The Sims 3: Say wut?

So now, here’s a page of questions which have been referalls to my domain that relate to The Sims 3.  They aren’t just any old questions, oh no.  They are questions that I can’t quite decypher, or that make little/no sense.  So now, I’m opening them up to you, lovely visitors, to see if you can work out what question is being asked.  If you can, you get 1 gabillion internetz, and I’ll then answer the question.  PLEASE NOTE I CANNOT HELP YOU WITH THE SIMS 3 ON IPHONE, ANDROID OR ANY CONSOLES, THIS IS PC ONLY.

Your time begins…NOW.

  • how much needs to baby sims is bornes?
  • the sims 3 why haven’t i give birth yet? (confusing reality with game?)
  • sims 3 can you baby marriage? (Err…has the “s” fallen off your speedos?)
  • do sims 3 children get preg? (No, really…say WUT?!)
  • the sims 3 how many rounds are there?
  • ������ ��� ���� ��������� segst (Say Wut wut?)
  • sims 3 why do babies dislike? (Can I have a syntactical object please, Carol?)
  • sims 3 waiting for anyone to walk by her and her partner criminal out there somewhere message

Any more for anymore…?

2 thoughts on “The Sims 3: Say wut?”

  1. Guesses at Say Wut?

    “how much needs to baby sims is bornes”
    What is needed before a baby Sim can be born?
    Answer: Enough woohoo. Or NRaas Master Controller.

    “the sims 3 why haven’t i give birth yet?”
    I assume: Why hasn’t my Sim given birth yet?
    If woohoo is taboo, try Master Controller.

    “sims 3 can you baby marriage?”
    Can your (Sim) baby marry (another Sim)?
    Yes, when it’s old enough.

    “the sims 3 how many rounds are there?”
    Many games are played in rounds until a goal is met, or you fail.
    Answer: Until it stops being fun. The goal is fun, playing, learning (all the same thing).

    I have NRaas Master Controller and use it to save a lot of time when working on a story, but it takes the fun out of the game. But, if you want a teen to get involved with a step-mother, it’s very easy. You can also edit in CAS any Sim you see, changing whatever you like, including age, and saving to the bin. And it can allow a teen to woohoo and get pregnant by any teen or older. Options when needed! You can allow more than eight to a lot, and easily add any Sim to the family. And you can find homeless Sims, but not those that ‘moved’ to another town. Always have more than one saved game! I probably have a dozen until I clean up after a backup to an external hard drive. But I’m working on stories, not just playing with Sims. The playing seems to happen anyway.

    A note on ghosts: No science required! Get the tombstone or urn on the lot. Feed the ghost Ambrosia. I’ve only done that after the ghost joined the family, but it might work anyway. But the ghost will be a normal Sim. Be sure that you want that. IF YOU WANT A GHOST ON THE LOT, DO NOT HAVE AMBROSIA. Ghost get hungry and find something to eat.

    Some of the ‘lost baby’ problems are simple with NRaas Master Controller. Give it a try. But be careful! One click can kill every Sim in town. Maybe it asks if you’re sure, but I’ve never tried it.

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