long and the word count a bit heavy, so I have decided to split it up into separate pages on particular subjects.  This page is about relationships and households.  I have tried to put the questions in a form of chronological order.  PLEASE NOTE I CANNOT HELP YOU WITH THE SIMS 3 ON IPHONE, ANDROID OR ANY CONSOLES, THIS IS PC ONLY.

Woo! Lesbians!

A teenage sim has a boyfriend, she has grown up, he’s still a teen.  I don’t want their relationship to degrade, what can I do?
Indeed, that’s the way the world works, as in the real world too, people aren’t all the same age.  You have a couple of choices.  The first is to wait until the younger one ages up, which isn’t normally more than a few days.  Or secondly, you can try the Awesomemod, which allows romantic relationships between teenagers and young adults/adults (probably elders too).  My advice is, if you download it, to read all of the instructions and take note that it may conflict with other mods.  It wouldn’t work at the same time as the teen marriage/pregnancy mod for me.

On The Sims 3, what’s this simultaneous boyfriends thing about?
I’m a little miffed as to why you cannot have simultaneous partners.  There’s a lifetime achievement of having had 10 boyfriends/girlfriends, but you cannot have more than one declared boyfriend/girlfriend at any one time.  Sure, you can fall in love with other sims while you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, but you cannot “go steady” with them, which kind of sucks.  In order to complete that lifetime wish you have to have become the boyfriend/girlfriend of 10 other sims, having just been romantically linked is not good enough.

In The Sims 3, can you get family to be romantically involved?
Part of me wants to say “unfortunately not…”, but that might sound a bit dodgy.  You see, I had this crazy idea for a couple of my sims.  A young dude’s father died, but he was brought back to life by this young dude’s Mother.  This pair didn’t get on, so the Father went off and had children with someone else.  Eventually he moved his younger charge and their children in with him, and he also married her, thus making the young woman this young dude’s step-mother (she was younger than him).  I figured, that when I sent this guy back to the netherworld she would be a widow (thus making their marriage over) and that she would be able to have a relationship with the young dude (her step-son).  Now, that’s not entirely unheard of in real life, particularly so as she didn’t “bring him up” as it were, he was already a teenager.  But they cannot have a relationship as he sees her as his step-mother.  Family ties are much tighter and far better written on The Sims 3.  In short, not they can’t be romantically involved.  A few generations apart and they can (I had two get hitched and have kids who were related through a great-great-great-great grandfather.).

Can a woman propose to another woman on sims 3?
Of course.  There is proper gay marriage in The Sims 3.  Once the option of “Propose Marriage” comes up, you’re away.  They’ll do it in the same way as heterosexuals: get down on one knee, produce a ring and then wait for the answer.  The same goes for men.

Do you have a sim that won’t move in, or who cannot propose?
This has happened to me, and was no end of frustration.  I had a sim who had no commitment issues.  He had a girlfriend who did have commitment issues.  I spammed both the friendly and romantic actions to try to instigate at least the “move in” option.  He had to move in with her, rather than her moving into the active household as I had no room there.  I’ve had sims in the past with commitment issues who have gone on to propose to and marry other sims, no problem there.  This one just wasn’t playing ball.  Eventually I had to split and then merge the households.  On the main menu, find the “Edit Town” option.  Choose the button to split a family, choose who is going to move out.  Once that’s done, choose to merge families.  You can now merge the person or people that you just split out with the people whom you wish for them to live with, so long as there is space in that household.  Simple as.  Well, a bit annoying to be honest, but it works.

What happens on The Sims 3 if someone rejects a marriage proposal?
Err, they reject it, and that’s pretty much the end of it.  I had one woman whose girlfriend had the Insane trait and she kept asking this crazy woman to marry her.  She asked about four times and was rejected every single time.  As the moodlet says when it occurs, they’ll get over it and can try again but the humiliation gets no better.

How do I set up a wedding on The Sims 3?
This applies if you are marrying someone into the active household.  Of course, you need to start out by making sure that you have two sims who are engaged.  Then, you need to be certain that there is enough room in that family for them to move in.  To get the wedding started, get the person in the active household to use their phone to “Throw Party”.  A dialogue box will come up asking you to choose some variables.  These include the time of the party, the type of dress, and the type of party (you have a choice of Birthday, House, Wedding and Funeral I believe).  You will also need to choose guests.  Once you’ve set all of those and clicked okay, it’s just a matter of waiting until the time counts down and your party is near.  When the guests arrive and you’re ready, get the two who are to be married to marry each other.  I believe that option is under the Romantic interactions.  Once they’re married, the other person will move in.

In the Sims 3, can you have an open marriage?
Err…no.  Bit of a shame really, but if you can handle Mods then there are some no jealousy options in the AwesomeMod.

In The Sims 3, how do you move teenagers out or in with one another?
From what I can tell, you can’t.  It would appear that the teen pregnancy/marriage mod doesn’t work in the same way that it did for The Sims 2.  In The Sims 2, about halfway through their teenage years they would suddenly become capable of certain adult interactions (such as marriage, moving out, and their job would switch to the adult career), however this doesn’t seem to happen with The Sims 3.  Instead they have to wait until they get to the Young Adult stage before they can move out.  However, you may be able to use the split and merge family option if you’re really desperate, but I haven’t tried it.

In The Sims 3, how do you move someone into your household?
There are a couple of ways to do this.  First off, you could marry them if you’re into that, and of course if it’s a romantic relationship.  Short of that, you should find that once their relationship (I believe romantic or otherwise) is high enough, then the option to “Ask to move in” should pop-up on one of the pie menus.  Ask away and see what happens!  But, do remember that you can only have a maximum of eight (8) sims on a lot, and if you’re not getting an option to move someone in, that may be why.  If there isn’t already a hack available to enable more people on the lot, I’m sure there will be in the future.  Also, if the person is in the family bin and there is room in the household you should be able to merge the families together.

In The Sims 3, how do you move out an entire household?
This is not entirely removed from the previous answer.  You need to get your sims to use a computer and choose “Move”.  You’ll then get a box asking who to move and where to move to, you need to choose whether they are simply being evicted or moving to another lot.  I believe there is a button that says something like “Lot” or “House”.  Choose the place they’re moving to, and the people who are moving.  Click on the tick, and you should be away!

On The Sims 3, if I marry someone with kids, do the kids move in too?
You know, I have a funny feeling that it’s optional.  When the new spouse goes to move in with the person that they’re marrying, a box should appear asking for you to select the people who move in.  It may be that children have to, otherwise they would be left alone, however I wouldn’t be surprised if it was optional to include the children.

On the Sims 3 can I move in/somehow edit a family when someone is in the process of dying?
I know that might sound like a strange question, but I’ve had a hit from a similar one.  It would appear that, as in previous versions of the game, nothing else can really happen while a sim is dying.  You cannot move people in or out, actively get married or stuff like that.  The death takes priority.  I can’t quite remember what I was trying to get a sim to do, but he couldn’t do it while his step-mother was dying, so he had to wait until the Grim Reaper had put her into her grave before he could.

In the Sims 3 if you merge households will the surnames change?
No they won’t.  In The Sims 3 the surnames are rather more dynamic.  If someone moves in to another house then their name will remain the same as it was before they move.  However, if they marry someone and then move into the house owned by the person that they married their name will change.  I have in fact seen houses where it may say something like “Kraft Household” on the map view, but no-one with the surname Kraft lives in the house.

In The Sims 3, can you cause other sims to break up?
Why yes, yes you can.  If you have a  sim that is in a ‘relationship’ with another sim who is already attached to someone else, whether that be by marriage or otherwise, then yes you can ask the sim that’s in a relationship to break up with their partner.  Remember kids…men never really leave their wives for their mistresses!

On The Sims 3 can you break up your own relationship?
I’ve already covered getting other sims to break up, but what I haven’t covered is breaking up your own relationship.  It’s actually very simple.  You have to start by turning things a bit sour.  Of course, as with previous incarnations of The Sims when couples don’t talk to each other much or don’t WooHoo a lot their relationship begins to degrade.  You can get sims to choose a mean social interaction which will be something like “Scare”, or “Argue”.  I will admit that it’s easier if the instigator is Hot-Headed or Evil.  If the sim on the receiving end didn’t like it, they will lose some relationship points.  Keep doing those kind of nasty things to the other sim and eventually you’ll have an option appear that is “Break Up”.  They then break up.  Simple as.

How can I have more than 8 people in my household?
If I remember correctly, this is now available as part of Awesomemod.

There is someone living in my household and I don’t want them to be, what can I do?
You have two choices – first, you can get them to use the computer and choose the option to “Move”, or you can go through the “Edit Town” area in the main menu and forcibly move them elsewhere.

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